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Silk'n Infinity G $275.00 (Was $649.00) + Free Delivery @ Silk'n


Now $275.00
Was $649.00

Silk'n Infinity hair removal device uses a technology which uses pulses of light to permantely remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation.

Now 500,000 pulses per device, no refill cartridges are needed

Free Shipping within Australia

Exclusive Extended Warranty, when purchasing through Silkn.com.au

Safe For All Skin Colours

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  • Any reviews? Thoughts?

  • So if this permanently remover har then u would only need to use this once

    • Maybe it just permanently removes the existing hair, and not those which grow back because they would be considered new hair?

    • These hair removals abuse the meaning of permanent.
      It is permanent reduction with continued use.
      Technically so is shaving.

      The proper clinics lasers effect does last a few months.
      They have cooling spray so the hair root can be burnt with very high power without skin burn.

      These little home ones can last a couple of weeks, mostly only on pale skin with black hair. But really they lack the power to work properly.

      This one looks the same as the cheap Chinese ones, only so much variation an IPL bulb can have.

  • I wonder if they conducted clinical trials with the Tightra to support their claims…

  • yea nah, they look like the same ones on AliExpress that go for $40 but slapped on the "silkn" logo

  • This is a drop shipped product with a logo slapped on it.

    US $46.00 | Home Hold Depilatory Laser Mini Hair Epilator Permanent Hair Removal IPL System 500000 Shot Light Pulses Whole Body Hair Remover

  • My SO finds this works well.
    The Silkn has a galvanic current plate on it, dunno if the Ali units do.

  • Look at hey silky skin.com. A lot of people have fallen into their trap of paying extra for a “branded” product.

    All those reviews you see on their websites are just imported from aliexpress because it’s the same product as aliexpress, just with a generic brand slapped onto it.