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$7.95 Premium Pizzas Pickup/ $3 Value Range Pizzas (Expired) @ Domino's (Using Half and Half Option)


Greetings everyone, I found a code for Domino's which is 40% off for Traditional & Premium Pizzas, however I noticed a glitch that makes it apply on the Value Range also :)

If you add the coupon "982619" and then add a "Half and Half" Pizza from the Menu, you'll be able to select flavours from the Value Range, once you've confirmed the H&H it will reduce this pizza to $3 (make sure to only have Value Range in this).

This also applies on any other generally excluded Pizza's, so Half and Half can be also be created using the following:

  • $4.92 for Loaded Pepperoni on Both Sides
  • $5.97 for Melbourne Range on Both Sides

This 40% off code expires tonight.

Can also receive Premium Pizzas (no surcharge is applied) using the same process and the coupon "197035", thanks to SBOB and the Pizza Page.

This seems to expire on 30/8, unless otherwise fixed.

Note: You can also get a free garlic bread for orders over $22 using the coupon 717250.

As always, enjoy :)

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    it also works on the premium pizzas, when using a $7.95 voucher the 1/2 and 1/2 option doesnt add the extra $2.90 for premium, so you can do a 1/2 and 1/2 with the 'premium' range for the price of the traditional range

    • Wow great find, thanks for that, have included that now also.

  • +4

    Wow great find, this makes large pepperoni pizza $3 even cheaper than the departed Little Caesar's (miss this place) which was $5.
    Don't think Dominos one would taste as good as Little Caesars one did though.

    • The Caesars one was amazing. Gave me serious New York Pizza vibes. Miss them so much!

    • try their deep pan one, but their deep pan is not as good as Pizza Hut imo

  • +2

    Doesn't work for me. Probably fixed?

    • +2

      did you do half n half

      • You're right thanks :)

        • Where do I choose halfnhalf?

          • @Budmiester: It's the first option when you go into pizzas

      • Yeah me neither - got it at 10.20

        1 X HALF 'N' HALF
        $10.20Classic Crust

        • When I tried premiums I got the same price

        • You need to use the second voucher for this. The first is 40% off and takes 40% off the premium cost. The other voucher is a fixed $7.95 and doesn't charge for premium.

    • It does I tried

  • +2

    Can you even pick up in Vic?

    • +4

      if dominos is within 5km from your place and you can pick up before 8pm you should be able to

  • +6

    2020 isn't so bad after all.

  • +7

    This is peak ozbargain :)

  • +1

    Thanks, was a while since I ordered domino's, can't go wrong for $3!

  • How to get the voucher working on value pizzas

    • Select half n half pizza option (instead of directly selecting the value pizza), pick the value pizzas you want for the half n half (can be the same): done!

  • +2

    Frugal at its finest! 👌

  • +3

    Bought 10 $3 pizza's, Will freeze the rest for the next few days - Thanks OP :)

    • +3

      Bruh that really can't be good for you

  • +3

    Excellent. I've never gone premium before. Half garlic prawn half loaded supreme $7.95 ahhh. Working at dominoes Livingston canning vale

    • Nice combo!

    • make sure you remove the tomato capsicum sauce and garlic sauce swirls on both halfs if you dont want ur pizza to get drowned with sauce

  • +8

    am i the only one who feels bad for the shop owners here? it's already been said that these $5 value pizzas do pretty much nothing for profit at dominoes, now these pizzas owners going to be making $3 pizzas losing profit and still paying the franchise brand a cut of that?

      • Aren't they all Franchise?

        • No, there's a few corporate stores, although I think franchises are the vast majority. I have no idea to tell which is which, though.

          • @barcer: 48 corporates stores in VIC, can't say about other states.

      • +1

        Is there any way to find out which store is corporate or not? Other than after ordering and getting the receipt etc

    • but i want cheap pizza and that conflicts with my desires

  • +1

    At this point I feel like they should just giveaway pizzas. Cheap as!!

  • Thanks mate, probably for the first time I came to ozb just to find food deal and first post was this.. thanks heaps..

  • +1

    $9 for 3 pizza's, winning!

  • I assume the value range pizza would be $2.50 if there is a 50% off code.

  • +7

    Bought mine and I think they took 40% off the effort and toppings too.

    • +2

      lmao. show us a pic of it

      • Wish I took one. There’s no way I could complain to them about some $3 and $5 pizzas.

  • +10

    Got a $3 half ham & cheese and half pepperoni. Was a pretty horrible pizza with little topping to be honest. Even the AI camera refused to look at it (your pizza is made but the photo couldn't be processed).

    • Same, mine didn't even pass it I think and inside the store the screen said QUALITY IS BEING CHECKED, while other pizzas didn't get it.
      They probably manual overridden it so they could pass it on chef's judgement, not AI camera's.

  • was just about to click order and the voucher expired

    • Are you sure? They're both still working here?

      • weird. let me try again

        edit: looks like you can only get 1 pizza, not 2. my bad.

        • I get: 'The voucher 197035 has expired.'
          Tried in incognito too! Was looking forward to half n half premiums… :(

          Edit: I tried a few times in incognito and it finally worked. It then timed out and said expired again. I waited a little, tried a few times, then it worked! So that incognito and a few times.

          • @lordra: Yeah I just tried it around a few times, it went expired but now it's working again lol, weird..

          • @lordra: Same here, tried both code, both said voucher expired…

            • @ben1680: It expired for me a few times. Just skip straight to the green checkout button and it progressed the order to payment.

  • Buy 1 Large Premium or Traditional Pizza & Get 1 Large Traditional or Value Range Pizza Free*
    Voucher Code: 787187

  • +2

    Cheers OP, picked up half a dozen ham & cheese / pepperoni's about half an hour ago.

    I find with the shitty value ones, you gotta deep pan and add chilli flakes, then they're halfway alright for a cheap snack.

  • +1

    982619 expired aswell

  • +3

    Did pick up later today work for anyone? Says voucher expired but worked when I tried pick up 'Now'

  • +1

    197035 working again

    • Bad luck Victoria, not available for delivery orders lol

      • Nobody lives within 5km from a Dominoes????

        • No pickup after 7 30pm

  • -1

    Had 2 large pizzas at lunch. I haven't had dominoes in 3-4 years and after today's lunch, won't ever again. Quality and size was just terrible. They make Maccas look great.

    • +2

      I find from my experience that it largely depends on the store and who makes it. Sad but that's how it is.

  • I really miss a premium Perri Perri Pizza for a voucher special price, I hope they come again in form of highly discounted price :)

  • +4

    Premium Pizzas code is working again.

    • Does that mean the normal $7.95 code can net you two halves of premium pizza? Hopefully that'd stay.

      • Yep that's correct, can still do premium for $7.95 without issue, it also works with any traditional pizza codes.

        They fixed the value range because of this post lol (% off codes now don't apply to H&H).

  • Thanks! Just what I am looking for. :))

  • Sunday have surcharge . But if I used the free coupon from previous deal then what will happen ?

  • Ordered 4 premium pizzas tonight at $7.95 each. Thank you very much ;)

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