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Oppo Find X2 Pro 512GB - $1449 Outright @ JB Hi-Fi


No Lock in contract, outright stock and available in both colours. Possible to sway customers buying an Note 20 that just launched?

$150 off, almost 10%. Better than nothing!

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  • Oooo this might mean they do a better deal on the 799 port in 12 month plan they did earlier….

    Hopefully 599 then I'll jump on the orange one eh eh eh

    • its $849 outright on the $99 plan

      • Damn… I hope they don't move the 69 12 month Telstra port in deal to 99 now for high up phones

        Cos last deal was 799 outright on 59/69 a month deal then cancel fee was 390

        Which made it a good price back then @ $1189 for local stock and warranty etc

        • Yes I got it for that on the last day haha
          But then, Telstra plans went more expensive, and the JB/GG kickbacks were reduced. I daresay that the current offers are not very attractive at all.

          • @mouski: Ah nice!

            Damn now im kicking myself for not going in there.

            How is the phone? Do U feel it being heavy or weighing down your pocket?

            I had a note 10 plus before and it was ok but still annoying in the pocket

            • @agalea101: I switched to this from an S10 and i do find it to be on the heavy side in hand but i don't really notice the difference in pocket.

            • @agalea101: Na not really - I was using Pixel 4 XL so didn't really notice much difference. Heavier in the hand, but didn't notice it otherwise.

    • Since the new plans. All the deals have been on the $99 plan. It’s as if the $69 plan won’t get any decent offers anymore.

      • Ahhh my heart… Haha man that sucks ballz….

        I hope that's not the case with pixel 4a cos I was thinking of side grading to that to wait until s21 series comes out, then sneakily cancel it and get the phone for even cheaper

        But now… I shouldn't have been greedy before

  • +3 votes

    Imo they will drop too $800-850 mark in less than a year

    • Hopefully cheaper if the $599 Reno 5G is anything to go by.

    • Yes of course. All phones except iPhones get cheaper when the replacement is due. If you buy phones that way (a good method) then this deal isn't for you

  • Any cheaper phone with higher refresh rate, oled , headphone jack?

  • Cheaper on Allphones EBay 1439

  • Do they have 3 years of OS updates to compete with the note 20?

  • Has anyone done a comparison between this and the new Samsungs please? I've always had Samsungs but considering the X2 Pro

    • Oppo wins hands down in my experience, compared to the S20+ 5G.

    • It is def a better phone and OS experience. My biggest complaint is I cant find any decent cases for it.

      • Don't they already come with a case. My 10x zoom came with a nice decent one with good protection on the bezels. Better than the ones, one would typically find on ebay.

    • Itll be depending on your own tastes.

      I'd probably still go for a samsung but this is because I use dex instead of buying a new laptop (mine is 6 years old) or a desktop.

      Also depends on the price that you pay for the phone. In general, oppo prices should go down soon.

      Considering they're giving the s10s st least 2 more big updates, personally will be sticking with this for a few more years

  • genuine question guys, what's the extra value in getting this over a $1000ish high end phone? I understand the differences with $200-500 vs $500-1100, but not really the high end anymore, and I'm coming from a habit of flagships every second year.

    I feel out of touch and need to see if I'm missing anything important in my personal cost-benefit analysis.

    • Phone is faster eg better processor and more ram, good for games and multi tasking

      Screen has a higher refresh rate eg smoother when scrolling and resolution for clarity

      Phone charges faster

      Phone takes better pictures

      So it depends on what you use the phone for. Play games? Get a $1k phone. Just make phone calls? Get a $50 phone. Want a nice balance? Get a $500 phone

    • personally, the biggest difference is build quality. You can tell a flagship phone from a flagship wannabe.

      The faster chipset is a bit moot in terms of day to day, because even midrange for the most part are fine.

      When it comes to gaming though, you might want to pay for a flagship hardware.

      For pictures, the pixels should more than suffice. The only issue is they dont have wide angle lenses (which is the only important camera addition tbh).