[NSW] Night and Weekend CBD Parking $5 Flat Rate @ Meriton Suites (100 Bathurst Street, Sydney)


First Parking at Meriton Suites @ 329 Pitt St is offering evening and weekend flat rate parking in Sydney CBD for only $5.

No need to book online
Night - Enter after 4pm and exit before 4am the next day Monday to Friday
Weekend - 4am - 4am the next day flat rate.
Charges recommence at 4am daily.


Car Park is open 24/7 and entrance to the car park is off Bathurst St.

The car park is located at 100 Bathurst street for GPS directions.

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  • nice, quite central as well near KFC, George St

  • Used them yesterday. Arrived at 8:45am and parked on level 6, street level is 10. As the lifts are attached to hotel and currently being used to quarantine COVID travellers, you can't exit via the hotel lobby. Instead you exit the lift and need to walk through the loading dock where the dirty laundry and staff entrance is. Not really an issue for me, but just be aware if you have health concerns. The parking spots themselves are fairly narrow, but no different from most city parking places. Though as you spiral down the turns can be quite tight and narrow. Just take your time and you'll be fine. On exit scanned my paper ticket and used PayPass all ok. Overall good experience, can't go past $10 parking.

    • Thanks for the informative comment. Was really interested but now will have to think twice…

    • Thanks for the feedback, glad you had a good experience using our $10 flat rate Monday - Friday all day parking.

      Just to clarify the use of the lifts to enter/exit, as the car park lifts are currently only for parking use with access to the loading dock area.

      The exit to the lift is separated by a purpose built wall to separate us from the hotel lobby.

      As mentioned by @gobsmax, Instead of exiting the lifts and using the hotel lobby for now we need to use the loading dock.

    • I can confirm. I walked out of the lift and was greeted by a police officer, two paramedics in scrubs up to their teeth (masks, face guards, you name it), and a stretcher (probably for me). Going up and down the carpark can be tight so if you've got a big car you'll have to take it a little slow. If you're out late, the large gate into the car park will be closed but you can get back in through the fire door to the left of it. It's closed but not locked. I would suggest going down the car park entry ramp and taking the lift down from that floor to avoid the hotel and staff as much as possible. Payment is easy and you just do it at the exit.

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    $5 parking with free corona

  • Any reason why the monthly parking is $450, but paying each day individually would be $280 a month?

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      Yes slightly different products, with monthly parking you get 24/7 access, multiple entry and exits and no time restrictions.

      Feel free to email us to discuss options and pricing on [email protected]

  • Sweet. Need to go into town on a weekday so this will be a nice saving and a good way to avoid public transport.

  • If I register for an account and add my credit card details as well as my car registration and everything, will it recognise the car and charge my account accordingly, or would I still need to get a ticket?

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      no need to register for an account at this stage. We do have an exciting product coming soon though…TBC.

      Just drive in, our cameras will pick up your license plate but you also need to take a ticket.

      on exit the 9/10 times the fee will be on the screen ready to tap your card on exit. If not scan your ticket on the bar code reader…all very easy.

      We accept Apple Pay, Google pay and all major credit cards.

      • Thank you.

        Any surcharges for credit card payments?

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          we don't charge any additional fees - You can only pay on card at exit so would be unfair to ask you to pay additional fees.

          $5 evening and weekends.
          $10 Monday to Friday

          Check our website for further information if needed.

      • "We do have an exciting product coming soon though…TBC."

        I don't think this word means what you think it means, lol.

  • hi all i want to use this car park soon
    but i'm a bit reluctant to use the lift… Can someone please help me and let me know where the Fire Stairs are located within the carpark, and I assume it exits to street level? Many thanks.

  • I used this and it's a good deal. Probably cheap because it is literally a covid hotel.

    Reviews on google: "Spent 14 days on quarantine here, beautiful view, a lot of space for a family with teens, services in the very high level."

  • Day rate is $14 now

  • Used today no issues, $5 evening parking in/out the side entrance. Had to manoeuver the ute a few times and go slow but otherwise no dramas.

  • It's 16 bucks now, the day parking. Stop creeping it up please! :(

  • Still $5 weekend and weeknights?

  • Day rate of $16?? It's used to be $10 about a month ago. Didn't realise that inflation was 60% monthly.

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