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Scosche OBD GPS Combo Heads-up Display 5.8" Display - $48.59 + $10 Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


Was looking to buy one of these and noticed this price on Amazon. Arrival is 1-3 September because it ships from US.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • You'll need a reflective sticker for this.

    Wouldn't this be a better option as it uses its own screen? https://a.aliexpress.com/_d8Wn41g

    I also seen ones where the screens automatically go up or down when you start or turn off the car.

    • I use it without the reflective sticker, works fine except when it's really bright, middle of the day it's hard to see.

      Unit doesn't seem to listen to the auto brightness function though so it's blinding at night. Wouldn't recommend.

  • i have a similar one, you don't need a reflective sticker

  • I have a similar unit and if you don't use it with the reflective sticker it'll show with a shadow/double vision. This is because the front windscreen is double glazed laminated glass.

    There are cheaper versions on eBay.
    I have been using these for many years now. Highly recommended as it keeps your eyes up on the road rather than between the steering wheel.

    • Are there any units that pull warnings such as 'lane departure' etc? From what I've seen, there aren't, as the have a limited range of characters, with led place holders? Not sure how to say it.

  • Any idea if it pulling the speed from the ODB or using genuine GPS speed?

    • It gets data from your car not gps

      • Bugger…. I wonder what the GPS is referring to in the title then? Was hoping to use something like this for a more accurate speedo.

        • isnt the fact that it gets it from the car itself meaning that it is more accurate?
          I would have thought GPS speed is more inaccurate…. at least based on what my GPS nav unit/maps phone apps says

          • @kirbycario: You'd think so, but your car is configured to report a higher speed than you're actually traveling (can be up to 10% off). The speed on your GPS is typically more accurate.

        • My understanding is the OBD port speed is accurate and hasn't been fudged like the speedo speed has.