Never Received Telstra Sim Card, but Overdued Bills! Anyone?

I am talking about this deal:

Have never received the sim card form them, but just received another bill email. Overdue 20.48, total 35.48.

The original post is closed.

So I am asking here anyone else has the same issue with Telstra?

Tried online chat, but the Virtual Assistant codi is completely useless.

What should I do?

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  • Call 13 22 00 and be patient due to current climate.

  • TIO

  • I did the same deal and same (like everyone), I received the first bill before getting the SIM card.
    Apparently, if you get it online, the sim get activated when it get shipped, no matter if it takes a month to arrive to you, ridiculous!

    If you go to the shop (don’t forget your ID!), their answer will be “here’s a new SIM card, you can use this. Where’s the problem?”

    Just contact the ombudsman.

  • you can chat using "My Telstra" app with a real human. I also have a sim from same deal and as I remember I got it by Auspost or Startrack so they should be able to track it.

  • Codi is useless. You need to type "I need to speak with a real person"

  • I noticed my $45 cashrewards telstra cashback has changed to $0. Anyone else?

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    JUST PAY IT!!!, then sort it out via telstra or ombudsman. Telstra will screeeew your credit rating and they will not fix it for you, even when they admit they are wrong. Trust me, I found a $50 "debt" when going for a home loan and you dont want to go through that torture.

  • Don't pay it, talk to them on live chat and sort it out. happened to me and they credited the whole amount

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    send me a pm with your reference number (or mobile number).. i'll check it out

    • Thanks you. It seems they are doing something. I will send you a message if they fail to deliver again next week.

  • thanks guys for your kind replies.

    I have been in contact with the telstra team via messages. these guys seemed professional and friendly at beginning, but soon they started to use all kinds of excuses, such as I am going to have my lunch break and can you wait for 1 hour, i am checking your account and can you wait for 30 minutes, i am xxxxxx can you wait for xxxxx period of time…. apparently, they never came back to me again!

    Finally yesterday the guy admitted there was an issue in their system so that they did not send out the sim card to me. He would fix it and arrange the delivery and also waive the current charges for me. Sounds good? then I told him i suppose to pay $5 per month, not $15. He said he could not find it in my account and he was going to have a lunch break, can I wait……

    After MY DINNER tonight, i tried again. another guy, another day. This time, he told me they (telstra) did not offer any discount to the $15 plan. I told him i am looking at the order confirmation email telstra sent to me in May! He then asked me to forward the email to him. After a few minutes, he said he had verified this email and they would honor it! However, my current plan "has a pending order for an sim replacement", they "need to have it fixed first before add the discount". He also gave me a reference number and asked me to contact them right away after i receive the new sim. But he can not waive anything unless "the problem is fixed". he said he "will transfer" me "to a team who can fix the sim".

    I waited for a while, but no one contacted me again. So i sent another message and asked what is going on? Do I suppose to talk to someone from the "team who can fix the sim"?

    2 hours later! received a message (probably from another guy). he apologised and said he would look into this further. After almost another hour, i was told just now there is a pending order for sim card which was placed yesterday (that lunch guy at least did something!) and it would take 3-5 days for delivery….

    well…. i will report back how they will end this drama!

  • Got CR approved for $45 cashback on the 25th surprisingly and cashed out already. SIM arrived, activation failed and never bother further. No bill issued, either. Thanks, CR/Telstra!