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Olympus M.Zuiko 75mm F1.8 Lens $518.24 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Listing says only 8% off, but this lens generally retails for between $850-$900 at most places.

One of the sharpest lens in the m43 lineup at a great price.

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  • Very very cheap

  • one of the sharpest lens in m43. wish 1.2 lens also comes with great discount

  • i am so tempted…

  • Damn good price! Would be tempted if I still had my MFT gear

  • Got one, thanks OP! This price is a steal. Never seen one go under $550, even used.

  • Tried to buy it and kept ending up at $845

  • Great deal when it lasted, seems back up to normal price for me now.

  • Bugger, between adding to cart and trying to checkout it went back to $845

  • Price increased to $8xx

  • Not sure if i'm happy or sad that i was pondering over it and missing it, and looking at all the lenses i have already

  • Had one at one point - great lens probably the standout for M43. You do need working distance at 150mm equivalent, but it's sharp

  • did anyone get this?

  • If you miss it, buy the Sigma 56mm, comparable or better in IQ but FL is more manageable for portraits.

  • I don't need another lens.
    I don't need another lens.
    I don't need another lens.

    Phew…sold out.

  • Oh no I missed it while I was having a coffee break …

  • Congrats to anyone that got one.

    Loveeeee this lens. Paid circa $900 back in the day and have used it..twice in 3 years. Such a beautiful lens but 150mm effective focal length is a little restrictive.

    Beautiful bokeh

  • my fav Olympus lens , razor sharp and great bokeh , apparently manufactured by sigma?

    • Hmmm…does it have Made In Japan on it? That would be a sign that maybe Sigma does it…otherwise, if China, then Olympus factory.

      I have seen the design comparison. I'm curious as to whether this is just a standard lens design, or Olympus licensed it from Sigma (if Sigma doesn't make them).

      • I have this lens. Made in Japan. IMO best lens from Olympus, but little restrictive.

        The build quality of this lens outclasses most Oly / Pana lenses.

  • I've got the original of this. Fantastic lens, one of my favourites in the M4/3 world.

  • Any recommendations of a lens for lumix m34? I have the two kit lens that comes with Lumix G7. And they fine but I want something cheap and cheerful for overhead food photos. Even fixed lens would be fine, I can raise and lower it. Something a bit more cheaper and cheerful than $500.

    • Try an Olympus 45mm f/1.8 or Panasonic 42.5mm f/1.7.

    • How about the Olympus 25mm f1.8? Don’t get the Panasonic 25mm f1.7. It’s not sharp enough, and won’t be much better than your kit lens. My 14-45mm is actually sharper. Panasonic 20mm f.17 is sharp and does really nice rendering. Or the Olympus 17mm f1.8.

  • Phew sold out.

    As much as the heart would jump at another lens, I knew logically I'd have no use for such a distinct focal length. I'm sure in the right hands a skilled photographer could make unique 150mm portraits or otherwise subjecture.

  • This is a great steal, nice!