[Price Error] Gerni Pressure Washer 115.3 with Accessory || $30 Delivered @ Shopzero

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As title says. Cheap price for a branded pressure washer with accessories and free shipping.

Mod: Confirmed price error. Users were sent a generic $20 off coupon (now expired). See comments.

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    Is this better than version 115.2?

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      Only incrementally.

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    Minimum order is $150 by the look of things. That or I am doing something wrong.

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      Add to cart and then just go to cart and proceed to checkout. you only need to spend 150 to save $30

      • Ah thanks. Got one.

        • Yes, I thought I got one too. Paid $30 with Pp yesterday.
          Today I received a refund.

          Must have been a typo in the ad

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        Had to switch to desktop view on my mobile and click the cart thing to make it drop down and show the checkout link. If you navigate to the cart you need to spend $150 to checkout

        • Thanks!!!

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      @Timding Go on the top of the page, click 'Shopping cart' drop-down menu and click on 'Check Out''. This did the trick for me.

  • Managed to get one, thank you.

  • Good price, although their stated RRP is crazy. From a cursory look, the street price is around $70.

    • If that price is from SCA it is a clearance price already.

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        Yep. Would have been about $129 RRP originally. Bunnings current model is 115.5 at that price. I hope they have plenty of stock, got a feeling this one may be ozbargained and lots of refunds coming!

        Not a bad deal even at this price from SCA (although no stock there anywhere near me and I can't travel more than 5km at the moment!)


  • OK,I'm biting. 30$ for a disposable gerni is pretty good savings!

  • I can’t check out

    • I’m also having the same issue, can’t seem to get around the $150 minimum total cart

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        If u tryin from mobile.. Change the option to view in desktop mode.

        Click on cart in desktop mode. You will get checkout option to select.

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    For thos with $150 min spend issue do this:
    Go on the top of the page, click 'Shopping cart' drop-down menu and click on 'Check Out''. This did the trick for me.
    Image here.

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      Thanks for the tip, worked for me. For those purchasing with their phone I was able to press the menu button on chrome and tap “Request desktop site” which enabled me to see the drop down :). You may need to turn your phone and go landscape mode

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      if too many people exploit this they might cancel the orders though. So if you are seeing this after 1PM EST don't attempt to do it, since a fair few of us will have already done it.

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        Good one. You should do standup at the pub!

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        Righto chief, please hand in your Ozbargain licence.

      • lmao, let's flood the site!!!

      • Do you happen to live in Melbourne and go out at 3am to feed your Dad's horse?

    • it works on me as well. thanks

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      Legend! That helped. Thanks @chkz84

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    I got my order cancelled last time
    Trying these guys but fingers crossed for
    Everyone 🤞🏼

    • Ordered and refunded, not surprising I suppose.

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    …smells fishy

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      Close your legs

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      Yeah I dunno about trusting them with all your details. Seems like they do afterpay and zip so I guess it's partially obfuscating your info.

      Usually when it walks and quacks like a duck…

  • It only comes with the 1 attachment right ? Considering the $70 sca comes with them all, surely it's a better buy

  • ordered one! Looks like its on clearance at SCA for ~$70

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      No.stock, its very usual when they don't have stock then they put it on special that low to wreck every shop in the market

  • Thanks OP. Manage to order one and hope I receive the product.. fingers crossed..

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    Thanks OP. Ordered 1. Will figure out if I need one later :)

  • Got one thanks OP, glitch worked without paying $150

    • How did U work.it out

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        Go on the top of the page, click 'Shopping cart' drop-down menu and click on 'Check Out''. This did the trick for me.

        • There is no drop down coming on shopping cart

  • Reviews on product review look dodgy as…

    • My dad has this exact one -for $30 it's fine.

      Washes the car well. We used it to clean concrete under the pergola and it wasn't good for that, but we managed.

      • I meant the website =)

        • Aren’t there reviews for the product on said website?

  • Bought - can't go wrong for $30

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    Bought one, don't need it, but can't pass up a bargain.
    Cheers OP.

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    Ordered. I think a replacement lance for my bigger gerni is more then 30$ so good to have a spare lol

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    pricematch bunning?

    • try and let us know!

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        The bunnings Gerni they have in stock is the 115.5.

  • See how we go

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    Thanks, OP. Been wanting a pressure washer for ages and at this price I definitely couldn't pass it up.

  • Thanks OP, purchased a bowden snow cannon months ago, can finally use it now.

    • Psi and flow is too low to make decent foam from personal experience

      • Was told if you fit a smaller brass nozzle on any lance, any pressure washer will work. For $30 and macca's cone, worth a shot.

        • that's assuming you get it for $30.

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            @bigbadboogieman: If it doesn't come, it doesn't come, no harm done lol.

            Was going to grab a second hand on marketplace anyway, but for $30 for a new washer, that's a no brainer. If you guys didn't pay via paypal, well time to hand in your membership.

            • @ScrubCorps: lolz…. no one's that stupid. I would rather do something nasty than hand in my OzB badges. Paid using PayPal and also through Cash Rewards and used a no fee annual credit card that generates points and has an extended repayment period. :P

        • Hmmm well you'll need to also buy the gerni adapter for the cannon, think they came with karcher adapters

  • Bought it, Thanks

  • Cheers - just bought as a back up in case anything happens to my cheap Aldi one bought last year.

    You can never have too many pressure washers :-)

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    Surely this is a price error, right?

    • yes just ordered anyways :-)

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      We all know that, but just order it anyway

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      I wonder how much it would cost them to post one of these

  • Great deal got one thanks OP!

  • Low PSI, but should be alright for simple tasks around the house. For $30 this should be a no brainer for a brand pressure washer!

  • Thanks, picked up one

  • great find, hopefully its deliver ; )

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    Thanks. Bought one. $30 with 0.84 cash back tracked.

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      True OzBargainer

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    bought but don't think its getting delivered given the way its being Ozbargained!

  • Just placed it, thank you!

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    First pressure washer purchase. Hope it doesn't get cancelled.

    • +3

      It will

      • How do you know?

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          Shop zero has regular price errors, also way to many orders going through

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    Bought waiting for refund email!

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    Excellent price. I've had a Gerni for the past 3.5 years and haven't had an issue with it to date. Not the same as the model in the post but looks very similar.

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    Shit, I bought 5 because I thought minimum spend was $150. Happy to share if we get it

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    Got one too. Probably get cancelled but you gotta be in it to win it

  • https://www.bunnings.com.au/homelite-1400w-1450psi-pressure-...

    Bought this recently as Bosch one had issues, and does the trick for car wash well. 2yr warranty and it’s from Bunnings.

    Now just gotta find where to buy the o rings for the Bosch one and actually fix it….

    • Give clark rubber a try

  • -2

    Minimum order $150?

  • +1

    Haha! Almost got me…. Had it in my shopping card… But hey… I don't need a pressure washer! :D

    • +2

      Me neither…. but in true OzB fashion, I will bravely persevere and find a use for it!

  • Thanks OP!
    I suspect this will be cancelled though.

    Oh well… fingers crossed.

  • Just ordered mine. Not sure about RRP being realistic, though. Supacheap have listed for $79 (P/U only). If these come through, it's a good deal, while others are anywhere from $129 to $199. Fingers crossed they process the orders we've placed..

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    - Add item to cart
    - Click then shipping cart drop down button (top right of site)
    - Click on CHECKOUT from the drop down menu
    Don't go into the cart page to checkout, that's where it says $150 minimum

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • Bought, cheers OP!
    Never owned a pressure washer before but Gerni are the brand everyone knows of.

  • Always wanted a Gerni gerni…
    Wish granted !

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      Wait until you get it first ;)

      • +1

        True … spoke too soon :O

  • Ordered, thanks.

  • Placed an order. Fingers crossed they honor it!

    EDIT: checked some reviews of the seller and the store seems pretty sketchy, so there's a good chance I won't be receiving anything. Hopefully PayPal will sort it out when or if the time comes.

  • ordered :)

  • +1

    Sometimes you win, but imo this won't happen as it's clearly a pricing error

  • i think the actual price is missing a zero after the 30

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