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Tenda SP3 Smart Wi-Fi Plug $9.95, SanDisk Ultra 64GB MicroSD $9.95 + Delivery @ Shopping Square (Free Shipping any 4 items)

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    NO Paypal option? Oh Sh!

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    Bad reviews on Amazon for this smart plug.

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      The Smart plug will only work with there app. No support for Smart life app. No IFTTT. And as you said the reviews are Bad!

    • I have one of these "smart" plugs. I use it with Google Assistant and it keeps losing the link between Tenda Beli (the manufacturer's app) and Assistant and have to relink it every few days, extremely annoying. If you just want to use it with the Tenda Beli app then it works fine but otherwise avoid it.

      • second this. Google assistant could never find the plug..!

  • which wifi smart plug do you suggest for my 89 yo mum with Amazon Echo Show?

    • I use the TP-Link HS100 with Google Assistant.

      They're kind-of-OK.

      Pros: There's no issues with losing the link or anything, unlike the Tenda.

      Cons: I wasn't able to get them to connect to my Telstra NBN modem & had to connect them to the hotspot from an old mobile phone.
      Also, they're bulky, and if I connect one to a wall socket, then the socket next to it becomes unusable, unless I use something like a double adaptor.

      • Your modem connection issue is likely related to which wifi frequency band you have running. I think they only connect on 2.4GHz.

    • Kogan smart home product. They are all Tuya's.

  • ordered a few things from this sale (4x items)…nothing shipped still.
    anyone else in the same boat?

    • Hi
      If you have problem with your order with shopping square, you may PM me with order details, I might be able to help

      • Thanks I did email them and they shipped it the same day. Guess it got missed somehow

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