Hisense Q8 65" Good Guys Commercial

Hi all, was hoping to get a price on Good Guys Commercial for a Hisense Q8 55" or 65". Trying to avoid signing up for a limited discount.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • 55 $1366
    65 $1995
    75 $3064

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      Sincerely appreciated! So pretty much the same as normal retail

      • I just got my 65" for $1633 on ebay,delivered. plus 1% Cashback through Shopback app. Its still available for that price too. You may or may not need to be a eBay plus member, I'm a eBay plus member, not sure if the same price is still applicable if you're not.

  • Any reason you're fixated on hisense?
    the software is terrible

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      Happy to go with the best screen plus a Nvidia Shield, given my last 'smart' Samsung TV can't even do youtube as the apps were obsoleted.

  • Sony x85g 65” is $1,795 delivered on their eBay site

    • Hey, what's the american equivalent of the X85g? Been trying to find some reviews.

  • I was just looking at this last night. I just found out about Good Guys Commercial and saw there were some pretty good discounts on some other TVs but yeah nothing for the Q8 unfortunately

  • These guys always have good pricing


    $1890 + delivery

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