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Liquidation Sale: Everything $10 + $10 Shipping Per Order - Organic Cotton Business Shirts, Bamboo Underwear @ Green Thread


We tried. It didn't work out. Brilliant product. Everything must go. Enjoy.

Apologies for the error in shipping calculation - it's now fixed. Refunds going out today (9 Aug 2020).

$10 shipping per order within AU.

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Green Thread
Green Thread


  • Sorry to hear that, hope your are ok.

    I think I am too fat for any of your stuff or I would have bought a bunch of it.

  • might wanna put the shipping cost in title

  • Prices shown include GST and free standard delivery. and then Shipping within Australia is A$10

    • Yep, apologies.
      I should have removed the text relating to free shipping. For this liquidation sale it's $10 per order.
      Fixed now.

  • turn all the cotton and bamboo into face masks

  • I see $20 shipping on 2 shirts, but it says $5 domestic shipping, and $0 international..

  • 30 dollars shipping. I will pass.

  • Seemed great until you see every shirt has $10 shipping

  • Hey! I'm just trying to put through an order of 1 of each shit + undies and the shipping is being calculated at $10 per item instead of flat rate. Is this intended? Would love to pick up some shirts but $50 for shipping is a little bit too pricey.

  • 4 undies to Sydney CBD $40 shipping.

  • $10 delivery per shirt. no deal.

  • $10 shipping per item?? No Deal

  • Looks decent quality but $10 shipping per item? Shiteballs to that…

    • Edit - revoked neg and ordered after belated return of rep to fix shipping and title. Thanks.

      I do think there's a little lesson in this for aspiring reps and businessman. Can't start account and post erroneous deal whilst disappearing into the ether. If this is a genuine well-meaning business gone wrong, I wish them the best of luck…

  • I'm sure it's a decent product and was about to order but $50 for shipping for 5 items is quite crazy. I can understand $10 if ordering 1 product but there's no adjustment for quantity

  • I added some items to cart and went to check out but only given the option of Fixed Shipping $50.00 !!!

    Their shipping page says: Shipping within Australia is A$10

  • Sorry to hear that.

    Really wanted to try out bamboo undies but like everyone in the comments are saying, we're unable to purchase due to shipping bug. :/

    On a side note, anyone in Melbourne CBD want to split shipping once bug has been fixed?

  • no ABN on the website, last time this domain was modified was 4 days ago, OPs first post, sob story about "we tried"… not that believable…. :(

  • They not even consistent. Check the help section

    “How much does shipping cost?

    Standard delivery within Australia is free.
    Express delivery to Australia is A$12.
    International delivery is a flat A$25 with no express option.”

    And further down


    We have a very simple policy - free shipping within Australia and absolutely no quibble returns. Prices shown include GST and free standard delivery.”

  • Seems we figured out why the business didn't work ;)

  • It would have been a lot smarter to make everything $20 with free shipping. Shipping at end will always put people off if it costs as much as the item itself

  • It's like postage is subsidising your product, multiple shipping charges is not cool

  • I definitely would of bought a few boxes of the underwear to try and probably wouldn't of cried about paying $10 postage.

    $10 per item is odd, and essentially profiting off the postage. Change your sale tactics. It's actually the same price to ship to Germany, as Australia!

  • HAHHAHAHAHA $50 shipping oh no

  • I think the biggest giveaway of this not being right is the poster has not responded to any comments on Shipping as yet.

    I would think if you are going out of business, and put a message up on Ozbargain, you would hang around to see what people say.

    In this case the comments are not favourable, so if there was a legitimate issue, they would have responded to say they are looking into it. so this to me smells of someone either trying to make as much money in any way possible (shipping) or its a scam.

    • -1 vote

      Loving all the trolling. We're real. We had an error with the shipping. Apologies. Processing the credits now.
      The product if extremely high quality.
      I'm really shocked at how negative this site is.

      • trolling - mate you dont seem to understand this website/community hence your first post. Among other things it is NOT a selling platform for your convenience :)

      • Oh what a surprise we've got yet another rep that's stuffed up and now called us the bad guys.
        We've been called liars, thieves, scabs, criminals but I must admit "trolls" is a new one.

        Maybe if you didn't come on here boohoo we need to shut down please buy from us and then completely fall off the face off the earth for 14+ hours ignoring any questions you'd have found this site a bit more welcoming.

      • Yup, you pretty much need to sell your soul to please the kids on this site. Tip: Ignore the comments, sell as much as you can and never come back if you don't want to lose your faith in humanity.

        • pretty much need to sell your soul

          Or alternatively the representative for the deal could've been on for around about 10 mins after posting. Would've alleviated the whole situation. Didn't think that was a big ask. Seeing as noone goes to bed at 8:30pm even a check in before bed would've been enough.
          Sorry to say but this isn't an ad platform. You can't just dump it and leave.

          I'm all for the OP trying to do as well as they can for their business and their liquidation sale but a few small steps. Hopefully a lesson is learnt out of this.

          • @pennypincher98: Did you notice the L plate. Not everyone is as well versed as you in Ozbargain dynamics. So what if they're trying to help thrmselves a little with their liquudation. It's win/win. You sound like a child with little perspective on life.

  • hey Tim,

    Sorry to hear this. Good on you for trying. These are tough times for a lot of businesses at the moment and a lot of people.

    Hope you are OK.



  • Whois shows ABN of 54 159 581 807


    Seems to have started in 2012

    Potentially just poor organisation rather than scam, given ABN isn't on website and OP not responding here. I'm sure if its a real liquidation, they're probably not feeling the best either…

  • $10 shipping per item is ridiculous.

  • Im getting $40 in shipping for $40 in items?!

  • -1 vote

    liquidation sale but i can't buy any water…

  • All board the neg train. P.S shipping too steep.

  • I'd proceed with caution on this one

    Address on the website shows on Google Street as a residential area?

  • "Shipping
    What you see is what you get - no surprises."

    I think it's a bit surprising when according to various contradictory text on your site shipping is either free, $5, fixed at $10, or $10 per item.

    Sorry your business went under but maybe try a bit more attention to detail next time eh?

    PS. Doesn't seem to be a scam. Just a couple of well-meaning dudes having a crack at running a business while also having other jobs and families.


    • In this case then we know what went wrong. Communication is key when it comes to ecommerce and people are quick to judge (me included) if a wrong move is made. I feel sorry for their business but also a time to re-evaluate?
      The $10 shipping per item is shady enough. I could send a couple of bricks via auspost and it wouldn’t be that ridiculous.

  • Shipping kills it

  • $10 shipping per item…. why? having an austpost business account, I can assure you, it doesn’t cost that much.

  • My cousin lives in castle Cove. Can she pick my order up for free so she can AusPost it to me?

  • The items look really nice and shipping is only $10 flat, not per item, perhaps they updated the site overnight.

    Definitely a bargain now!!

    Edit: Just got this email in case anyone ordered and paid more than the $10 flat fee


    Thanks very much for your order on Green Thread.

    We're aware the shipping costs have been applied incorrectly.

    This is now fixed.

    We'll be working to credit you back the excess you weren't meant to pay today.

    Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Green Thread.

    • +2 votes

      Thanks for posting jfmoose.
      I'm about halfway through processing the credits now.
      The bug has been fixed.

  • Yeah - looks like they fixed up their shipping bug. $10 flat.

  • Ordered one of most things. Shipping $10 flat

  • If only people were not suck kboard warriors and allowed the business to respond prior to negging for the same thing over and over again.

    • Op should of stayed online after posting deal for a little while, people on here never sleep lol

      • I know, lots of sad miserable ppl on here who lack awareness and empathy for a business that's obviously failed. But hey as long as they save a couple of $ on a dominos deal they sleep well.
        PS: For the love of Australia it's HAVE not OF. Take one thing away from this thread.

        • We've all got our crosses to bear.

          Some people are wary of disappearing new reps who post error-laden posts for businesses they've never heard of and don't respond or amend for twelve hours. Whilst some people are a bit anal retentive and use equally dubious language such as, "If only people were not suck kboard warriors".

          Me? I just bought four shirts and revoked my neg after the correction which turned a distinctly dubious deal into one well worth having a crack at, and which represents great value if the shirts are reasonable quality.

          Carry on…

        • Oh, the irony of you calling people keyboard warriors whilst labelling anyone who tries to validate the legitimacy of this sale as “miserable ppl”.

          When you have people looking up ABNs and news regarding the business, the owner should know that there should have been more clarification.

          There are very good reasons why when people shop on sites like ASOS or Amazon, they don’t go “oh geez, let me just do a quick google/Whosis search”.

          That being said, seeing this as legitimate, I feel sorry for their loss and I will place an order as well.

  • Updated shipping.

    I grabbed 4 boxes aka 12 briefs.
    Just 1 shirt, don't really know my size as I'm L or XL. If I did, I definitely would of order more as seem great quality for the price.

  • Sorry it didn't work out OP. They look like quality products.

  • I must say tho, none of the qualities available have changed at all. Including after my order, and probably quite a few people off here after mine.

    Absolutely don't think there's much profit in this sale, but after reading the article and claiming 100k+ invested I do wonder how many thousands of units are left rather than the double digits I'm seeing available on the website 🤣🤣🤣

  • Long time lurker—signed up for an account just to wish you best of luck. Ordered a bunch of shirts and undies because great deal.

    • Faith in humanity restored. Good to see some ppl on this site with a slighlty broader perspective than full entitlement.

  • Sorry it didn't work out, they do look good and I've ordered a few though

  • great deal OP. i just cant for the life of me work out the size chart. brain freeze

  • Hi OP, I wear Super Fitted/38cm collar/84cm (short) sleeve in TM Lewin. The way the sleeve length is measured by you/TM are different. But based on your size chart, I ordered 38.5/tailored/regular sleeve. Do you think that's about the right fit?

  • I made an order of 5 items totaling $60 but when I checked my bank account it charged me 2 orders totaling $110. Not quite sure who to talk to since this shop is closing down…

    • Is it credit card? Does it show as pending or fully processed? It may still drop off if it's pending. If not you can trquest chargeback from bank. Easy

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