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Mamma Fong Hand Hammered 14" Carbon Steel Wok $71 Shipped @ Amazon AU


I've been looking for a decent traditional Chinese wok after reading this post. And seems Mamma fong's is not too heavy and good review compare to Lodge. According to 3 camels, this is one of the lowest price in the past 12 months and local aussie stock.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Might be a decent wok, but your summary of the price history at camelcubed is inaccurate.

    It spent a good chunk of this year under $60 and has been as low as $49.99.

    • You do not need a flat base for home use it depends on your stove.

      It's true that a flat bottomed wok is more likely to be compatible with home use but that design compromises its effectiveness as an actual wok.

  • Not sure how a hand hammered wok is good??? Sell me!
    You can get a good wok for $20. Ideally what you want is fairly thin carbon steel.

  • Bought mine here where I also got the rambo burner.


    Out of stock at the moment, but priced at $18.50 for comparison sake. Was also hand hammered is that's important to you.

    Round bottom > flat bottom (if you have a gas burner).

    If you've electric/induction then get a flat bottom.

    • Didn't say it's hand hammered.

    • +1 for the Rambo. Amazing burner.

      • Are these Auscrown burners safe? Looking at getting a single wok burner for backyard cooking. Either Auscrown or Companion. Any recommendations? Thanks

        • No issues here, I bought it with the stand which I felt made it more stable and somewhat safer. Use it several times a week.

        • Very safe, they are Australian standard certified.

          The Companion and the Rambo (auscrown) burners are very different.

          The companion is a low-pressure burner. This will only give you performance akin to an indoor gas burner (Maybe 12-15 MJ). If there is any wind outside, cut that in half!

          The Rambo is high pressure, (comes with HP regulator)…..roars like a jet engine. 54mj.

          To get the authentic Asian smoky wok flavour (wok hei) you need HP.

          • @ash2000: This guy woks

            (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

          • @ash2000: got a link to the rambo, might burn gas 3 times as quickly as the companion (which I have), but I pressume it also cooks quicker ?

            • @garage sale: It's incredibly fast at cooking…oil at smoke point in about 10 seconds (300 C) then less than minute to cook a stir-fry.

              But the point isn't speed, the high heat gives that resturant flavour that you can't get otherwise.

              Needless to say, you have to have all. Ingredients everything ready to go.

  • the hammer marks on this wok are fake

  • Uncle Roger say thats not a wok ! You can't make egg fried rice in that…

  • ive been looking at another product (https://www.amazon.com.au/Electric-Induction-Spatula-Seasoni...) and saw your post. husband says this (my link) is better but having second thoughts seeing this (OP product) is cheaper. Not an expert in woks. Any insights on these two? which is better in value

    • I was looking at that too. They seems to be in different size and materials. Plus I don't like the Teflon coating which is tonic.

    • Unless you only have electric or induction cooking, not recommend flat bottom wok, also consider an outdoor burner for wok, it's better to do the wok cooking outdoor to avoid smoke inside

  • +10 votes

    $71 for a wok….god damn that is expensive. So many carbon steel woks out there for like $30, just grab one of those. Not like a more expensive wok is going to make your food taste better.

    Source: My wife

  • Better to pass on this. Go to the local asian appliances store and get a carbon steel for ~$30, it'll last you for life if you take care of it well. Here's a guide on how to look for a good wok, season, and care for them.

  • Was also looking at the Mamafong wok the past few weeks but did my research and ended up getting a $19 carbon steel wok from the Asian Supermarkets (prices varied between $16-$21 depending on size). It's built like a tank and after the initial season, I was surprised to find the supermarket wok was already pretty much non-stick even with eggs.

    Save yourself the money and just get one from the local asian supermarket. Just be prepared for a lot of scrubbing initially to clean off the machine oil/coating!

  • Bet not many seen Yamada woks, don't belong here 😂

  • 71 bucks for wok ? lol.

  • never tried Mama Fong's wok before, but this one from K-Mart works pretty well for me:


    make sure you get the non-coating version.

    PS you will need to do all the usual things as if this is made of cast iron, otherwise, it will start to rust.

    • That is not carbon iron, right?

      • not sure, it just says "iron" on the description.

        so what is the difference between carbon iron and regular iron?

        • Carbon. Mostly…

          • @UncleRico: what difference would carbon make in day-to-day cooking? (quick google search seems to suggest that at least carbon steel woks are more responsive to temperature change, while iron woks are better at retaining heat)

        • A little bit of carbon changes the way the iron behaves, it give resilience and hardness. Carbon iron is about 1% carbon, just the right amount, that means it can be thinner and lighter, heats quickly in the areas where the heat is applied.

          Cast iron (2-3% carbon is too much of a good thing, the carbon clumps) needs more material to be as strong/resilient. It's heavy, but that weight has its own advantages in heat retention and even dispersion (great frying pans). Very heavy wok though.

          • @CJ31: thx didn't saw your reply while I was typing mine :)

            So i guess the carbon steel woks would probably be better for quick stir frys? ie in restaurants where the kitchen probably has to churn through hundreds of dishes per night.

            anyway, I did had a really thin steel wok in the past, while it is great in heat transfer, but it was so thin it actually wobbles around when I pick it up………..

            happy with my $20 K-Mart wok for now, it is pretty heavy though.

  • I have this wok, and can vouch for it. I don’t have any other ones to compare and price point.

  • Was Thor involved in the hammering? 😂🤣

  • I thought they sell it much cheaper in Asian shops

  • Guys, if it is made in China, search 'Zhangqiu Wok' and find more