Did Trump Just Kill Apple in China?

Seeing a forum about what you love about iphones made me want to post about this. Trump just announced that WeChat and TikTok will be banned within 45days on the appstore which will effectively wipe out Apple in China as we all know Wechat is more important than google services on a phone in China. It is not just a social media app but effectively a wallet, bank, uber and more in one. I can see iphones becoming essentially extinct whereas android would not be affected as there is no google play in china.


As an apple hater, I am happy to see Apple's anticonsumer and anticompetitive behaviour coming to bite back. What is everyone else's thoughts on this? For me, although WeChat is not essential, it does help me stay connected with a family that is in China. What are everyone else's thoughts?


  • I thought apple was already banned in China? (I may be wrong though)


    I've heard (which is probably wrong) people try to smuggle them in?

    Edit maybe not all of them?


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      China accounts for 20% of Apple's business, it doesn't stop at just iPhones.

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      No……….. iPhones are popular in China.. same as here. Status symbol and ease of use.
      I went to China last year and never heard anything about this kinda stuff.
      My auntie's husband is a Regional Manager for a big telecom and the whole family uses iPhones

      What is reported by Western News/Media Corps about something sometimes really doesn't align with what is going on reality.

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        Western media likes to drum up clicks. They'll put anything on the front page even if it hasn't been independently verified.

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          And the other side of that is Chinese media will put up anything, literally anything (at the threat of career, jail and life) the state dictates and will not publish anything that may remotely offend the powers that may be.

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    I don't know.

  • Smartphone market share in China:

    Huawei 41%
    Vivo 17%
    Oppo 15%
    Xiaomi 11%
    Apple 9%
    Other 7%

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      9% of China is a massive amount. Even if you assume only 1/5 the population has a smartphone, 9% is still the same as the entire population of Australia.

      People forget how huge China is

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        Even if you assume only 1/5 the population has a smartphone

        and assume that 100% of the Aus population has a smartphone

        1439.5m vs 25.5m

        9% x 1439.5m = 129.5m x 1/5 = 25.9m

      • We try to forget, but they keep telling us what a big boy there are now.

      • Apple and others were making money before CHINA and will after.

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    The App Store has a different selection of apps in every country. They will ban WeChat in the US App Store, not in the China App Store.

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      Username checks out

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    So you're saying the USA banning Chinese Social Media platforms, WeChat and TikTok, so what is China going to retaliate tit-for-tat? Ah wait, all USA Social Media platforms have been banned in China for a decade.

    USA banning certain Chinese tech companies to do business in the USA market. Again will China retaliate tit-for-tat? Oh wait, that's also been the status quo for a decade.

    Being affiliated with neither side, things objectively look like escalations from Chinese policy initially, causing delayed reactions from USA policy, only to meet quick escalation and further propaganda from Chinese authorities. Slippery slope. The rest of us can only grab popcorn, and watch how The Bad Depression play out.

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      US needs China more than the other way around. China the real superpower. Go China IMO

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        Uhh. What?

        US has never needed China. Not for manufacturing, not for agriculture and definitely not for tech.

        China has been reliant on every one of those three things. They thought they can do without so enter trade war. The US hurt for a bit as they had to retool to manufacture Agri machines. That happened within months! Yes it cost more but people moved on.

        China OTOH has gone to several countries to get their fill of soy. They eventually went back to the US.

        As for tech, they are still routinely plagiarizing.

        I am not sure where you got your facts that the US needs China. Layperson complaining of lack of cheap crap?

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    Apple hater lol, grow up.

  • Doesn't matter.
    Apple already way too rich, stock price overpriced
    Apple fan Boi anywhere else already enough to support it.

  • 45 days is a long time. Let's wait for what the USSC says about these orders.


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    Any company that uses foreign Chinese labour who face human rights abuses like the Uyghurs deserve to be banned.

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        Yeah, let's boycottt PRC altogether.

        Lol, this guy comparing our record to China. So China is our standard now.

        Cmon, mate, you're clearly a communist supporter.

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            Where did you read any of this in the comment you're replying to?

            Anyone who turns the argument around back on us has their priorities mixed up. I was obviously making assumptions based on what he wrote.

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          Cmon, mate, you're clearly a communist supporter.

          LOL. I think someone's been watching too much Sky from 6pm, or reading too much of (ie. any of) The Australian…

          Edit: Unless of course you had your T in your C at the time that is…

  • I thought Apple will start doing production in India

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      India charges very high tariffs on imported iPhones. Apple is assembling iPhones in India to sell into the Indian domestic market. So long as the Chinese assembled iPhones are cheaper, the global iPhone market will still be satisfied by China.

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    spy vs spy

  • Why are you an "Apple Hater"?

    You know you don't have to buy their products. Apple doesn't share the same contempt against you. They don't even know or care about your existence.

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      Apple is anti consumer and anti competition in every way. What was once an innovative company at the forefront of technology has now become a company trying to milk as much money from consumers as possible. When apple does something the rest of the competitors tries to follow suit so yes apple affects me through its influential but often stupid decisions. For exampld they are planning to remove chargers in they are planning to remove chargers in their future phones

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        For exampld they are planning to remove chargers in they are planning to remove chargers in their future phones

        This doesn't make any sense. Please explain.

      • What platform are you using at the moment?

        • It must be either Microsoft, Nokia or Sony Ericsson.

          • @whooah1979: The point I was going to make, slowly but inevitably was OP is using a competitor and we are not short of competitors.

            OP is probably referring to the lack of headphone port (which was a move in the right direction as adaptors allowed wired and most people went wireless anyway) but buys a phone without a headphone port from a competitor hence supports the evolution that he/she dislikes.

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              @tshow: Phone jacks are so the 1980s. It's time to leave mullet behind.

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                @whooah1979: Also phone jacks mean its much harder to waterproof a phone, so there are benefits in its removal

      • I agree with half of what you say. I know nothing (well, very little) about current or future Apple products because I don't (and won't) buy them.

        My beef with them is they used to be great when they were small (the 80s). The Apple II was specifically designed to be able to open it up and look at it. You could buy and add your own expansion cards, even third party ones. Heck, they even included the circuit diagram as a fold out in the back of one of the manuals! Loved it!

        Then they starting copying other companies technologies, making them look pretty and charging through the nose for them. They lost me…

  • the only difference between US and China is that using Google in China won't bring you into a trouble…. All major services are blocked by the GFW, but it is not prohibited to bypass it. Unlike the US, where they are considering prosecution for those who bypass….

    • If you talked bad about Trump in the US vs the CCP in China on the internet, who's most likely to ignore you and who's most likely to get into trouble?

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        Depends where you 'talked bad about Trump'. Do that in the wrong parts of middle America and you're liable to become a statistic…

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          By the government or by regular Joe's?

          Did trump ban any Disney cartoon characters? Anyone in "reeducation" camps in the US?

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            @Ughhh: Despite “free speech” the US bans a lot of things. The Chinese social media platforms, appear, to be two of them.

            They teach creationism as a “science” in some schools.

            They put “illegal” migrants into camps. The Native Americans were put into “reservations” and, during WWII, America rounded up Japanese Americans and put them in internment camps.

            A list of countries where episodes of cartoon characters were banned, including in the USA.

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              @try2bhelpful: You can't even use Google and loads of other social media platforms in China, basically anything that would allow you to learn or gain Insight on anything unless the gov approves. Don't forget everything on TV is censored too.

              Are the Uyghurs "illegally" migrating to Beijing or something?

              As for the cartoons, they're legitimate reasons eg. Violence. Winnie the pooh was banned because he didn't like the meme… Pretty sure there are way for memes on trump.

              • @Ughhh: Social media censorship is legal in the PRC.

                Social media censorship in the USA like banning Tiktok and WeChat is unconstitutional.

                • @whooah1979: Who allows more freedom of speech and education?

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                    @Ughhh: That is a very interesting question. American states have a pretty checkered history on what they do, and don’t, teach. They are not above banning books from libraries. For a long time they had segregated schools, based on colour. You will still find there is a fair amount of segregation in the schools based on neighbourhoods and “traditional” values.

                    Frankly “freedom of speech” is used as a cudgel by certain sections of America to say I have a right to say what I like and it is your fault if you are offended by it. You certainly don’t want to use your own “freedom of speech” in certain parts of America or violence will be the response. This reaction is being encouraged by the current administration.

                    As I said. China is, certainly, more overtly controlling but the more subtle control is, certainly, there in America. They have an illusion of “freedom of speech” and an illusion of “education” but you really don’t want to test the boundaries too far.

              • @Ughhh: I’m not defending China I’m pointing out that “free speech” America isn't immune to disinformation and censorship either. When you have schools teaching creationism as science you are looking at Government backed disinformation programs. Even in Australia the programs based on teaching kids about respect and acceptance for gay and transgender people have been trashed by “conservative values”. How we give schools money for Chaplains rather than counsellors. The “western world” might be a tad more subtle about it than China but the attempt to manage information is out there. Look at how Trump uses his twitter/Facebook feeds. Look at how he calls everything he doesn’t like “fake news”.

                Do I want to live in China, hell no, do I want to live in America, hell no. Am I concerned that even with access to “all the media” in America that people aren’t actually using clear thinking, hell yes. I, suspect, the vast majority of Chinese people are aware of what their Government is doing. In America too many are either completely paranoid or unthinkingly following the “religious right” line.

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                  @try2bhelpful: I don't disagree with you, every country has and needs some form of censorship. However, some violate the very basic human rights and are more inhuman imo than others.

                  You could stand in the middle of New York yell out Trump is a POS, but would you dare do that in Beijing (especially if you're Chinese)?

                  I, suspect, the vast majority of Chinese people are aware of what their Government is doing.

                  Yes, but you wouldn't dare question or fight it. But in America, you could hold protests and vote etc. That's the point Im trying to make.

                  You certainly don’t want to use your own “freedom of speech” in certain parts of America or violence will be the response

                  Yes, in certain parts of America. Pro CCP people didn't want Hong Kong protesters using their freedom of speech in other countries.

                  The fear of being dobbed in by your neighbours for things we would consider gibberish or kitchen talk and other consequences, suppresses this basic right which we take for granted.

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                    @Ughhh: I wouldn’t stand in the streets in some places in America and shout “Trump is a POS” either because a neighbour is likely to shoot you. I was in America when 911 happened and I kept my head down and held my tongue.

                    Now Hong Kong is a really interesting thing. Imagine if China seized a bit of America, held onto it for 99 years, gave it back but said it still had to be managed under a Communist system; just how long do you think it would be before America tossed that out the window and reverted to Democracy? Do you think it would take 20 years? Hong Kong is part of China. Myself, I wish China would leave it as is, but it is part of their country.

                    You can hold protests in America, unless you are holding a BLM rally and the President isn’t happy about it; in which case he will send in Federal Agents, who don’t have insignia, and remove people from the streets.


                    Or he will just get his security to attack peaceful protestors, including media representatives, so he can hold a rambling press conference.

                    Do you really think Trump is upholding true democratic principles?

                    Every type of Governments has its issues. Hitler was, actually, voted in by the German people.

                    I’m, certainly, not advocating Communist rule but I’m not blind to the issues of Democracy either and their are some massive issues: as shown by Trump getting in. Freedom without direction is anarchy and that is a very dangerous way for a country to be run. Particularly a country that allows its citizens to be heavily armed. If Trump loses the next election there will be blood in the streets.

                    Democracy in a country as big as China would be an interesting experiment. Just how well are the democracies in India, Russia and America working? How well have they done in improving the lot of the average worker rather than the guys at the big end of town? There is a saying “the problem with voting is the bastards always get in”.

                    The thing you can say about all political systems is they are, generally, run for the benefit of the people in charge and they will do everything in their power to continue that. Sometimes the actions are overt and sometimes covert.

                    Yup, clean up Communism but we, really, need to deal with our own backyards as well.

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    unlike the Play Store, App stores differ according to its region. Wechat being banned on the US App store doesn’t mean that it will be banned on other countries’ App store. But one thing for sure is that US companies will also find it increasingly harder to do business in China caused by retaliation.

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    I can see iphones becoming essentially extinct

    There's more to the world than just China.

    In fact, they will become even less important after the problems with Covid are over.

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