Is Spaceship Voyager a proper financial product?

So I signed up for the Spaceship Voyager early last week (two separate accounts, because of their insane policy on only allowing one product), they started debiting my account on 5 August, but still nothing is showing on either Voyager account on the app.

Anyone else in the same situation? Please tell me I haven't signed up for a well-executed scam.

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  • Depending on the bank, it can take up to 5 days before ya deposits credit into your account.

    You can check deposit status in transaction history.

    This is the major downside of the ETF cause you can't time your purchases during a down turn.

  • There are plenty of people using it -

  • F!AQ

    How long does it take to transfer funds into my Spaceship Voyager account?

    Generally, we are able to process your investment payment within 3-5 business days.

    So, around 13 August.

  • Usually it will show as "Pending" when logged into your account, but it does always take 3-5 days to clear for me. I've been putting in a couple of hundred a month since about March and it always takes a few days.

  • What is their YTD ROI?

  • It takes days and days to deposit. Interestingly my last withdrawal only took a day and I figured that would take longer than a deposit.

  • You're fine OP, mine debits my bank account on Wednesday's but I don't see it appear on Voyager until the Friday usually. With regards to how scammy they are, they've proven to me they are legit. I received an email from them 2 months ago where they were owning up to a calculation mistake from May 2018 - Jan 2020 and reimbursed me the potential difference on 30th June, so that's pretty honest imo. I've never tried to redeem my funds however so can't comment on it.

    Hello there,

    We’re contacting you to let you know about a unit pricing issue. This issue meant that, for a period, when you bought or sold units in Spaceship Voyager, you didn’t receive the share of the fund (or units) that you should have. We want to provide some background information on what went wrong and what we’re doing to make it right.

    To be clear, we are compensating you for the impact this has had on your investment and returning you to the financial position that would have existed if the unit pricing issue had not occurred.

    You don’t need to do anything.

    The unit pricing issue impacted the value of Spaceship Voyager’s funds from May 2018 until January 2020.

    We have had our calculations of the recalculated unit price, and the compensation for the impact of the unit pricing issue, reviewed by our external auditor, EY.

    We want to apologise for this issue. We appreciate you have trusted Spaceship with your money and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact one of the Spaceship team by replying to this email or by calling 1300 049 532.

  • I have been using them for a while now. Usually deposit takes a few days like others have said. It’s a regulated proper managed fund and your $ is held in a third party custodian account, which means they can’t just take your $ and run away.

    Sadly can’t swoop in and buy big when it’s down for a day or 2…the good news is…cost averaging by putting in money at a regular interval is great with 0 brokerage. Don’t even have to think about monitoring sharemarkets.