$5 Referral on Spaceship Voyager ($5 Minimum Deposit) (Until Sep 30 2020)


Spaceship Voyager referral bonus is back but ony for $5.
Previous post last July gets $10 referral bonus has already expired and referral database was deleted.

The $5 referral codes are valid up to Aug 31, 2020. Sep 30, 2020.
Spaceship Voyager $5 referral bonus for both referrer and referee once a minimum $5 has been deposited by the referee within 14 days of signing up.

I am a Spaceship Voyager user and has no association with Spaceship Voyager.

Two portfolio to choose from: Spaceship Universe Portfolio and Spaceship Orogin Portfolio.

The referral codes can be entered once you signed up.

Instruction to enter code after you signed up:

In mobile app:

Go to Account -> Referrals -> Enter Referral Code

On Website:

Go to Account (bottom left) -> Referrals -> Click on "Click Here"

MODS: Please create a new referral links on OzB as the referral database was deleted.

Mod Note: New Referral System has been setup.

Referral Links

Referral:  atlinus or random (481)

$5 referral bonus for both referrer and referee once a minimum $5 has been deposited by the referee within 14 days of signing up.

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  • Just messaging so can check back when referral system us back.

  • Voyager Vs. Raiz Vs. Commsec Pocket Vs. Vanguard Personal Investor

    • All different purpose products.

      Voyager - their own constructed portfolios, regular investing
      Raiz - invest your spare change into their constructed portfolio
      Commsec pocket - invest when you want into limited range of indexes
      Vanguard - more like a regular share trading account

      Work out level of involvement you want to have, work out whether the portfolios would keep you awake at night about losing your money.

    • I have been with raiz the last 9 months, I'm up 8.5% which is pretty good as I brought just before covid slump

      • Voyager has supposedly been up 40% over the last 12 months.

        • As I stated, I started just before the bust so my figures should be bad. If I started 12 months ago I would have a much higher %

          • @melbstheburn: Voyager was $1.48 at the peak before COVID, now it's $1.68 representing a 13.5% growth from peak before crash to now. Voyager is FANG heavy, so that's why it is doing so well.

      • Started with both spaceship and Raiz around the same time, back in Feb. A small amount invested automatically every fortnight for both.

        Spaceship universe up 12% vs Raiz moderate aggressive up 5% incl dividends reinvested. Fees for spaceship $0 given my balance is less than $5k vs Raiz $2.50 per month. Of course past performance is no guarantee of future results so will continue with both to diversify risks.

  • Is this a real product? seriously, Spaceship ??
    $5 for investing, barely one telstra share. big spenders…

    • Best micro-investing app by a mile. Fees? $2.50 per year, free in some cases! Awesome selection of growth stocks in the Universe Portfolio 40% YTD return. 10/10.

    • You can start investing for as low as $5.
      You can also run and close the account after you get your $5 joining bonus if you think it isnt for you.

      Spaceship Voyager issued by Spaceship Capital Ltd AFSL 501605.
      They are licensed by Australian financial services (AFS) to conduct a financial services business.

      No trading fee up to 5k portfolio.
      Raiz charge you $2.50/month
      Pocket charge you $2/trade
      Vanguard has keeping fee

      • Spaceship is so much better for me its a no-brainer! Also love their stock slection in the portfolio, best growth stocks in the world for free (essentially).

    • You don't get to choose the individual shares to invest in. These are managed funds

  • Thanks OP

  • It's a decent site & app - been using it for long time.

  • I joined on the last referral deal and so far have been loving the app. Very easy to use but be warned that depositing is slow (a few days) so it is basically impossible to "play the market" using this. This is more geared towards long term savings, but with little to no penalty for withdrawal.

    • It is not a platofrm for trading.
      It is for investing long term similar to your SUPER.

      In SUPer, your employer top up on a regular basis no matter what the condition of the market.
      you dont even bother how long your employer takes to deposit the money to your SUPER.
      Most of the time you dont even check the performance of your SUPER often and where they invest or how they invest your money.

      Depositing to Spaceship takes about 5days. Withdrawing your money they said takes less than that (I havent withdrawn any).

      It is frustrating when it takes a long time to deposit.
      But read above, with your SUPER most if not all dont even bother when your money was deposited by your employer.
      You only look at your payslip if money was deducted for your SUPER.

      I top up on a weekly basis and you can top up as low as $5.

      If the market dip, maybe think of doing a manual top up with a bigger amount.

  • Seems like a good time to invest in the market…

  • Universe profile is great , switched on fund managers

  • Just setup a real trading account with Selfwealth and select the appropriate ETFs for you. Its a really quite shockingly small learning curve (read reddit ausfinance) to get into ETF passive investing, which is basically all this is. Cut out the middleman.

    • +3 votes

      Depends how much money you have. If you have a lump sum sure. If you can only afford a few bucks a day or only invest a little at a time the brokerage will cruel your earnings.

    • Spaceship works well for me to save on brokerage and build up my parcel sizes, I like to do weekly deposits into Spaceship and then withdraw once I have a decent sum to invest. Earns a hell lot more then leaving it in a HISA.

      • Yeah, that is fare point for small sums and a good way for some to ease in. Good catch.

        As for it earning more than HISA, well, that all depends on the market and when you invest/sell. Under the pretty app and funky name its just the stock market with all the ups and downs that come with it. Will be interesting what they start charging once they hit their growth goals.

        • +1 vote

          I'm not sure how sustainable their fee structure is tbh. A lot of their money they would be managing for free as they seem to be targeting millennials with not much savings and other people who are into "micro investing".

          Would like to see their company reports :P. I know your money is "safe" as it would be in a trust, however if Spaceship went belly up you wouldn't see your money straight away as there would be a process of either liquidation or transfer to another investment manager.

          • @abc: I think they do have a bit of colourful history to them. I recall reading some highly skeptical views a year or so ago that was enough to keep me clear, but im already in ETFs anyway. Like any company in a "growth" or acquisition" it's only a matter of time before the fee's have to go up. But the more people who get comfortable with the ups and downs of the market and have the fortitude to ride it through the better IMO.

          • @abc: I also wonder how sustainable having FEE free structure up to 5k and only 0.05% / 01% annual fee if over 5k.
            Maybe good to ask them directly how they were able to sustain their fee structure.

            Im thinking they are using a robo-advisor so they dont have to pay much for fund managers and not much ove heads.

            From what I read that there are actually customer that are paying and continuing with their investment over 5k.

            I would and I am willing to pay for 0.1% annualy for SSV Universe portfolio.
            For a 10k portfolio, I will be paying $10 per year, still cheap compare to Vanguard (website says they charge less than 1%) though Vangaurd is more reputable and has a been there for a while.

            US has a different structure where brokers like RobinHood , Charles Schwab and eTrade able to provide No trading fee.
            Mainly they earn from the cash balance available, use it for margin lending and other services.

  • Thanks, hadn't heard of this.

  • Happy to report I am up 40% in Voyager. I put wayy more money into Acorns (now Raiz) and essentially even from when I started. Just withdrew 50% of my Raiz to put into Voyager as it's clearly the better performer, and I would argue that the investments are more future proof.

  • Do you think this is a good app for beginners?

    • +3 votes

      Absolutely. There are no fees for balances under $5K and 0.05-0.1%pa above $5K depending on the portfolio.

      You can invest as little as $1 at a time.

      Look up the concept of Dollar Cost Averaging which would be good for a beginner to learn by putting in a set amount each week, fortnight or month. Regardless of what the market does you ignore it and keep investing without fail. Over the long term one is rewarded for this kind of discipline.

  • Asking for bank client ID and access code? This is crazy… otherwise need to contact support to verify account.

    • You can do it manually if you are not confident logging in to your bank acocunt.

    • You can contact them if you want, I've done it before and all they needed was a bank statement and verified it in like one business day.

  • +5 votes

    I started with Spaceship in August 2018 with a $5 deposit. I have received $50 worth of referrals over that time, and my current portfolio balance sits at just over $89. Not bad for $5.

  • universe or origin?

  • Really slow deposits. Been in since last referral deal and seeig a pretty okay gain.

    The plan is to just throw spare change at it tilll get to 5k then withdraw and throw into a 5k parcel of VDHG.

  • guys, why does it say that my referral code is " INELIGIBLE " ?

    1. Are the funds government secured?

    2. How/ what do you report in your tax? (This a trust setup? Fair bit of extra book keeping for a few $).

    • It is not a savings account.
      It is invested in Stock market, can go up or down in price.

      Spaceship Voyager issued by Spaceship Capital Ltd AFSL 501605.
      They are licensed by Australian financial services (AFS) to conduct a financial services business.

      Yes you need to report in your tax as Spaceship gives distribution (similar to dividend) at the end of financial year (may or may not).
      You also need to declare if you sell and made a gain or losses.

      Wait till end of Jul or early Aug (Spaceship sends statement record to ATO by end of July) to file tax as it will be autoprefill like your savings account when you tick (manaeg fund).

      It is autoprefill in Mytax, you can do it yourself. - just tick the box that says "Manage fund" and MyTax will pull the details.

  • Only $5 now? Pointless… You're better signing up to etoro, they'll give you $100 for every referral.

    • (etoro)And you need to deposit $200 and make a trade to get your referral.
      When you send $200 you are subject for FX rates (AUD to USD).
      Can get more from referral but a bit complicated (fx rates, what to buy, when to buy, how much to buy) for first time investors.

      • Yeah, I think it's worth that little more effort. You will get 100usd for signing up, so that around $140 aud. So which would you rather have $5 or $140?

        • I would get em ALL.

          But I am going to stick for the long run using Spaceship than eToro.
          - less capital / can automate auto top up evne with small increments
          - I dont need to think what stock or company to buy (though i have other broker account and i admit i also buy individual stock but i don't want to add up
          - Diversify my investment using a manged fund like Spaceship aside from buying individual stocks/ETF's
          - I can auto top up and set as little as $5 weekly or change the amount as I wish/ can also do manual when I see more opportunity and available funds.
          It is ready diversified in globalstock (I choose Universe). as los as $5 invested in Tesla and google etc… you can't buy $5 worth in etoro though I think they now offer buying in partial/fraction but it has minimum amount.
          - I don't want to think about fx rates converstions when using etoro (though you cna hire an accountant to do everything for you just give them th statement)
          - less tax filing to worry about as you need to convert aud to usd and depends on the number of trades in eToro
          Spaceship provides statement around end of July and its auto prefill in MyTax once they sumitted the records to ATO
          - Those who are not familiar with stock market can start and not much risk starting as low as $5 just to test the water than putting in $200 on eToro
          - I can take it out unlike SUPER that you need to wait for retiremnt pension age.

          I think Spaceship is a good intro to investment in stock market.
          When they are comfortable enough about buying/selling and how stock works and researching on companies they like then they can level up and use Etoro or Stake or SelfWealth to buy individual stocks or crypto.

    • Do you know how long it takes for the etoro referral bonus to be paid?

  • +2 votes

    Debroah congrats on your $5 referal bonus :)

  • So this an active fund that focuses on growth stocks? With a snazzy app? There are a ton of active and passive ETFs that do the same thing. There's no reasonable expectation that this company will outperform the market. Active funds generally underperform passive. These guys don't have a track record like Buffett.

    Return is proportional to risk. If they have outperformed the market broad index, they were probably in riskier stocks. That means generally when the market does drop (and doesn't rebound sharply like this time), they will book bigger losses than the index as well.

    I genuinely hope that those putting their money into this are aware that there is non-insignificant risk of being down 20-40% on another market crash like March without an immediate bounce. There is nothing special about this fund.

    • I use it as a tool to help my friends and family understand ETF investing without incurring much risk. Many people don't have any knowledge about getting into the stockmarket or ETFs, and this can be an easy way to show them. Investments up to 5k are fee free, so they can put money in and pull it out as they please without worrying about brokerage. Once they understand the system, I help them move on to Vanguard ETFs.

      • I think the correct approach gaining an understanding is a paper money account.

        I fully get this app offers convenience and a nice UI which is more enticing to get started but nobody should be fooling themselves into thinking they are low risk. This is a high risk/reward fund.

        The tech stock / growth bias means they're buying momentum stocks with high betas and expensive valuations. This has worked out well in the past 10 years, but there's no guarantee this will continue. Fundamental valuations can only get so stretched.

        If (when) the market crashes, a portfolio like this will drop further than a more balanced index that includes value / dividend stocks.

        • Out of curiosity, you seem very confident that a market crash is coming, may I know what that is based on please?

          • @squarepants: Stretched fundamental valuations especially in the US based on P/E, EV/EBITDA, CAPE, take your pick. I don't pretend to know when the market will correct, but historically markets mean revert. If you look at forward returns, when valuations were this high historically, they were poor/negative. That's why I think being in growth stocks right now is particularly risky.

        • While I think you're right with the theory of a paper money account, in reality I don't think it holds enough gravitas for many people to really get an idea of what're they're signing up for.

        • If (when) the market crashes, a portfolio like this will drop further than a more balanced index that includes value / dividend stocks.

          Not saying you're wrong, but we just had a major crash a few months ago and we can see how that turned out for tech stocks vs value/dividend stocks.

    • Yes, it is like other investment (active / passive ETF) that does the same thing (invest in the stock market).
      There is always risk involve like any other investment on the stock market.
      Nothing special but gives opportunity to those who wants to start investing in the stock market with low capital expose on diversified global portfolio.
      Others use this to start accumulating and when they have enough, they take it out and buy individual stocks rather than waiting to have enough capital.

      It is type of micro-investing platform where you can invest using small amounts of money (manual or regulat top up) and makes investing more accessible as it accessible using mobile app that appeals to younger generation.

      Those fund managers/large institutions and retail investors who thinks everything was over price already missed out the run from March despoite covid cases increasing in US and some parts of the world.

      I may have missed buying a lot during the dip as I am also on the fence how te market keeps going when unemplyment and covid cases are still increasing in some parts of the world, but Spaceship keeps me invested as I set a weekly top up so in a way i didnt missed a lot if I wasnt able to buy much on the individual stocks.

      I always tell to myself and to anyone I know to treat SpaceshipV like your SUPER (long term investment). It is not designed for short term trading.
      You can actively manage it by increasing, stopping reducing your top up or taking it out

      • If you're younger and have the time horizon and risk tolerance to tolerate a 40% drawdown and being underwater for say 3-5 years then they're not a terrible option.

        This would be a terrible option for someone approaching retirement. From what I've gathered, they're not really calibrating your portfolio to your risk like robo advisers do.

        If you think my scenario is unrealistic, I suggest reading about the history of the Nifty 50 in the US. This fund looks like it's taking the same approach and buying growth stocks at any price. Just because this has worked so well for the past 10 years doesn't mean it will continue. If anything, markets are mean reverting and stretched valuations have become more likely to correct down.


  • Note, not Starship Voyager.
    Leaves disappointed.

  • i hope my money doesn't end up on the other side of the galaxy!

  • Damn i remember when this app first came out and was giving $50 referrals.

  • Sorry to whoever whose referral code I clicked, but then not using. I have gone through set up process to the end and I can't see where to enter referral codes, suddenly account created already….. No $5 for you neither for me…

    • You need to create the account first which what you already did.
      Once account is created, login and follow the instruction on the post if you are using mobile or website to enter the code to get the $5 bonus.

  • Minimum age? Can you set something like this up for kids? Tax implications?

    • 16 yrs old.
      They said they have plans for kids account (i asked more than 6 months ago)

      If you have two kids.
      You and your wife can opens two account ( one universe and one origin portfolio). You got 4 account allocated to each member of the family. Open kids account when they turn 16, sell the assigned account for your kids and use the proceed to fund their own account.

      Or just invest as much on your account and sell portion of it to fund your kids account when they turn 16.

      Same effects (primary/guardian is taxed) on tax implication if there is a sub account for kids on most stocks, the primary/guardian is taxed for the kids account anyway. Only advantage of having sub/kids account is it can automatically transferred to their own name once they reach legal age seemlessly.

      • Yeah I did that too. Will worry about the transfer when my kids reach 16 (mine still years away). If spaceship is still a thing when the times comes, I guess we could just withdraw all and reopen with kids name to reinvest.

  • Finally had my transaction complete. So far I've made minus 10 cents! Yay I'm playing the share-market!

  • Woo now I'm down to -48c lets ride this spaceship all the way to the bottom!

    • I was down but now up 14c. This is way too much of an emotional rollercoaster for me.

      • And I'm up 13c! We're on the gravy train now! Toot toot!

      • Hows your Voyager account now? I was up almost $4 but got wiped out over the last week, only up 50c now.

        • Same! I realise it's all ebbs and flows but i couldn't imagine throwing a decent amount of money in, unless you had money to burn

  • Completely forgot to enter a referral until now, enjoy the $5 Shaun 😄

  • Referral bonus extended Sept 1st to Sept 30th.

  • New codes for September, current codes expired, you'll need to enter your new code into the system (you will also have received a site notification).

    • Thanks Mod.

      Spaceship Universe curernt unit price at $1.79
      Broke $1.80 level a few days ago.

      Price increase was mostly contributed by US tech stock.