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[eBook] Free - Confessions of a Japanese Linguist - How to Master Japanese @ Amazon AU/US


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Should be a good read.

Follow the author on his odyssey from a 24-year-old Midwesterner unable to speak a word of Japanese as he recounts his initial struggle to survive even Japanese 101, to cramming four years of college Japanese into one year with top grades, to gaining functional fluency, conquering kanji, and finally gaining sufficient mastery over the language to develop marketable Japanese skills as a Japanese teacher and translator, all within four short years.

There is no shortage of excellent resources for learning the Japanese language. If simply having access to excellent study material or a learning environment were the key to language learning success, anyone today with an Internet connection or a good textbook would become a successful learner. However, without the proper insight and understanding of what it really takes to master Japanese, the reality is that most aspiring Japanese learners ultimately fail in their quest to master the language or even gain a basic level of fluency.

Topics covered include:

-Succeeding in Classroom Japanese
-Study Abroad in Japan
-Japanese Foreign Exchange
-Successful Japanese Self-study
-Conquering Kanji
-Mastering Spoken Japanese
-Negotiating Japanese Social Conventions
-Making the Most of Your Stay in Japan
-Advanced Japanese Language Study
-Sex, Romance and the Japanese Language
-Teaching English in Japan
-How to Make Your Japanese Marketable
-Working in Japan for a Japanese Company
-How to Find a Japanese Specialization
-Maintaining and Improving Japanese Post-Japan
-How to Break into the Japanese Translation Industry
-And Much More

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    • I was sorta thinking of watching the famous Christopher walker snl ep because I heard fear the reaper yesterday but you've definitely convinced me now

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    Follow the author on his odyssey from a 24-year-old Midwesterner unable to speak a word of Japanese

    How could he not even speak a word? sushi, sashimi, tempura, wagyu, wasabi, toyota, honda, yamaha, oppai…

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      karate, taiko, subaru, bukkake…

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      well, I'm sure he knew how to say Hai… except when he said Hi, someone must have told him iie!

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      tsunami, samurai, manga, typhoon, karaoke, emoji

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      great you have mastered the last word…

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  • Thanks for the recommendation! while we're on the topic i just found a new app called Kaku which i use as my notebook to study japanese on my iphone and ipad. it translates everything as i type so it acts like an autochecker. get it while it's still free: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kaku/id1515101339#?platform=ip...

    • It says $1.49 for me

      • try again, i'm pretty sure it's free. but you should be upgrading to premium to support the developer and get all the features!

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    He probably jumped on Tinder and matched with the Japanese girls wanting to practice their English lol

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    He may be a cunning linguist but I'm a master debater!

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    Yare yare daze

    • Is that a jojo reference?

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  • Arigatōgozaimashita!

  • Subarashii!!

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    Now these weebs thinks that they know Japanese because they watch anime.

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      Now these college graduates think they know Japanese because they spent 4 years with their heads inside text books learning grammar math.

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    Confessions of a gaijin weeaboo

  • "Sex, Romance and the Japanese Language"

    Bit like the 'speed, cost, quality triangle' - you can't have all 3 …🤔

  • Pornhub has subtitles, most of you don't need this

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