What Are Your Favourite Hand Sanitisers?

Hey folks, was just curious.

Due to relatives in health care, I have tried many types and variations and wanted to see your favourites.

My personal favourite on the go is this one

It's actually a spray and dries quickly - and leaves my hands smelling amazing. Leaves no residue at all and the spray function I find is much rarer than a gel. good for cleaning steering wheels, keys, surfaces etc. On top of that, can work as a surface spray - although, not as good as traditional disinfectant spray - of which I use Coles as I found its TGA(?) approved and works well whilst cheap.

A close second for me is this. Works well and leaves hands with a nice feeling, no residue or stickiness.

What are your favourites?


  • thanyou sanitiser is best smelling others i tried is scotts santiser which smells like scotts sh**

    • looks good! how's the performance? residue? smell?
      I swear there is a science to this ha ha !

      • Smells like actual alcohol, performance is really good and it doesn’t leave any residue :D 😂

        • lovely! usually when it smells like alcohol its verrrrry strong performance wise. all my clinic and doctor relatives use harshly smelling high ethanol ones whilst working. although they love mine when out and about ;)

  • Australian made Aldi Tricare back when it was $2.50 for 250ml, even when I had to pay $3.50 a bottle it was better value than most others.

  • I bought a bottle of Soap2Go from Officeworks a few weeks ago. God, the ocean scent was fantastic. I would totally buy it just to huff the fragrance, it’s that good. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it on the shelves!

    The pop-up brands like Scotts and various others that graced the shelves immediately following the panic are all terrible, apart from the Soap2Go one I mentioned above. They all smell like you’ve poured paint thinner on your hands.

    The long established brands like Dettol, Aqium, etc. are pretty good. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a 500mL bottle of Dettol hand sanitiser at Kmart the other day for a reasonable enough price - 6 bucks.

    I prefer a sanitiser that takes about 30 seconds to dry. You need to rub your hands for 20 seconds to ensure the bacteria and viruses have all had their cell walls broken up and deactivated.

  • Scotts Hand Sanitiser with aloe because it smells so good. The thankyou grape fruit is a good one.

  • aqium

  • Any of the thank you ones are good - if you can find stock that is

    Also isocol spray is really good - love the smell 😊

  • This Palmolive one is hubby’s fave, not cheap, but it smells great and dries pretty quick