[PS4, Pre Order] DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition $53.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Currently $79 at JB and $79.95 at EB Games.

The ultimate edition of the latest major entry in the legendary RPG series! The Definitive Edition includes all the content from the original release of the acclaimed DRAGON QUEST XI, and adds extra character-specific scenarios, the choice of playing with the original soundtrack or a grand orchestral version of the music, the ability to switch between 2D and 3D graphic modes, a Japanese voice-acting option, and much more!

Embark upon an epic adventure as The Luminary: the chosen one in a world that vows to hunt him down. The Luminary and his unique band of loyal companions work together to survive an onslaught of ne’er-do-wells and overthrow the dark forces that plot to plunge the world of Erdrea into chaos. Explore the massive world of DRAGON QUEST and awaken your power in this can't-miss adventure!

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  • Hmm my unopened copy from launch week just lost some retail value

    Why did I think pes 19, spider man and dragons quest could all be played at once!

  • In case you’re unaware, this is the port of the Switch version with the Switch graphics, so it’s a bit of a downgrade in that department.

    • Is it really?


      I didn't even know this existed and now I'm even more surprised b by it all

      • +2 votes

        It's because the Switch port was actually really well done, with all the graphics being downgraded carefully to preserve the look of the original game as much as possible.
        This created a lower poly but still respectable version of the game for Switch players.

        But then for some reason they didn't or couldn't port the content itself to the original games, so they just ported the port back to PS4 and PC.
        I don't think the save files are even compatible either.

    • That's true and while it does taint this definitive version somewhat, if you haven't played the game already then you don't really have a basis for comparison so the visual downgrade will be less apparent. The additions are worth it imo.

  • just brought the standard edition a couple of weeks ago. Anyone know if the bonus content is on disc or DLC code?s

    • They are, effectively, 2 entirely different games and will not be compatible with each other. There is no DLC. Just a definitive release which is a port of the Switch version. (Read comments above).

  • I believe this is coming to gamepass as well from memory.

  • For someone that hasn't played DQ11 yet, should I get the regular edition for ~$45 or be better off getting this version (which seems to be a Switch port, with enhanced features)

    • It's a shame that the new features couldn't be patched into the original game, but the orchestral music alone makes this a much better version of the game (even if it has been graphically downgraded). The music in the original version is unbearable.

  • Wow a switch port….

  • Great price. I just pre-ordered it.

    Amazon AU used auto-price-match Ozgameshop's same price though.


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