UJK Parf Mk II Guide System @ Axminster Tools UK for $260 and $36pp (Account Reqd)


Usually $399 @ Carbatec. I just ordered the Mk 2 parf guide system, 2x small and 2x large pairs of Veritas dogs, and the chamfer tool for a total of $434.29.

This includes 4 day p&p service.

Same package here will cost $625.

Account reqd.

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  • I cant see the price listed in your title. It says $310 plus postage.

  • Hey OP did you get Mk II or Mk I System? Mk II shows 310AUD for me and Mk I 245AUD.

  • Gee that's a lot of money for something the CNC routing shop down the road can do probably more precisely for less.

    • It would be interesting to get a real life quote. Can you look into this?

      • I have enquired before. Was going to make a 3x2m with 10cm hole spacing for modern bench dogs (more clamps than dogs) through 1 inch thick mdf. BYO board.

        It would cost about the same as this guide. Wasn't a quote, just an estimate. Decided against it.

        • From my perspective, unless the cost was much less than 50%, I'd always go with the Parf jig.

          Buy cheap, buy twice.

          • @DukeNinja: Well, it isn't buying cheap. It is just getting someone else to do the work and yourself never to have tooled up.

            If I were in the US, I would just rent one, make my table and be done. Cost of renting these things are reasonable and readily available there. Lots of woodwork clubs.

            None worth mentioning in Australia.

  • dose not work must be expired that was quick.

    also side note $40 postage to QLD as if it was not expensive enough geez

    • Somehow, the currency converter seems to be working differently for me. E.g, the Festool DF 500 set (with the trim stop and cross stop) and the 1060 Assortment comes up at $1450. Even with import tax and Express delivery, it is still $1705.60. That's a saving of $900++
      The CTM midi extractor is showing up at $570.

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