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Electric Standing Desk Black or White 1800mm $589.95 + Delivery/Free Pickup @ Retail Display Direct


EDIT: Also forgot to mention that the desk and motors has 10 years warranty where others only has 3-5 years was another reason i brought it.

G'day OzBargainers, was shopping around for a sit/stand desk for WFH, originally was looking at the Omni Desk 1800mm but was costing me an arm and leg. After browsing around for days found these mobs (Retail Display Direct) who sold office furniture and accessories. I was skeptical at first due to the price for a 1800mm desk with dual motors (thought is was cheap and nasty). After further research found that these guys were supplying to major retailers, government offices you name it. So i took the plunge and purchased it last Friday and received the desk yesterday 10/08/2020 (Very fast delivery). First impression on the packaging for the table top was A+, all corners of the packing was protected with hard plastic covers to take the harsh punishment of the courier drivers. Assembling was straight forward, Table frame is sturdy and great quality/build (feels heavy duty) motor is very quiet compared to others i have used. All up this desk has surpassed my expectations. Was going to post earlier but thought i'll be the guinea pig and test out before recommending on OzBargain. RRP $899.

They also have other sizes and colours. You can also get a standing mat to go with your desk for $47.20 with code "MAT30"

Sit Stand Mat

Ergonomic Desk Black 1400mm

Ergonomic Office Desk Black 1600mm

Standing Workstation Desk Black (out of stock)

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • I'm not sure if it's just the photo, but the surface looks kinda strange. Like a slightly rough plastic. How does it feel? Just like a normal melamine desk?

    • Features say its a "Scratch resistance melamine finish MFC board". I would be interested to know if this is similar to the Varidesk Material.

    • Also, how is the wobble/component rattle when extended? Having 3 segments for the height adjustment seems good for range, but adds in more points of wobble/rattle.

    • Feels like Razer hard mouse mat surface.

      • That's what I was afraid of. More plasticy than normal. Bummer! Thanks for letting me know.

        • No probs, just an idea; you can always wrap it in wood grain vinyl if you don't like the colour/texture.

        • They also sell the stand on their own, you could get that and slap your own top on it like an Ikea Karlby

          • @Fergy1987: Very true. $480 for just the mechanism isn't bad. Gets up there in terms of price with a decent top like the Karlby though. Could just go with a Zen Space Desk for similar price.

            • @trankillity: Just bought the frame, thanks OP! Been looking at Omnidesk but they were a bit expensive.

              Now to find the right table top.

              Ikea Karlby looks good, but so does the Gerton for almost half the price.

              Otherwise Bunnings for $48

              • @YellowEarthAustralia: When I was thinking about buying a base and top seperate, I was looking at this: https://chairforce.com.au/product/rafael-walnut-hardwood-rec...

                Kinda on the expensive side, but 30mm walnut and commercial grade seems alright - just depends if it suits your colour scheme

                • @lyle88: That looks beautiful - did you end up getting the walnut top in conjunction with the frame in this deal? If so, how easy was it to attach?

                  • @Arcanity: Decided to go the easy route and got a base + top from another place. Still thinking about a nicer desktop down the road but this will do for now

                    • @lyle88: Where did you end up purchasing from? I am still waiting to pull the trigger, so would be interested to see what/who you went with.

                      • @tcoates: Zenspace desks. A bit more expensive than this group but I had already ordered when I found this deal. Zenspace desks are getting tonnes of orders at the moment so some stuff is out of stock and takes a while to arrive. Desk seems pretty good so far. To be honest I think pretty much all of the dual motor lifting systems use the same parts from China - just check the lifting capacity, anything over 100kg will probably be the same. I mainly chose zenspace desks because of their 10yr warranty

                        • @lyle88: Thanks mate, appreciate you taking the time to comment. Do you notice any wobble when it is at an extended height? Do you have to hold down the preset height button for the desk to go up or down or can you just press it and it will do the rest? And if you dont mind, what size and model did get purchase? Cheers.

                    • @lyle88: No worries at all - I'm still thinking it through, but read those later comments about the Danish Linak mechanisms vs something like the one in this deal or the Zendesk and am now conflicted as to whether getting a higher quality option is worth it. I reckon I'll end up making the same decision as you for the time being, though.

      • I recently bought this off ebay. it was surprisingly good quality and fast delivery.

        They have many others plus its a physical store in NSW called mytopia or something

        Warranty i don't really care it is in the end a desk not a macbook :)


  • I think Costco has a similar glass topped one for about the same price if that's what you prefer.

  • This is actually a good deal assuming it is solid and not wobbly and the table top is half decent.
    I purchased a dual motor frame 120-180cm for $400, slapped on a 160mm ikea bekant for $120 and am quite happy. (right before covid price jacking/ OOS happened)

    • you purchased this frame for 400? Where did you get the frame from?
      I might do the same thing :)

    • Was putting on your own tabletop easy to do? Just bought some screws and drilled them in or?

      • Table frame usually comes with the screws. I had a drill driver and drill bit to drill pilot holes and drive the screws in. Wasn't too bad.
        I ended up putting the table top bottom side up, assemble frame upside down onto the table top then drill them in. Doing it this way makes it easier to align the table top as perfectly to the frame.
        Had a second person to help carefully flip it back to standing position.

        • Yeah okay, doesn't sound too hard - provided you have a drill.
          I'm looking at the manual wind IKEA stand/sit desk, but I think the table top is bad quality so replacing it may work well for me.

  • Shipping is $50 for me (regional NSW) - So keep that in mind.

  • Nice, I brought office works 1500x700 version last week for 420, wish I'd gotten an 1800x length one. This looks like good value from all the options I've seen in recent weeks looking.

    • How is the 1500x700 from officeworks? Actually been eyeing it and started to do measurements in my office room.

      • Surprisingly solid, no noise, little wobble even up high. Wish they had a 1800 version but have to jump up to different model and pay $700+ instead (although you do get dual motor).

  • I'm on the lookout for an adjustable desk just because I am 163cm tall and every office desk is way too tall for me and I hate footrests….This may fit the bill. Do you think it would take a monitor arm with a clamp style fitting?

  • Thanks.. finally pulled the trigger. Probably should have done it sooner

  • For those ordering depending on where your computer sits think about cables you might eg I needed a longer display port cable to be able to reach the pc when in standing position.

    • Also, if you have a powerpoint directly behind it ensure you pull the desk out far enough so it clears any plugs that are inserted while raising and lowering. It's a rude shock when you accidentally rip 'em all out the first time you raise or lower the desk. You'll also find out very quickly how fragile some power packs are. (Yes, that's the voice of hard experience talking…)

    • Yeah I also had to get a longer display port cable, plus my power board is somewhat tediously balanced on a small upside down bin to give all cables some extra slack.

      • Before I changed locations I had a sit/stand desk in the previous office. What I did was get some velcro and attached a powerboard to the underside of the desk. The metal bar that ran across the width of the desk and which the top was attached to had just enough space that I could slide the velcro strapping between it and the desktop, and then wrapped that around the power board to hold it up. It meant the plugs were facing downwards so heavy power packs (like my MacBook's) would be in danger of falling out, so I just used it for devices that only needed a regular mains power cable.

  • The width looks a bit shallow in the middle part

  • Is there such a thing as an L shaped standing desk?

  • +2 votes

    I don't understand the thinking in the cut out at the front.
    That's just removing desk area from you. I want as much depth as I can get with my desks, so I can move my displays back far enough.

    • I was thinking that when i first looked at it, but after sitting in front with my chair it made sense, the arm rest doesn't dig into the desk like it did with my old desk and left scruff marks. Just my opinion.

    • agree but this desk is still pretty deep all the same.

  • @tamzie28 How does it fare comparing to omnidesk pro , if you ignore the cost.
    I have already ordered omnipro, waiting for delivery from a month . I was thinking will cancel it and order this one instead

    • Email them and complain. I got upgraded to the pro desk and got my shipping fee refunded. It ended up getting delivered sooner and on a weekend.

      • When was this ? , I complained and they gave me COVID and stock reason . I had no other choice than understanding their difficulties and wait for it

    • Hi, Can't really vouch for omnidesk pro as i don't own one but based on quality, build and functionality i'd say its a like for like without the premium price tag. The table frame and legs are very sturdy and heavy duty also very easy to assemble (all tools included if you don't have a powered drivers) and what caught my attention is the 10 years warranty where ominidesk requires you to take a photo and post it online to give you 5 years from their standard 3 years warranty. I think omnidesk is over-hyped like secretlab chairs with their hyped ads and premium price tags. All in all for what i need it for is just right.

      Motor moves fast and smooth and quiet.

      P.S. if you need under desk cable management you can get one form Ikea for under $20 bucks.

  • I have an omnidesk .I really like the smooth up and down mechanism of the table.Would suggest it any day as long as the prices are comparable.

  • Bought an unbranded dual motor 160cm desk for around $530. Absolute life changer

    • Same here - I've always had lower back pain/discomfort due to sitting for long periods, but ever since purchasing one from Ebay (back when work first made us WFH), bye bye back pain. Best investment ever.

  • I always want to try one of these. How is this one compare to those you can find in OW and IKEA?

    The load capacity stated to be 150kg. If I put 2x 27" monitor plus 2 full size book shelf speaker on one side. Will that be a problem?

    • I have a 35" AOC Agon monitor (this is a heavy monitor)on the left and the PC tower (Full tower Corsair Obsidian 750D) on the far right where the cable hole is and it goes up and down without a problem.

  • Could comfortably sit two and squish three kids at a 1800 mm desk.

  • What's the minimum depth of a tabletop these legs will support? i.e. the supports for the tabletop, how 'deep' (not width) are they?

    The tabletop they provide is 750mm deep; my existing tabletop is 630mm. I'm wondering if I can get away with repurposing my existing (and buying the cheaper legs only)

  • Does anyone know how heavy the package is? Wondering if I can go pick it up from Padstow and chuck it in my car

    • The leg box measures @ 107cm x 32cm x 21cm Weighs about 15-20 Kgs (guesstimates of weight)
      The Tabletop measures @ 187cm x 80cm x 3cm Weighs about 10 Kgs (guesstimates of weight)

  • from the other deal i found this is quite cheap, $399 for frame only
    possible to get own table top and maybe end up cheaper than $589?


    • Frame looks skinny and can only hold 100Kgs. Just be aware some i have come across the frame metal is not strong and feels thin and flimsy, screws that come with the frame and cheap and thread easily due to the holes are not lined up, not worth the frustration of sending it back and forth. Just my opinion.

      • hmm.. ok yeah if the difference is like $30-50 maybe better get everything from one place ie this deal.
        wow pickup location is very close with my house

  • I also bought this last month and can confirm the build quality is good with no trembling.
    Although just realised that it say "Single Motor" on the box as oppose to Dual motor mentioned on the website. I have sent them the email to confirm my order.

    • any response yet?

      • @snippy yea they are tellings its an typo.
        Trying to figure out how to check myself if its dual or not.

        • @signups I have the same box as you, ticked as "single motor" on the box.
          Are they saying the website has a typo of dual motor, or the physical box is a typo? as the box is a physical texta mark tick.. it can't be a typo..weird
          I'm trying to check aswell how it is actually dual or single

          • @yellowfever: As per them, the Typo is on the box.
            Thats what i thought and i am trying to figure out how to confirm.

            • @signups: thanks! I can not pull the trigger yet if its a single motor for that cost :(

              Edit: If you can confirm then that would be awesome!!
              two people with typos of single motor on the box.

  • https://www.eliteofficefurniture.com.au/products/boost-elect...

    This seems better quality and heavy compared to this. Heavier desk means less wobbly at higher position. From Australian company rapid furniture.

    • this point is so true:
      Most average models will have a height adjustment range from 720m to 1200mm. Whilst this is usually not a problem for most users, it does create issues if you're above or below average height. If you are shorter than average or considering using the desk for kids, focus on the lower range. Similarly, if you are taller than average, focus on the higher range. A good Height Adjustable Range would be 645mm to 1255mm.

    • It's $729 for 1800mm and $59 shipping if anyone was wondering.

    • I want to know this as well, anyone got an update of how sturdy and wobbly this item is?

  • does this electric desk come white, or only black?

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