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No comment on this multimeter itself, but I recently switched to one that takes AA batteries instead - much more convenient than keeping...
11/01/2021 - 11:23
Any email yet? I bought 4 hours ago and no notification from shopback yet
25/11/2020 - 23:06
Paying to sell your own personal data hardly seems like a bargain to me. Recommend a hard pass for the sake of your data and everyone in...
21/10/2020 - 16:02
What's the minimum depth of a tabletop these legs will support? i.e. the supports for the tabletop, how 'deep' (not width) are they? The...
11/08/2020 - 13:06
You might be better off using AWS etc until the COVID prices calm down a bit. GPU's are approaching 2x their pre-COVID pricing..
20/05/2020 - 13:29
Not sure if that's changed recently, but you can definitely Chromecast to it no worries (at least with YouTube)
28/04/2020 - 09:12
Bought beans from them last deal (end of March). Still hasn't arrived and required me chasing them to respond to my email. They just said...
20/04/2020 - 08:18
Note that this on only a Simulated Sine Wave output UPS. If you have any computer power supply with Active PFC (i.e. efficiency rating...
08/02/2020 - 12:27
Most (good) dashcams these days raise a big audible stink if your SD card isn't writeable e.g. not in the socket, not formatted correctly,...
12/01/2020 - 17:22
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17/10/2019 - 23:24
These locks have a range of [well-known security flaws]( that you should be aware of. Don't...
17/10/2019 - 22:07
The Google home mini can't play through z623 though right? So it's not really the same
17/05/2019 - 08:00
> Take a further 20% OFF all reduced items with code: FURTHER20 I presume this would apply to the online price of $99.00 bringing it down...
13/01/2019 - 20:46
Seems like the code's gone? "The Code you entered has expired".
15/03/2018 - 22:48
Ozito Silent Shredder is the gold standard amongst home mulchers despite the low price. There's a Whirlpool thread dedicated to fans of...
26/12/2017 - 13:18
So is it storewide, or only on the gift boxes? Title is a bit confusing OP.
26/12/2017 - 10:38
You can do this with Home Assistant - everything stays controlled locally within the LAN. You can then firewall off the Xiaomi devices to...
10/12/2017 - 22:18
Designed for full frame Canon (EF mount), but will work on APS-C Canon's (EFS mount) too.
12/11/2017 - 18:13
US$9 for 4x Samsung 30Q? Link, please? Because that's a really really good deal..
13/09/2017 - 11:05
I have that Bunnings unit and it turns on during the day, which wastes quite a bit of battery.
08/09/2017 - 14:06
Don't listen to Wingwang, he's wrong. You do need an adapter cable to use it on a Pi Zero or Zero W. This is the adapter:...
16/07/2017 - 20:18
The bulbs connect via WiFi directly to your wireless router. From memory, when you first buy the bulbs, they put out a "wifi hotspot" which...
24/04/2017 - 16:32
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