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Fujifilm X100V (Black or Silver) $1848.75 with Free Shipping @ digiDIRECT


Silver version: https://www.digidirect.com.au/cameras/fujifilm-x100v-silver

So this is the cheapest I've seen for Australian stock of the X100V if you're into that sort of thing. Also have a few other decently priced items such as X-T4 for $2454.80 and X-T100 with 15-45 for $668.95, which is a decent entry level stills camera, but rubbish for 4k video (unless you enjoy 15FPS 4k video)

X-T4 Black: https://www.digidirect.com.au/cameras/fujifilm-x-t4-body-bla...
X-T4 Silver: https://www.digidirect.com.au/cameras/fujifilm-x-t4-body-sil...

X-T100 Black only: https://www.digidirect.com.au/cameras/fujifilm-x-t100-mirror...

Edit: Changed "great entry level" to "decent entry level" for X-T100 descriptor - just realised the X-T200 is quite a step up
Edit 2: Added store in Description

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  • Miss my x100s. :(

    • I still have my original x100 :)

      • How do you find using it these days? I'm considering getting either an X100 or an Xpro1 used!

        • I think it's still a great camera, if you're willing to compromise its limitations. AF is slow — but it's never been hyped for that since its release. It's more of a fun gadget/toy rather than a pro working equipment so as long as you don't expect too much of its performance, it's manageable. I still find the pic quality great — 12mp is more than enough for me (saves on hard disk capacity). Besides, the camera body is still gorgeous looking!

          If I didn't have my X100, I'd prob get a second hand X100S or X100T for a relatively good value second-hand price instead of the $1850 X100V…

  • Shop in the title pls!

  • bought it last month from T-Dimension for AU$1,756.97, eventhough it is from HK not Australia stock, dunno how the warranty works, but cheapest I can find. https://i.imgur.com/dpgoGpN.png

  • x100v is great

  • How does this compare with say an iPhone for videos and photos? just curious, as it can cost just as much.

  • I have an old version of this camera, and it is my favourite camera.
    The image quality is very sharp with the fixed lens, and the aperture is pretty fast for ambient light pictures.
    The viewfinder invites fast composition and the ergonomics of the camera favour taking snaps almost without breaking stride.
    I take plenty of pics with a phone, but using this camera brings pleasure in handling it and using it.
    Mine was bought secondhand for about $400 and has been good value.

    If I win the lotto I will upgrade to this model.

    • It has been criticized for not performing sharp…
      V version has updated the lens though, and I guess it may be shaper.

      • The X100, X100S, X100T and X100F all used the same lens assembly which was criticized for being soft wide open. Stop it down and it improves substantially. The X100V has a tweaked version that maintains sharpness even while wide open. Plus it's also the first X100 with weather sealing (if you use a filter on the lens).

    • I owned an old one, was really soft up close at 1.8.

  • I sold my X100 a few years ago.
    Good looking camera, interesting filters.
    Not worth this much money.

  • X100v is a superb camera. Love it. Sell all your other cameras and lenses, get this and don’t look back.

  • Unfortunately fuji and other camera manufacturers have been pushing the prices up quite a bit each release.

    • Yup. I'm waiting to see what happens to Olympus stuff once the handover to JIP is complete. Might pick up an E-M10 iii or iv if they go down in price

      • I just went the other way after using m4/3 for years. Just left for a fuji x-t30. Smaller than my em5 with 12-40 2.8 but with a larger sensor which is nice. While the 18-55 2.8-4 is a little slower at the long end, the larger sensor and better high iso make up for it.

        • Yeah I jumped ship too after the announcement :P Traded in E-M5iii and E-M10ii and a whole bunch of lenses and got an X-T4 and 16-80. I love how portable the Olympus bodies and lenses were, but the sensor upgrades didn't keep up. IF there's a fire sale though, i wouldn't mind picking up a cheap E-M10iii or iv as a little point and shoot with decent 4k video

  • I would have considered the X100V if the price hadn't gone up so much since the X100F. Sure, there's a lot of improvements, including that the grip is a bit better. But that high price, plus the fact that Fuji removed the 4-way D-pad from the back, means that it is off my wish list for now.

  • Got the x100v on in the clickfrenzy sales a couple of months ago, first digital camera I've bought in years and I love it