Drive a 2000 Toyota Coaster on your P's

Hi all,
Does anybody know if you can drive a 2000 coaster on p plates if I was to strip out all the seats


  • What does your licence say..?

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      I'm not sure, I've checked the probationary vehicle database thing but the coasters aren't on there

  • no unless your licence says something else


      can you get exemptions? I'm still on my L's atm so I'm not entirely caught up on it all 🤣

      • I don't know about your particular situation but a friend of mine got a Coaster recently and converted it to a motorhome. Removing the extra seats allowed them to use a standard drivers licence.


          Yeah, that's what I'm about to do. Taking out the seats and all the stuff brings it under the maximum weight for a standard car license but I can't find anything on the P plates

          • @DisabledUser352725: I have no idea; I'd expect if it's good for blacks it's also good for Ps, but that's just a guess.

            Good luck with your project. My friend's worked out very nice - the Coaster provides a great platform.

          • @DisabledUser352725: The weight of the vehicle is taken from the standard vehicle unless you have it re-engineered with the proper certifications.

            Even if you are given a vague approval, your real problem will be if you get into a collision.

            As per another commenter, you have other hurdles apart from weight and number of seats.

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    chinese tour guide 🤣

  • Which state are you in? Your state vehicle authority will probably have a list on their web site of what you're allowed to drive. Or you could ring them and ask.

    I'm pretty sure you'll need a light rigid licence, though, unless you can get the weight down.

    And it's "your". You're means "you are".


      Vic, I've tried looking it up on their website but nothing comes up when I search for coaster. usually it'll tell you if it's prohibited or not but nothing comes up at all.
      Oh sorry, my mistake I'll change that

  • Probably not as passenger numbers would be over 12, pretty sure there is another class of licence for these.

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      I forgot to mention I'm stripping it out so there won't be any seats

      • Don't think seats matter, licence is also linked to size/axle of vehicle.

      • Could you strip a bus down to 6 seats and drive it (on current license)?

      • mods dont count mate if i strapped a jet engine to a corolla i dont think coppers would be too happy, original vehicle is what you drive in terms of legality

  • if under 4.5t then you can do it on a car licence. if over 4.5t then you gotta get a LR licence

    • This. I just googled and the original GVM is apparently 4.99 tonne. You'll need to remove half a tonne to get it under 4.5 tonne, and I'm not sure just removing the seats will get you there.

      • If the GVM is 4.99t, then it doesn’t matter how many seats they remove, it’s still got a GVM of 4.99t and that’s over the limit for a general license. Removing all the seats just means they would have more payload differential to play with.

        For example, if the vehicle weighs 2.5t and has a GVM of 5.0t, it means it can carry an extra 2.5t of weight. If we then remove all the seats, the vehicle now weighs 2.0t, but is still rated for 5.0t, so the vehicle can now carry 3t instead of the original 2.5t.

        If the Coaster has a 4.99t GVM, OP either needs a higher class of license or a smaller bus.

        • I was under the perhaps mistaken impression that if you modified a vehicle to change the weight, you could get an engineer to certify a new GVM.

          • @pjetson: Yes, you will need to get an automotive engineer to re-certify the vehicle to change the GVM bracket the vehicle fits into, especially when converting a heavy vehicle back to a car licence applicable vehicle. Removing the seats and reducing the tare weight may help, but it does not change the GVM without the engineers inspection.


    The GVM of a vehicle is able to be downgraded by an engineer. This will reduce the maximum load it can take but allow it to be driven on a lower licence class. In the case of a Toyota Coaster and a Class C licence, this would be downgrading the GVM to 4.5 tonne.

  • Like others have said, it has to do with GVM. So you could take the seats out and it will come under the 4.5t, but remember you're going to be putting something different in the back once the seats are gone which will more than likely put you back over the weight limit.

    • all its seats removed weighs around 3000kg. This gives you around 1500kg for your conversion if you want to downgrade or 1990kg if you leave it as is.

    • Seats have nothing to do with GVM. If you remove all the seats, the vehicle is still rated at more than the 4.5t limit. All you are doing by removing the seats is lowering the tare weight, not the GVM.

  • Check the weight of the vehicle. I’m pretty sure that the power to weight won’t be an issue, but it might be over the 4.5t GVM limit for your license category. It should be on a plate somewhere on the vehicle. The compliance plate or near it, there should be a plate that tells you all the weights and the GVM will tell you what license you require.

    Side question… did you give up on that 1968 model shitbox?

  • If you take the seats out it will likely still be classed as a xx seater unless you get it engineered or complianced or whatever the term is. It may need a new compliance plate and reclassification for rego depending on your stares rules.

  • You can drive the vehicle but cannot take over the maximum number of passengers as per your licence. So you can have the seats still bit cannot take the maximum passengers for that vehicle.

  • Well you have to leave the driver's seat

  • Driving a vehicle like that interstate with zero driving experience is pretty risky. Your chances of a head-on with a larger vehicle are significant. Your chances of surviving it are abysmal.

    • A coaster is only ~6m long which is somewhere between a mwb and lwb sprinter. All pretty easy to drive.

      Op driving a vehicle of greater mass than other road users gives them a bette chance of avoiding injuries.

      A f250 vs a Getz.