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Ivory Coat Cat Food Chicken & Kangaroo / Kitten Chicken Grain Free 3kg $27.99/$25.19 S&S + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon


Ivory Coat Cat Food Chicken & Kangaroo 3kg $27.99 / $25.19 S&S (Sold Out)

Also Ivory Coat Kitten Chicken 3kg Grain Free Food $27.99 / $25.19 S&S

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    Well that was disappointing. Was expecting it made with carefully selected cats.


    Ordered one yesterday. Reviewed quite a few cat foods to find the best one in value for dry cat food.Found and chose this


      Any other recommendations?

      So, this is a good one?


        This one is good in my experience.

        I used to give Royal Canin indoor cat food but swapped to Ivory Coat.

        I still use Royal Canin instinctive gravy as the wet food.

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    Don't primarily feed your cats dry food, buy wet stuff.

    edit: they are also carnivores and shouldn't be eating fruit and veg


      Yes, we give dry food in the morning and wet food at night.

      They need the moisture from the wet food as well as from water.


      Depends on your cat really. I feed my cat mostly dry cat food, with canned meat every 2 weeks and occasional plain chicken/pork whenever I get to make dinner. I just leave food out and top up whenever and he just eats just the right amount. Also he gets some fruit as treats. He's special though, he loves water and fruit (maybe even drinks more than I do). And he is not a fan o fish. Funny that TV always show cats love fish…


      Yep, there's a reason that indoor cats suffer more from urinary-tract obstructions than outdoor cats.

      Which for a cat, can kill in only a few days.


      Spent around 8K on my cat's "perineal urethrostomy", and related costs, after he was obstructed and catheters didn't work.

      I add around 30mLs of warm water to his wet food, as he doesn't otherwise drink, and only give him a token amount of dry food as a treat.


    3kg is out of stock now I believe.
    "FREE Delivery by Wednesday, 16 Sep for Prime members
    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months."

    6kg is saying in stock
    "FREE delivery: Friday, 21 Aug"

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    Recently bought a few different kibbles for my fussy sphynx. He hated them all except this one. So good product IMO.


    Price shown $32.2 s&s for kitten food. Must have missed the deal. Would love to have more cat food deals.