expired Buy1Get1 Free Movie Ticket with Purchase of Dairy Farmer's PURA Milk Bottle (2 Tickets in $19.10)



I have been following OZbargain from long time. Finally today posting my first bargain. hope you like it

Today I have notice on the bottle of Dairy farmer about this buy1Get1 movie tickets. I tried and ordered two tickets too. I will be getting those in 10 working days.

participating cinema's

check out the FAQs for more details

terms and conditons

Note : I am not Dairy Farmer employee or representative


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    whilst this deal may come down to be good, im just commenting on the full adult price of 19$……W T F ????


      You haven't been to the cinema's for awhile eh? $19 is average for just your run of the mills Event/Hoyt's Ticket…


    After looking closely @ the T's&C's, I think it's a bit rich calling the ticket you buy a "full priced" adult ticket … it might be full price, but if you look further down you'll see that like almost every discounted offer from the major cinemas, you CAN'T USE THE VOUCHER AFTER 5PM ON A SATURDAY!!

    Admittedly you're getting 2 tix … but UNBELIEVABLY MISLEADING by call it a full price ticket - kind of implies it's a premium type voucher. Why would you pay almost $20 for 2 tix. Hardly a massive saving.