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Sofirn Torches (SD05 Diving Light $46.74, C8F $48.44), 15% off Inc Delivery - Local Stock @ Sofirn Amazon AU


Okay, I've got the last batch of codes for 15% off on the SD05 and C8F on Sofirn's Amazon store with AU stock.

Disclaimer copy/pasted from previous post:

Disclaimer: I’m not technically affiliated with Sofirn, but have had dealings with them in the past by reviewing some of their lights - they have passed this information on to me to send to anywhere/one that I think it might be useful to; my understanding is that the codes expire at the end of the month. I've hit the "Associated" button anyway, just to be as open as I can.

The codes below give 15% off the advertised price on the following lights:

SD05 Diving Light ($46.74): AHEMW2GF
C8F ($48.44): 7GNHGNT8

Some notes:

Both lights come with a battery and charger.

I don't really know much about the SD05 as I don't go diving, but I'm told that the 3 minute thermal trigger isn't in these ones, so while it's in the water and nice and cool, it won't ramp down like the old versions did - always good!

The C8F is more of a wide(ish)-area flooder - three emitters just punching out light.

zeroair's C8F review is over here, and there's a bunch of SD05 reviews on budgetlightforum.

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  • Hi there,

    I have the SP32A V2 from the first deal.
    Love it!

    My question is though, how does the Sofirn C8F Tactical compare to the Sofirn SP33V3.0?

    • Shame none of the torches in the link run Anduril like you've used in that version of the torch. All the torches in the above link run NarsilMulti which isn't necessarily bad it's just not as good as Anduril

      • I have ordered a Sofirn SC31 Pro that runs Anduril that i'm waiting on :)

      • The only thing I've got that's running NarsilM that I haven't flashed to Anduril yet is my GT90; I'm working on building a version, but just gotta work out the fine tuning (ie. resistor bank for low modes vs full FET). Seems to use the Emisar D4 pinout, so that's a starting point.

    • I don't have a C8F, but I do have an SP33v3… I like the idea of the C8F, though. Can't give you an honest comparison though, sorry :(

      • Is there going to be a deal on the SP33v3?

        • I haven't heard anything about codes for it yet, but I've been told there's AU stock on the way for it (no ETA though due to the joys of international shipping lately).

      • I've got C8F & SP33v2. SP33 is mostly unused. Got a few standard Sofirn 26650 with it, not the HD that came out around SP70 and they don't cope with SP33 turbo too long. It's too light to try outside right now but just on the living room wall, SP33 has much bigger hotspot but not pleasant tint compared with C8F. Much prefer the ramping C8F.

  • Hey OP. just want to say thanks for the earlier SP36 deal. My first Sofirn torch and I love it.

    • +1

      Not a problem! Glad you're enjoying it.

  • I am still learning on how to use my sp36. Might stick to the basic, ramping, turbo and flashes.

  • I just got my Sofirn SP36 6,000 lumen torch 2 days ago from the most recent deal published on OB, I'm also very impressed with it.
    The torch is amazingly bright, delivery was quick, but my negatives were, the user manual font is absolutely tiny, I couldn't read it with my glasses on.
    I had to download a readable version of the manual of the web. Usually I wouldn't need to read a torch user manual, you know, off, low, high, flash that's it.
    But this light has so many different press options including a quadruple press of the button, a triple press then one long press, so yeah you need that manual!!

    • Haha, agreed! It's insane how far torches have come - they're almost mini computers now. Glad you like it though - remember to untwist the body 1/4 turn when you're not using it to break the electrical connection (I should have mentioned that in the original post!).

  • +1

    Shame the C8F doesnt have onboard charging

    • Agreed :( Maybe next iteration. There's also LH351D C8Fs elsewhere, so I think that'll be on my to-get list…

  • Skip the sd05 for scuba diving. The beam angle (unstated on specs) looks quite wide. Not ideal for diving.

    BTW, the photo of two divers in the cave is false. This kind of torch isn't used in cave/technical diving and you can clearly see in the photo the torch being used is an umbilical torch.

    Single o-ring and a rusty magnet usually means a short life.

    • Do you have any recommendations for 'cheap' dive torches.
      I have a Thorfire TD26 which i have used a few times and i a quite happy with so far.
      I did end up replacing the magnetic switch magnet on it as it got a bit rusty but i now know i can open that section to flush it out after a dive

    • All I can do is report on what I'm given, sorry - I really don't know enough about diving to give any kind of qualified opinion. I did ask if they had any videos of the SD05 in use and I was sent some - I've uploaded them to Youtube in case anyone's interested.

      Video 1
      Video 2

      • Thanks for those as they show the beam angle.
        I might give them a go

  • Also, as stated in budgetlightforum you can email and ask for a 40% off coupon.

  • I remember the time when Thorfire was still around. Always tempted to get one everytime I saw a deal. Not sure why they disapeared?

    • Good question - I feel like I saw some of their lights not long ago, but it’s all a bit of a blur. There’s some on Amazon, but from the US… I might ask around and see who knows.

    • +1

      Okay, asked a few people and the best answer I got was from ToyKeeper - she said that Sofirn used to be Thorfire’s OEM, then they branched out on their own, so I guess Thorfire was left without a manufacturer/factory.

      • That's good to know.
        I have a Thorfire td26 and it is a very sturdy torch

      • thanks for the info. Looking for a reason to buy another torch. I'm using 2 thorfires atm

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