[XB1, SUBS] Final Fantasy 7 HD Now Included on Xbox Game Pass @ Microsoft


Now on Xbox game pass. Pretty pumped about it. Enjoy.

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  • Nice. Here's hoping FF7 Remake comes to Xbox and GamePass sometime next year.

  • Use me as the "Oh shit I thought this was the FF7 Remake" button

    • What the heck is FF7 HD then…

      • FF7… In HD…

        • it's not really HD. It's just the original game running at modern resolutions, but the assets are still non-HD.

          I would recommend getting it on PC so you can have mod support. In particular, graphics mods. It will look a lot better.

          There are a couple of remaster projects.

  • Me: (profanity) it, I'm out of games during lockdown and now that a version has landed in my lap I guess I'll finally give it a go.

    PlayStation Classic I bought and modded like a year and change ago: Am I a joke to you?

    • How are you out of games already?! What about the ones we got for free?

      • Out of games I'm interested in, I should say. I shit you not, counting some easy one sitting platinums I had around, and a fair few I already was close to, I've platinum'd just shy of 70 games since work closed. I'm tapped. Selling my PS4 yesterday was honestly kind of the perfect timing.

        • Are you a speedrunner or just a dude with a killer work ethic? I can't be arsed to finish games I DO want to play… Like I'm struggling to finish FF7 Remake, Persona 5, Sekiro, Death Stranding and RDR2…

          • @Hunterex: I had a whole big ass thing here, but to keep it brief, I ain't shit, I gave up on trophies like 5 years ago and while I've popped a decent amount in the background over the last 10 months or so, 50 odd were from Ratalaika games over the last couple months because I really wanted something on Vita and they're about all that's left, if you know anything about Rata, you know they're mostly known for their piss easy plats.

            Anyway, compare the pair! https://psnprofiles.com/iHateTheLastJedi, just popped another plat then actually, after about 5 years of letting it collect dust.

        • Man… how do you do it? I love trophy hunting the easier trophies, but when it's some absurd requirement I give up and have barely any platinum lol.

          • @Duram: As above, my dude :)

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: Dude. FF7R. TLOU2. Ghost of Tsushima. As mentioned above, also Sekiro. We are definitely in another golden age of gaming

              • @tarutso: Nothing there for me I'm afraid, but I recognize the quality and effort behind them all and am absolutely (profanity) stoked for the masses who have such high quality looking games coming at their wallets.

                Hellblade blew chunks though, last time I trust reviews honestly.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: Fair enough mate. I value good gameplay/systems in games as the most critical aspect and graphics/audio just adds to that immersion. e.g. Uncharted series has had great graphics throughout its time but I just never liked the gameplay. Witcher 3 just had poor combat and RPG systems, although great writing and world design. Anyway, those games I mentioned above have excellent gameplay and systems IMO especially Sekiro - masterclass in game design

                  • @tarutso: Same here, my dude. It's why I switched to Xbox honestly, backward compatibility let me keep playing many of the older games that I thought were just better than a lot of the newer stuff.

                    Like your list I look at them and I know they're good, but the thing with me, like first off, I (profanity) hate medieval shit, like I can watch it but I get sooooo damn bored, which I think is why it took me until late last year / early this year to finally be convinced to finish Game of Thrones. And I'm an ignorant little lazy douche, so when I say medieval, I really mean basically anything not set in modern western civilization that uses swords. Like Sekiro and Tsushima, while probably really bloody good (especially Ghost, I love Sucker Punch so I have no doubts), they were just never going to appeal to me. Likewise I've grown jaded on futuristic stuff too, so Cyberpunk doesn't interest me either, despite again, recognizing that it's probably going to be one of the best games of the generation. Red Dead Redemption was pretty well the only game set in yesteryear I managed to get through and enjoy, but even RDR2 bored my socks off and I never got more than an hour or so through it.

                    Uncharted's gameplay is hella basic, I'm here for the story myself. Love me some Indiana Jones-esque capers, even if they're basically just a reeeeeally very interactive movie. Witcher 3 though, falls into the same trap of the medieval stuff, like I've heard NOTHING but AMAZING things about it, I have it through Game Pass too, and I just can't find the will to give a (profanity). Same reason I'd never watch the show.

                    • @TheDukeOfNukem: Yeah I guess it's up to what we're feeling up for. I can relate to RDR2 - played first couple of hours but work/life busy so just couldn't get into such a gradual, deliberate gameplay rhythm. RDR1 was awesome tho, aged like a fine wine in my mind these past few years

                      IMO in the scope of triple-A gaming experiences those games I listed are pretty much cream of the crop of recent releases and are all of good quality and gameplay depth to be worth people's time. Some might also suggest Persona 5 Royal but personally I didn't enjoy that as much

  • So is FF7 HD Remaster just the same old PS1 game but with slightly better graphics (similar to the FF8 Remaster)? I still haven't finished the Remake but I'm sure when I eventually get through it, I'll want to get back into the full FF7 story.

    • yep correct

    • I'm not sure about the Xbox version but the Switch version has some extras features like no Encounter toggle, Limit Break Always On, 3x Speed and Full Heal toggle. Basically in game cheat if you want to enjoy the story

      • this game is easy enough that you don't need to cheat.

        • It's not the difficulty, it's the time.

          • @juiciness: why not just watch all the cutscenes on youtube? Save even more time.

            • @lostn: YouTube doesn't account for dialogue choices, relationship points, etc. Not that it makes a huge difference, but it's still nice to have SOME level of interactivity. I played it originally way back on PS1, but now am playing through it again with my kid so she can compare the differences to FFVII: Remake (as soon as I realised that "Remake" was a subtitle, not an accurate description of what the game was. :-)).

            • @lostn: The cut scenes dont contain all the story elements. A lot of it are in dialogue boxes.

              • @juiciness:

                The cut scenes dont contain all the story elements. A lot of it are in dialogue boxes.

                All of that's included in cutscene compilations. Dialog boxes counts as cut scenes.

      • Yep, tried it out last night. There are three boosters that you can toggle on or off individually at any time by clicking either L3, R3 or L3+R3 together. They are:

        • 3X speed boost (automatically deactivates in cut scenes and key story moments)
        • Always full limit break + Always heal after each turn
        • No random encounters

        I made it through most of Midgar last night in about an hour. :)

  • This on PC game pass, too, or just console?

  • I replayed this game after playing the remake, first time in 20 years. It's still better than the remake in all ways except graphics.

    • Square Enix doesn't understand pacing like Squaresoft did. Almost everything in remake overstays it's welcome. Blowing up 4-5 hours of gameplay and story into 40-50 is absurd. Adding fetch quests and kill quests which grind the story to a halt, does not justify the distended play time. Fire you're writers, stick to the script and make FF7. The remake will be 12 parts and 600 hours long at the current pace.

      • Pretty much everything you said is something I would have said, and I had to double check if it was my own comment I was reading.

        Yeah they don't understand pacing. The original had scenes that took 15 seconds and got stretched to an hour or longer. They even found a way to get you back into the sewers, for no good reason other than, we created this level, we're going to use it again to get good mileage out of it.

        The original game was fast paced. It was story beat after story beat. The next one was always only moments away. This game you had to wait an hour or two between story scenes, and most of them, nothing important happens. It's just fleshing out things that don't matter in the grand scheme of it.

        It felt to me like a cash grab. They expanded the game not because it needed expanding, but because they wanted to sell the game to us 3+ times. The story in Midgar lacked enough substance to fill a 50 hour game. It wasn't intended to take that long to get through so little story.

  • OmgITSFFVIIonXboxgamingsysem!

  • Ff7 remake should not be automatically on Xbox or pc, look at Dragon quest 11, it's coming on December 5th, 2020, with crazy ass hardcore mode, no armour, no help from npc, no weapon buys, weak enemies give you nothing but trouble.

    And it's also in 2d.so yes let's pray ff7 remake arrives late, it will have updates like ff15, and will have ff7re2

    So no rush