[PC] Epic - Free - Total War Saga: Troy Amazons DLC - Epic Store (Link Account Now to Receive DLC in September)


Not only is the main game free but also the Amazons DLC. Original Post: [PC] Total War Saga: TROY - Free at Epic Game Store.

Here is the info about it: Techradar, Express

TL,DR: You can link your accounts today, you will then get a code sometime which you collect from your Total War Access dashboard which you then use to claim the DLC in game upon its release!

Here is how to get it:

After you've grabbed A Total War Saga: Troy on August 13, you'll be able to get some free DLC for the game too, themed around the Amazons. According to the Total War website, this requires you linking a Total War Access and Epic Games account.

To sign up for Total War Access: https://access.totalwar.com/auth/email_register

Note: The Troy page on the Epic Store clarifies the process:

To claim this offer, you’ll need to link your Access and Epic Games Store accounts which you can do now if you like! To link your account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Total War Access account here
  • Click on My Account in the upper navigation bar
  • Click on the Epic Connect logo and log in with your Epic account credentials
  • Grant permission to connect Access to your Epic account
  • “Account Connected” will be displayed in My Account screen
  • When Amazons DLC is made available, follow instructions from the in-game menu to claim

Once I connect my account, will the Amazons automatically appear in my account?
Not quite! After you connect your accounts you will still need to collect your code from the Access dashboard and redeem the product from the Epic Store’s web page or launcher.

What if wait until September to link my account? If you’d rather wait, not to worry – you will be able to link your account at launch of the Amazons DLC and even during the promotion (exact start/end dates TBC). This can be done via Total War Access with the URL above as well as from in the game.

So apologies: will not be free tonight but in September. But the main thing is it will be free.
I would suggest to link your accounts today or asap as that way you ensure you get the code when it launches.


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