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Games Workshop Warhammer Mortal Realms (First Issue $5.99, Subsequent $19.99) via Delivery Subscription, or 1 off Purchase


Games Workshop Warhammer Mortal Realms - first few issues at least seem like very good value; available via retail purchase from Games Workshop Stores, Independent Game Stores, and even News Agents, etc. Or Subscribe direct to get free delivery & extra freebies (hobby tools and such).

It's an Age of Sigmar version of the "Conquest" 80 part series that GW did in UK and AU some time ago; UK has had it for ~7 months now, only just launched this week in AU.

All that said, "Hachette Partworks" are the agency for the delivery program and have mixed (poor) reviews online; I have never used them myself, but if in doubt buy from your local bricks and mortar instead of rolling the dice.

p.s. first post in years, please be nice if I've stuffed the formatting or anything :)

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  • If you do the maths on the entire subscription you are overpaying even by warhammer standards.
    Not a deal at all.

    • Just buy issue 1. Any kids would love it

    • first issue looks good but your right 80 odd issues at $20 a pop for a pushfit stormcast army..pass

    • The value is actually really good and there is a lot of saving. Warhammer is very expensive and you could very easily spend a lot more than $1600 on two big armies, all the paints and brushes, and the scenery. That being said, it is a pretty big commitment to someone entering the hobby which is probably their key market.
      There is an ongoing breakdown of the value per issue on spikey bits for the UK version with info up to about issue 30.
      I got the first issue and will see if the local newsagents has the second and third but then that will be it for me.
      There are some pretty good intro sets that are good for testing the water, with paints on top for $150. Then you could pick and choose from there.

  • Yep will grab the first. Just for the kids to paint

  • How do you make sure you only get the first issue?
    I tried to get only the first issue; back with conquest series. So many headaches had to return by hand the extra issues they sent me to their mailing partner and eventually get a refund.

    • A few years ago when they released something similar… I simply walked into the local servo and purchased the first issue, did not need to buy on subscription only.

    • Newsagents are stocking the first few issues according to my local. Apparently the second will be $13.99

  • By the subscription model the first delivery works out to be $19.98

    which includes:
    Issues 1-3 (21 models, 2 paints and one brush)
    Citadel Modelling Kit

    That seems the best value, but how hard would it be to cancel before you get charged for the subsequent issues? Anyone have any experience?

    • I'm rolling the dice with this format. But it is a gamble. Will keep you posted with my emails / deliveries etc as it progress'.

      Edit - if in doubt, chargeback?

      • I also decided to try and get that subscription pack.

        The email says the first delivery which consists of that $19.98 pack is meant to arrive in 28 days. Once I see that first charge hits the credit card I'll try and cancel my subscription.

        • Subscribed on the 14th, payment taken on the 17th, sent cancellation email on the 18th.

          Got this reply today:

          "…Thank you for your email. I can confirm that your account has been cancelled for you.

          The only issues that you will receive are the issues 1, 2 and 3. These issues were processed on 14/08/2020. Please allow up to 21 days for the delivery timeframe…"

          So, all coming up Milhouse so far.

    • Yeah that’s what I went for with the conquest series. They sent me later issues before some of the earlier issues due to stock issues. Ultimately I received an extra pack of issues 4,5,6,7 which costs $80 and had to return them to their mailing partner and go through a process to get a refund. Wasn’t really worth the effort; but I would like to assume they don’t give the whole run around to everyone.

    • Cancel by writing with 28 days notice. While they shop every 4 weeks at $80 a pop for 4 mags. The 2nd shipment is going to go out before your sub cancels so really you're at $100 for 7 issues + whatever figs and bonuses. Doesn't sound so sweet.

      We checked it all tonight and if we could get 1-3 only it'd be awesome, but it isn't going to work.

      Grabbed some #1's today and might get #2, but that'll be it I think.

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