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CommBank Rewards: $10 Cashback with $25 Minimum Spend @ Menulog


Activate and spend by 26 Aug and pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit Mastercard.

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  • Can never find this
    The app got so much shittier recently

  • No rewards in the app, nothing

  • nothing in my rewards at all

  • Warning: there is a decent likelihood they will not pay out on this. They didn't with us last time, and lots of others also. Which means you will have to spend your time chasing this up.

    • Yes, I agree. I had a lengthy email conversation with their rep on the Dominos reward, she finally stopped responding, and I never got cashback. One of the worst service I ever seen. Commbank "CAN't"

      • Arguably the worst bank in Australia. I have a Westpac CC also, and used their rewards, never a problem and the money is paid back to me within a week.

  • My Caltax offer $10 still yet to be credited. CBA need 45 days to investigate and credit it back.

    • Did you use at a Caltex given in their list? I got it credited about in a week.

      • Yes, I checked before I go and it is being confirmed by the bank the location and transaction is valid after 9 days of my complain, still need further 36 days to investigate. Only $10.

  • It's showing "We will show your rewards if you have an eligible card, are over21 and have an Australian Home address".
    Anyone having the same problem?

  • i had to use my card a few times so i did a few 1 cent purchases at woolies before i started seeing offers for you. got cash back for caltex but not stacked with cashrewards caltex promo even though i linked card 1 day before hand. i wonder if its becuase i to got $10 back from cba >? anyway put in missing CR cashback claim even though its over 45 days to see what happens

  • I will update if I get cashback.

  • Update.
    Ordered on 17th August and received cashback Today.

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