Codenames by Czech Games $21 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This deal is back and since it was popular last time thought I should let people know.
It's a fairly simple but fun game to play with the family. There's also an online version of you want to play with friends over zoom.

Mod Note: Item is back in stock, but now "Sold by Handsomes Store and Fulfilled by Amazon."

EDIT: deal is back and is sold by Amazon Aus so should be more reliable

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  • Nice - bought to help pass time during lockdown.

  • +3 votes

    This is such a fun game. Download the timer app for a better experience

  • Good, Fun, Family Game.

    • Fun: 10/10
      Calling everyone idiots for failing to get your last word and letting the other team win: priceless

  • There are also some other games that are relatively cheap given Amazon hasn't had many cheap games recently. For these, you may need to manually select Amazon UK as the seller. Prime membership required.

    Ticket to Ride $51.87
    Mysterium $49.74
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    Formula D $50.02

  • I've set up my mob for an online game of this tomorrow night - will see how it goes and might buy a physical copy on the off chance we all survive the apocolypse.

    • Codenames Duet is cooperative and good at 2 (or more) players. I know this is OB slander, but get the game you want rather than what is cheap. Otherwise you're spending $ on a game you won't play, vs $$ on a game you play a lot.

      • Yeah, I did a bit of research, and many veterans of the game on Reddit said they enjoy the original game in co-op than duet.

        • I have both, and another. If you're happy with Codenames 2 player, that's all that matters. I can understand some would like the original @ 2 players - it was out a while before Duet, so they would find no need to change.

  • Link to online version please?

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Catan has officially been labeled as the ‘cursed one’ at our place (there hasn’t been one game that’s ended without a fight or tears), so been on the lookout for something different. Hopefully this is less contentious! 😊

    • That sounds too much =)) I have a box of Scythe which hasn't been played yet due to Catan and lockdown… wonder if it will have the same effect.

    • Our family has a love hate relationship with Catan… Love the game but hate that it always ends in a fight

      • Ha ha. We put Catan aside for a few weeks and then brought it back last week to see if the curse had been dispelled. We had to abandon it when it came close to getting physical! It’s in the naughty corner again and I doubt coming back out anytime soon. 😂

        • Haha no physical fights yet but we've had a few tears. Hopefully it'll come out of the naughty corner soon.

  • Thanks OP. Item is back in stock

  • It's regularly $25 at Kmart but this is definitely a decent deal

  • Have no proof in this case, but this is a third-party seller, and a lot of pirated games of poor quality have been sold that way on Amazon. At least on ebay it is often (subjective) obvious the difference between pirated and legit.

  • Not 100% sure about this but I bought from the third-party seller and just got the game today and while it seems alright generally the timer is different to other copies of codenames and the instructions look photocopied(low res) luckily I was able to return the item through amazon.

    Sorry everyone if your copy isn't legit! Hopefully you'll be able to return it… Ill probably repurchase the one fulfilled by Amazon

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