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20% off All Motorcycle Tyres and Tubes (Free Shipping on Orders over $20) @ Peter Stevens


got an email from the shop, use code TYRE20 at the checkout to get 20% off tyres. Wish I'd seen this a month ago…free shipping on order over $20, and if you are close to one of their stores they do free fitting as per their blurb

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Peter Stevens Motor Cycles
Peter Stevens Motor Cycles

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          I meant as in you saying "After closing their shop in the CBD (mel) they can go fck themselves. Not a single dime to PS anymore"

          Why the hate just because of a sound business decision?

          • @he11bent: i'm good friends with an ex-senior salesperson at PS City. sound business decision ? More like greed.

            If they were serious, they'd remain in the area which has giving them nothing but good patronage over the last 20 plus years. Selfish and greedy cnts. Did I mention they can go fck themselves ?

            • @nuno: Sounds like there's more to the story. That's your prerogative to hate them.

              Haven't had a bad experience from the couple times I've dealt with them, and this deal is not bad.

            • @nuno: I dont understand your logic either. They're a private business that can do what they want? If the store isn't profitable why keep it open?

              • @mfazackerley: Profitable. As that what you've read in the local rag? I rest.

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    New MX tyres for me. Code works on discounted items too. Cheers op.

  • So tempted in getting the Michelin Power RS…mmmm

  • Regarding the free fitting - does anyone know if that's just at their service centres, or does that apply to any of their locations?

    I'm in NSW and it looks like the only "locations" they have are TRIUMPH SYDNEY and the HARLEY-HEAVEN SYDNEY stores. Do I just drop my Yamaha and tyres at one of these places and have them mount them?

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      The website now shows "*Free Fitment not valid with 20% off Tyre promotion (14.08.20-16.08.20)".

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    Awesome find OP.

    Just scored a set of Michelin Road 5s for $410 delivered. That's the best local price I've ever seen.

    Will get my regular shop to fit them though; way too many bad experiences with PS to trust them at all… Other than buying their specials.

    • I just got them delivered to the Tempe store.

      Should I change the delivery address?
      Can you please share your bad experience?

      • Ah cool. Look tbh @riskreward, I'm just a bit sour from my experiences - you'll probably be fine with a tyre fitment, as long as there aren't any "upsells"

        For transparency though, I'm located in Melbourne and have had a few blurg situations like:

        • sales people being dodgy (said a 2nd hand bike they were selling had it's major service done by their shop - I checked with them on pickup and it hadn't). Another one said he wouldn't talk to me about bikes until I gave him an email address, which he promptly registered for their spam newsletters, without consent. He also played dumb on some very obvious answers I was asking.

        • generally being expensive - when I pushed them to do the missing service above, they tried to make me pay ~$1800 for it. Had to settle on paying extra to actually receive the bike I'd just bought (but not that much). Another one: A guy took a bike he bought from me in for a rwc to them - quoted $2k of repairs. My mechanic quoted $800 for the same work and parts. In the end, it cost even less as some work, in his opinion, didn't need doing.

        • A brand new bike I bought from them had a clutch issue under warranty. Took it to them 3 times and they refused to acknowledge it. Yes, sometimes issues are hard to replicate but this was consistent when hot, so I always made sure it was hot when I dropped it off.

        A few other mates have had trouble - lots and lots along the "nah, no problem there mate" warranty lines… I won't talk to other's experiences though.

        <end rant>

        Hopes I still receive my order 😂

    • What does it typically cost to mount a set of motorcycle tyres? Do you usually ride the bike in, or pull the wheels off and bring those in with the tyres?

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        It largely depends on the shop. Most will including fitting and balancing if you buy the tyres from them. Otherwise my locals do it for between $25 & $35 per tyre.

        I've ridden my bike in before, with a new tyre strapped (safely) on the rack.

        Note: these are road tyres. Never dealt with off road

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