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Settlers of Catan Board Game $53 Delivered @ Amazon AU


A great gateway board game. Good price for shipping included.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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  • +20

    Nothing says friendship breaking like Settlers of Catan :)

    • +7


    • +12

      Yes, I played this with my wife once. Once.

      • +9

        Same. Now our lawyers play it to decide who gets what.

        • +2

          I'll trade 1 house for one weekend with the kids

    • It’s been labeled as the ‘cursed one’ in our household… ;)

    • Catan is child's play. Try "Diplomacy" for those really difficultly sticky friendships.

  • +4

    Pretty sure I got this for around $40 from Amazon not that long ago.

    • +2

      Based on camelcamelcamel, the last time it was $40 on Amazon was in 2018.

  • Hope Catan: World Explorers will be decent.

  • +1

    great game, expansions are where its at.
    The online version Catan Universe is ok, has a few bugs though.

    • I'm keen for the 3d 25th anniversary edition.

    • Try colonist.io
      I found it much better.

    • Sea Farers is great

    • +6

      It's always hard to tell if eBay versions are legit copies.. especially for a game as popular as Catan.

      • +1

        Yeah. If fulfilled by Amazon AU I would be confident that if it was counterfeit a refund or exchange could be organised.

      • They all are counterfeits off eBay. We got one, & were able to get a full refund of it.

  • Hows this for two people?

    • +1

      Can’t play it officially. Unofficial rules aren’t great. It’s best with 4 players.

    • +1

      You could try Pandemic instead. Unsure if Target still has stock but it can be played with 2 people.

      • yeah Pandemic is great. Used to play more often.

        • I can’t wait until it arrives, I was hopeful it would be this week

        • +1 pandemic a much better game than catan

          • +1

            @xavierod: Nowadays we get to play real life pandemic.

            Went to Bunnings without a mask? Place a disease token on Melbourne!

    • there's a 2 player version called Rivals for Catan which is great. personally prefer that to the original one.

    • PM me for two different 2-player rule versions. (Other than rivals for Catan (which is good but it's great using the actual board and concepts)). One of them I found online & one is a co-op version I developed.

  • +1

    Gateway to what?

  • +3

    Catan is $49 for new sign ups at Target. Stock might be hard to come by.

  • -2

    There's better games for $50 than this in 2020. It's just the original euro game that's well known.

    • Suggestions?

    • +1

      Having played quite a few modern games, I would back Catan as a solid choice. I liked Viticulture as a more advanced version, but the simplicity and light fun of Catan is good.

  • +2

    Awesome game, requires the Cities & Knights expansion to really shine.

    • +1

      Agree. It does make the game longer and a bit more complicated though. Most people only want to play the original version when I ask :(

      • +2

        You shouldn't hang out with those people.

  • +1

    Been waiting for the expansions. Just so damn expensive.
    Then 5-6 expansion expansion. Jesus.

    Love the game though

  • Not related but wish the prices in the games below would come down and I can keep my kids occupied away from the screen :-
    7 Wonders Duel
    Ticket to ride Europe
    Azul - currently for $41 from US. Min spend is $49.

    • +1

      Smallworld is a lot of fun.

      If you like Ticket to rise, I suggest you also take a look at Space Base and Suburbia.

      • +1 for suburbia. I can’t find a normal copy though anymore. It’s only the collectors edition which is $200+ somehow.

        • I had to look that up. A friend of mine brings them in from the US for me. He usually buys from coolstuffinc.com or Amazon.com. It's still $104usd, after freight and import duties, it'd get up there in price. It sucks that it's so expensive, but it's good quality at least. I'm hoping they bring out a couple expansions.

          Also, take a look at Kingdom builder.

          If you're into deck building games, Marvel Legendary is tough to beat. I've dumped so much money into that game.

          If you have any suggestions for games to try, I'm all ears. I lean towards games that can be played with 2 or 3 players.

  • +1

    For a slightly more strategic resource trader (and city builder) try Imperial Settlers (usually around $60 on Amazon). Super fun, and you can usually teach it to a new group on around 10 minutes.

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