Hair Loss & Re-Growing Hair?

Hi all,
So I'm currently 19 and losing my hair - its ridiculous that its happening at this age but it actually started when I was around 17.

Just wanted to hear everyone's experience in relation to the effectiveness of finasteride and minoxidil in re-growing hair? Been on finasteride for 2 months and just started minoxidil (foam) a few days ago. The minoxidil has been making me a little more tired than usual I think, but hoping this goes away over time.
Hoping that these do something for a few years until I can accept baldness

POLL: So, did using both of these treatments re-grow any hair for you?


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    The sooner you accept it the happier you will be.

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        And then after that, shave your head

    • Truth has been spoken.

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      And the more money you will save :)))

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      The sooner you accept it the happier you will be.

      In principle yes, the pursuit and maintenance of vanity is utterly pointless because we will all age and wither away.

      However, these kinds of replies (and I see these kinds of posts on Whirlpool as well) are not rooted in some sort of deep, experiential wisdom about the greater significance of not staking your happiness and identity around that which is temporary, but instead come from people who only started losing their hair when most people do on average and hence got to experience the best years of their lives with a full head of hair and never had to worry about being a teenager with the visible bodily problems of a middle-aged man.

      Hence, your reply is less sage philosophy and more: "Ha, sucks to be you buddy, just get over it; I totally would have."

      I challenge any of your teenage selves to have not lost your fragile grip on reality at the revelation that your balding about 20 or 30 years before most other people will even begin to show such signs.

      Teenagers are not equipped mentally to deal with any such drastic changes to their reality, especially today's teenagers, and naturally the profoundness of such a change to their appearance is going to inevitably take a far greater mental, emotional and psychological toll on them than it would to a 45-year old, father of five who has been driven to insanity by a house full of children and hasn't even noticed his hair disappearing because he's too busy trying not to be homeless.

      I'm sure it has already dawned on the OP that this is likely to be an unfortunate stroke of luck that he will have to accept for the rest of his life.
      Your Captain Obvious remarks really don't help him, but for some reason people on OzBargain seem to response with an outpouring of agreement to anyone stating the obvious.

      The obvious in this case is easier said than done, especially for a teenager and it's likely the teenage you was probably just as much of an insecure, low self-esteem, fragile little basketcase (no offence implied OP).

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        This response is way too articulated for a post on a bargain site!

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          nah, if there is the typical "your" and "you're" grammar error, it's definitely a ozbargain post.

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            it's definitely a ozbargain post.

            Definitely an OzBargain post.

            Hand in your grammar Nazi badge on your way out.

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            @keejoonc: There has been no error in use of "your" and "you're".

            If you're going to attempt to be a grammar nazi for others, at least make sure your knowledge of grammar is of an acceptable level.

            • Tip: If the sentence doesn't make sense with you are, then you can't use you're.
          • @keejoonc: Hate being the grammar nazi here but I was intrigued.
            that your balding about 20 or 30 years should be you're

            Also thought this was interesting "Your Captain Obvious remarks really don't help him". Think this is one of the rare situations where both your and you're works.

            Edit: Sorry should be replying to UFO

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        I started balding in my 20s, and accepted it pretty quickly. Never attempted to regrow or anything of the sort. Started in on clipping it to a number 2 pretty soon on, and then over time moved to a number 1.

        Photos of me with hair look fricken weird to me now (43 now).

        Is it shitty? Sure.

        Do you look waaaaaay better with a close cropped head rather than grasping at having hair, and having patchy, thin hair and combovers? Definitely.

        Just going for a number 1 or 2 all over is:
        a) Super cheap, because you can do it yourself
        b) Really does end up being the best solution

        It super does look and feel weird when you first do it. And you'll likely be a bit freaked out by how you look. But seriously, it's the best option, and it looks great.

      • Quality post, Amar.

      • Totally agree. Its easy to stand back and make comments like that if it isnt happening to you currently! and it is true but totally different when it happens to you. It also depends on how confident the person already is. Most older males are not happy when this happens, so a younger person its even worse!

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          Totally disagree. Went bald at similar age.

          The sooner you accept it the happier you will be.

          You might sugar coat it a little bit more. But anything I would write would essentially boil down to this.

          Teenagers are not equipped mentally to deal with any such drastic changes to their reality, especially today's teenagers,

          Ohhhhh… Poor "todays teenagers". Everything is sooooo much harder for them. This guy is 19 for Gods sake. He can vote and drive and go fight in a war. He can certainly handle some home truths about a natural bodily process.

          Anyway message to the OP.

          Got thin at around similar age. Thought about all the treatments. Realised that baldness was inevitable. Worked on the areas of myself I could control (gym, fashion, beard , ability to communicate). Confidence is key. And you can't be too confident if you are sitting there thinking about your balding head.

          Kept hair until I couldnt handle how thin it was myself personally. Then shaved it all off.

          Theres always going to be people that won't be attracted to you for some reason or another. Some people don't like baldys. Some people love them. And others are open to the experience and can be convinced to give it a go.

          I've lived a good life. Sowed some wild oats. And I think my life wouldn't have been as good if I hadn't released my hair loss stress very early on.

          Best of luck OP.

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      gotta go through the 5 stages of grief first…

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        The five stages of grief are:

        denial - No.. I am not losing my hair, can't be. It will grow back. I'll just wear a hat.

        anger - F#^K! why is my hair falling out? Why did I have to inherit the bald gene

        bargaining - Please (God, Allah, Buddha, Muhammad, Satan, Xenu) I promise I will do X if I my hair grows back.

        depression - Why is my hair falling out? My life is ruined..I am so F#^K!!!!!!!!!!!

        acceptance - Shaves head. I AM BALD.

        May include changing perception of baldness as a negative by seeing that there are people who are cool that are bald..
        -Vin Diesel, Agent 47, One punch man and google other celebs + characters that are bald..

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    Check if you look good with a shaved head. A lot cheaper. Save a fortune in barber costs.

    If you want to keep whatever hair you got it is a good repellent for superficial people.

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      nope definitely will not look good with a shaved head hence the the post

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    Honestly unless you have the time and money to do grafting, there is no definitive treatment for hair loss. The most cost effective method would be to shave it off.

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      yeah I agree with that. Just exhausting every single viable option so that I don't pinch myself next time for not trying

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        Some products can help slow hair loss but if you started to bald at 17, then are you willing to put up with those crazy side effects for decades? Short of implants, you're unfortunately SoL. I suggest embracing it. Sounds like the Norwood reaper is getting you early.

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        So, you likely know, finasteride will block the hormone causing your hairloss. I think more men should be made aware of this med for stopping hairloss.

        I know loads of other trans girls who take blockers and use rogain and have got a ton of hair back. Finasteride is available on PBS and the regrowth stuff is available in generic bulk. Stick with it for at least 1-2 years and see where you are from there. You'll definitely notice a lot of change.

        From there another person mentioned transplants and those are an option, but expensive, just give what you're doing a year or 2.

        any side effects you notice will likely wain away in a short while otherwise see your gp.

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          doesnt finasteride cause erectile dysfunction, as a guy in his teens OP might not suffer that much ?

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            @juki: It's not like a "take this and you'll get ED thing". It's a possible side effect.

            I've been on it for ~6mo and have seen no side effects, ED or otherwise.

          • @juki: I think a bunch of things cause ED:
            Political views(I'm looking at you LNP!)
            You've gotta decide for yourself what's more important to you. The possibility that you may experience a side effect(which can be managed) or fixing the problem and go from there.

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          As someone who works in pharmacy, I 'd just like to point out that whilst finasteride is on the PBS, it's only subsidised for a specific condition (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and repatriation patients (those who hold a Department of Veteran Affairs card).

          • @do minator: Thank you for that, I was unaware of the conditions of the PBS for this drug.

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        Been where you are. I tried…something for a while (Rogane maybe) which appeared to slow /stop the loss. I then had the choice of taking it everyday for 20 years, or making do with what I have. I chose the latter.

        You got what you got and you can fight (and it is an ongoing fight) it or accept it. Work on improving what you do have. It makes for a few awkward years, but once you're in the workplace and your peers are likely older than you, you blend in nicely.

        I'm now happily married with two awesome kids. Hasn't held me back any in the romance game.

        Best of luck.

        • Where I work out of 10 male employees, 5 of us are bald. So doesn't feel that odd.

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        Jeff Bezos is bald bro. I've had a receding hairline since 18-20. It's not ideal but at the end of the day, who cares?

    • Grafting is not guarantee either, some people can lose the transplanted hairs after few years.

      • smokers and diabetics? its the first time i hear this

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        Not true. The hairs are from the permanent zone and are permanent.

        What can happen is your non-transplanted hairs in this target area will continue to fall out over time.

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    You could try a wig?

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    I'm here for the holistic miracle secret conspiracy comments.


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      I don't think popcorn will cure hair loss, but hey it's worth a try!

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        Can’t be any worse than the snake oil that gets peddled…

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          Maybe snake oil could cure hair loss

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            @spackbace: Doesn’t taste as nice as popcorn though…

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              @pegaxs: Well you're not supposed to lick the guys' heads…

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          The burning sensation means it's working. 🤣

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    Can't say I relate to the issue of male hair loss but I'm currently trying castor oil as I've heard it's good. Ideally you want Black Jamaican Castor Oil but you can get bottles of normal Castor Oil at pharmacies. Has worked well on my brows and eyelashes. You just apply it onto the scalp/follicles.

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    I once knew a guy who used a hair growth product. Dimoxinil was its name.

    One day, he saw an enticing TV advertisement for a product to regrow his hair. However, he was dismayed when a doctor informed him that the product cost $1000. When telling of the episode to his friends, he relayed the moment when he told the doctor "Thanks for nothing" and stormed out of his office. Upon hearing of his disappointment, one of his friends recommended that he use a bit creativeness to cover the cost of the hair treatment to his employer's medical fund. His made-up excuse? Keep brain from freezing.

    Well, he went back to the doctor to get another shrink the hair treatment. The doctor became suspicious when he noticed that the cost was to be covered by his employer's medical fund, but still wanted to make a quick buck. Fearing that his office was tapped, he put on loud music and whispered into my friend's ear to meet him in the alley later. That's when he was given a bottle and the magic began.

    My friend went back to his house, applied the product, and went to sleep. In the morning, to his amazement, he suddenly had a full head of hair. He ran out on to the street and praised the wondrous product that gave back his youthful appearance. He even ran into another Dimoxinil user who was doing the exact same praising. They hugged and it was lovely.

    He was soon promoted at work and was given keys to the executive bathroom. He was assigned a task to present a speech to the company, which should have gone well. Unfortunately, his son spilled the hair growth bottle the day before the speech and he was unable to reapply it and immediately became bald again. Even though he was given a prepared speech that was written phonetically, his absence of hair resulted in his speech being poorly received. One audience member commented "Why should we listen to him? He doesn't even have hair."

    As a result of the failure, he was demoted back to his previous role and his life continued as it was before. Good times.

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      Hey, I think I saw this guy's story on TV before. It was aired on Channel 10 before Neighbours, I think.

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      how is this word pronounced?

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      simpson's episode

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      I got 90 percent through this story and still thought it was real.


      • Did you black out?

      • "That's a right triangle, ya idiot!"

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    I used both for a while years ago.. It slowed down the hair loss. But yeah I wish I just accepted it earlier as my head doesn’t look bad shaved..

    Generic Foam was cheaper (Getting US Kirkland brand shipped) but might be more options here now

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      Pity about your personality :)

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    Have you talked to a doctor? There can be a whole range of reasons as to why you have hair loss, so you want to make sure its not a symptom of something. Also because they can give you more concentrated stuff that could help and maybe last longer (I think theres a tablet that helps?).

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      Sure, but it's most likely to be genetic.

      There's no need for any other tests, if baldness runs in OP's family.

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      Yep and he prescribed me the finasteride. It does run in the family (my father) as the other poster suggested

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        We your father clearly didn't need hair (you exist) so what makes you think you need hair for you to make children?

        Plus you have an amazing genetic check that proves your male children at 18!!!

        I think you misunderstand dating. Some partners love luscious hair. Others love a goatee. Some like muscles. Others want a dad bod. Some only want money, others just want a decent person.

        Appearance is important, but clean, well fitting clothes with a compatible personality is usually more important than hair.

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          some people like having hair as well for their own personal enjoyment and expression.

          • @sarahlump: Some people like rubbing in a forced change. Others like to empower. You do you.

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    Could try supplements like zinc, biotin, vitamin D and A - but as per trustnoone better to speak to a doctor. There is limited evidence for the supplements I named, but if you were actually deficient it could be useful. It's more likely to be genetic though.

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    zinc, biotin, vitamin D and A above? All bulsuit.

    Don't believe any other treatments like preventing shampoos or cosmetics which pretending like cure your problem.

    Only medicines generally work in this 2020 are Minoxidil and Finasteride (or Dutasteride).
    If both are not working, final method is hair implant (few thousands dollar - you will get permanent hair like Chris Hemsworth did).

    You can get the prescription for Dutasteride (Avodart) from GP - Search Gogole for more this information.
    This could be used instead of Finasteride. Some doctors prefer to use Duta.

    Also, first couple of months you couldn't see any result from this drug, sometimes more hair-fall occur as new hair pressing old one.
    At least you need to take them 6months to see visible result.


    Dutasteride or Finasteride (Fina is more popular)
    and rest of other cosmetics or shampoos are builllllllshit. save the money then do hair implant.

    • They are not necessarily bull if you have a deficiency - which if you you read my comment I said. Hence checking in with a doctor. Vitamin D deficiency is actually pretty common and can cause hair loss. Still - as I said, most likely genetic, but always worth checking out if there's anything medical going on deficiency or otherwise. My brother lost all his hair suddenly and became very ill - it was late onset Type 1 diabetes.

  • Been on finasteride for 2 months

    How are the side effects?

    • its ok, feel like the side effects have been fairly minimal (I think). Though with minoxidil I'm feeling a little light headed and the eyes feel a bit puffy

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        its ok, feel like the side effects have been fairly minimal (I think).

        for now!! The long term side effects can be pretty awful, certainly worse than hair loss. Honestly went through pretty similiar thing as you only a couple of years later. learn to live with it or go to a hair replacement place that isn't going to put you on drugs that are far worse than what they are trying to treat.

        • What kind of side effects? I'm pretty sure in some cases you need to continue medication after a hair transplant.

          • @no not me: Erectile dysfunction, loss of sex drive, man boobs, eye issues as well as numerous other minor side effects.

      • Your gp might not have informed you(idk) as it isn't really a thing to worry about until you're old? but finasteride can mask the enlarging of the prostate due to prostate cancer so when you get old(if you're still taking it) might be a plan to hit up the ol gp for a quick poke.

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        I took finasteride for a good part of a year. The long term side effects of loss of libido and ED are pretty well documented and aren't uncommon. Looking back, I regret taking finasteride. The risk of losing my libido was something I shouldn't have taken lightly just to keep my hair. Not to mention that once you stop taking, the hair loss resumes.

        • you were lucky I had one of the less acknowledged side effects which is still arguable as to whether it is actually caused by finasteride or not. At 23 I had cataracts growing, luckily they did not get to the stage of affecting my eyesight and as soon as I stopped finasteride they stopped growing. perhaps coincidence, but I certainly decided to value my eyesight more than my hair so never went back afterwards.

  • I use Minoxidil and it stopped my hair loss. It hasn't reversed it. Get on it straight away. I have no side effects.

    I wont try anything else, when it stops working, ill accept it.

    Mines due to stress, nothing else.

    • How did you determine it was stress related? Are you still under stress?

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        My job is very stressful. Before I started I had the thickest hair you’ve seen. No history in any of my family or relatives.

        It was coming out in clumps. Minoxidil definitely halted it. I wish I did it sooner.

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    If one of the richest person in the world (Jeff Bezos) hasnt been able to save his hair. There is no cure. Bald is beautiful.

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