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½ Price Cadbury Baking Chocolate @ Coles


For those who missed out on last week's Woolies deal, Cadbury's baking chocolate range (chocolate blocks, chips, melts) is now half price at Coles.

Edit: 28/08 half price again.

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  • Can confirm, if you want to just eat chocolate but not pay jacked up prices, this will work as normal eating chocolate without cooking.

    • I am just trying for the first time the ones that I got from woolies deal and works just fine for me at least. Are these the cheapest dark chocolate around to eat?

    • exactly. and how different could it be if we use this or normal chocolates for baking purposes, anyway? sounds like a marketing thing to me but I am not sure.

      • I use both non baking and baking chocolate for baking/melting. They are pretty much the same, but professionals will use baking chocolate to control the sweetness and texture of the final product. The noticeable difference is how it melts and withstand high temps of heat.

        Baking: Usually melts faster and smoother and can melt in the oven too because it doesn't have much sugar/no sugar
        Non-Baking: Not as fast (but you can't tell the difference), consistency can be vastly different and if melted in the oven, cause of the sugar it can burn, not melt at high temps


        But it's fine to eat it on its own. Just don't be surprised if it's not as sweet as the non-baking ones.

        • By 'baking chocolate' you're actually meaning 'compound chocolate' in your description here.
          Cadbury baking chocolate is not compound chocolate. Cadbury baking chocolate block is identical to their regular chocolate.

  • I've used their stuff, once. Get plaistowe when it's half price. Thus stuff is yuk.

  • Bought some from woolies last week and confirm perfectly acceptable when eating and not baking it however noticeable difference in taste compared to e.g. Lindt 85% (this baking chocolate actually contains more sugar than the Lindt) but also much cheaper than Lindt gram for gram.