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Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 Ohms Closed Dynamic Headphone $178.70 + Shipping ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Very nice cans, very good price. Similar to the dt990s, with the main difference being these are closed backs, and the 990s are open.

Sells for ~$240 elsewhere.

Will need an amp to be used properly, you could opt for the 80 ohm version which is selling for the same price here for something a little easier to drive.

80 Ohm version:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What a good amp for this?

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      Depends on your budget.

      For about $370 you can pick up a Topping e30 dac and l30 amp. Or for about $240 you can pick up a JDS Labs Atom. It all really depends on your budget and needs.

      I can send links to some good options if you want.

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        Thanks i'm new to this and was deciding between them 80ohm and the 250ohm. Friend recommended to get the 250ohm with amp. How much better does the amp provide. My budget would be a bit low around $100-$300 for the amp.

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          Again, it depends on the amp.

          I've got a Soundblaster X3 that does the job - drives my pair of HD650's easily.

          • @jjsu: I myself have got a Soundblaster X A-E5 soundcard which easily drives my DT990 Pro 250ohm as well as my DT770 Pro 250ohm.

            So a proper good dedicated soundcard with a 600ohm headphone amp should drive it. Or a DAC which is powerful enough.

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          Topping DX3 @shenzhenaudio ~$300

          Fiio K5 Pro ~$220 @aliexpress

          Fiio e10k ~$120 @amazon

          All good options at their respective price points.

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            @Brofung: Thanks for the recommendations

        • If you game at all, just get the Sound Blaster X3, it will power your amp just fine and also can support mic input and plenty of other features/functions.

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        Magni Heresy is virtually an identical option to the Atom (arguably an improvement), while Magni 3+ is probably the ideal choice, as it's a discrete amp that measures really well.

        There's local stock I think, but honestly it's cheaper to just order from the US right now.

        • Once you upgrade your headphones, please consider using an amp with DC protection. Although there is a slim chance that things could go wrong, you never know.

          • @sgtubaby: You can detect DC offset when you adjust the gain dial or change the gain setting, as it will make noise and pops.

            From a quick look around, Schiit are happy to cover damage because the incidence rate is so low, but they don't have a liability policy surrounding it.

            Stepping up from this, the best value is probably the SMSL SP200: balanced THX AAA 888 amp with the DC protection you desire. Get it during an AliE sale for maximum value.

      • Where did you find the Topping E30/L30 stack for $370? addicted to audio is $430 for the stack.

        Will the Topping stack be enough to drive DT 990 pro 600ohms?

        • At a website called Shenzenaudio. I know it's Chinese and so some people don't trust it, but I've bought stuff off them before and never had problems. I can't post the link because every time I do the mods delete my comment for promoting but just check it out on their website.

          And yes, the L30 should drive the 600 ohm 990s just fine.

    • Any recommendations for a DAC for a beyerdynamic T51p?

      Had them for a few years and wouldn't mind one. I think they are 60ohms

      • Topping E30 is great.

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      I'm happy with my JDS Atom amp. USD$99 plus shipping, AUD$201 if you import it yourself as I did.

      You can read a detailed review here:

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      I've been using the IFI Zen DAC with my 80 ohm DT 770 Pros and 150 ohm HD 58x absolutely no problem, I've not moved the dial past half way ever. It's a newer DAC out there that every review was really impressed with so I got it, and it's absolutely awesome. Goes for $199 on Amazon.

      The DT 770s are an amazing pair of headphones you won't regret getting them.

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        I recently got the ifi Zen Dac as well, to use with my PC setup since my DACMagic is being used with some monitor speakers.
        It's a lot of kit for the money, bit of a retro look but great sound. I'm using it as a DAC/preamp with a Matrix M-Stage i got years ago powering the DT990 Pro 250 ohms. The Zen Dac would power 80ohm easily and I've tested plugging the 250 ohm into the headphone out on the Zen Dac without amp and it still sounds pretty good, perhaps missing some of that depth/reinforcement you get with an amp but i'm sure the built in one would be fine for most people at least for a while.

        Been testing out Tidal hi-fi for a while and confirm the MQA works and sounds fantastic too.
        Was $199 free delivery from Addicted to Audio, turned up super fast as well. Comes with short set of RCAs and (short) USB 3 cable.

        Edit: Those wanting to use for portable (although they are big) or straight from source with no amp I'd just get the 32 ohm (or 80 ohm acceptable and add an amp later). Amp makes all of these come alive though, as well as a good source.

        • Thanks for the follow up with the 250 ohms, good to know it's capable. I'm very happy the DAC and good to know I would benefit from a dedicated amp if I want to push some higher resistances.

          The "at least for a while" is too true, it's a constant climb in better and better equipment isn't it?

          My order through Amazon was fulfilled by Addicted to Audio, but got some cashback to boot!

          • +1

            @Thomasta3: Cashback, nice one - at the the time they costed more on Amazon than directly from Addicted (but thought $199 delivered was pretty good!). remember paying more for small 9V portable usb battery amp 10y ago, this is certainly heaps better.

            Thinking I'll probably sell mine once I get my hands on the 1990 Pros, don't really need both given that they are similar (albeit just bit better quality, big price jump though).

            You're not wrong, law of diminishing returns!

    • I've replaced my Centrace DACmini (reviewed as being able to able to hold its own against DACs that cost 4000 Euros) with a Topping MX3, which cost $150 at the time. It also has bluetooth and can drive a passive pair of speakers very comfortably, especially if used as computer speakers (I have mine set up with a pair of KEF Q100s that sound amazing). Easily drives my Audeze LCD-2, HD6XX and Focal Elears.

      It's the best bang for buck DAC/Amp you'll find for a desktop set up.

      • I don't trust any of those random review sites, only head-fi.

        • lol, this isn't a 'random review site' - it's Srajan Ebaen's 6moons, he's a well respected audiophile journalist.

          That said, the DACmini was well reviewed across the board.

  • Great headphones, have the 80 Ohms version and are still going strong after many years. Earpads are washable too increasing longevity.

    • Do you use an amp for the 80 ohms? If used with a laptop would the 32ohms version better sound?

      • +1

        I drive them with a SB AE-5 which has a built in amp. Seems to work fine. I think 80 Ohms is OK driving them without an amp. Don't want it too loud anyway you'll ruin your hearing!

  • great headphones…imo, one of the best bang-for-buck headphones you can get

  • Great buy. I purchased the DT 990 pro for around 280 locally and am happy with that, might get this too.

    If you're looking for a good amp look up Curtis Judd's review of the Audient Evo 4. Good headphone amp and also acts as an Audio interface to drive studio monitors, plus two XLR inputs.

    Imo better value than the options mentioned above.

    • I got my 990pros for $220 locally from one of the OG ebay 20% site wide sales years ago when they were good. Was stoked lol.

  • AKG K371 are $209 and worth looking at as an alternative to these. Would expect them to drop to below $175 the next time they go on sale.

  • How's the bass on these?

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      Not overly exaggerated, but very high quality for the price. Tight and controlled. Keep in mind they have a bit of mid and sub-bass roll-off so they're not really basshead cans, but you can EQ them if you so desire.

  • Very good headphones. Got a pair (32ohm Limited Edition) a few years ago from Amazon UK. They're especially good with classical music

  • How does these compare to say, Audio Technical M50X?

  • +1

    Highly recommend going into a physical store to try them out before pulling the trigger, headphones are subjective. I was dead set on DT 770s after it being shilled all over Reddit. When I tried them, they were deeply disappointing - I enjoyed the Beyerdynamic DT 990s and Custom One Pro Plus's a lot better.

    • +1 do your research! Anything sensory is subjective (food, art etc.) so always research any sensory delight purchase.

  • Had mine 20 years, still love them.

  • Have had mine for 3 years now, but the 80 ohm version, absolutely one of the best unit's ive used. Very comfortable compared to AT mth50x dosent heat up after long use!

  • I’ve had these for 2 years, they’re great. Bought for $199.

  • paid 249 in 2013 for the 80 ohm version, still going good.

  • I have the 80ohm version. Use them for gaming on PS4. Coming from astros these blow them away (any audiophile headset would). If I wanna listen to music I just EQ up the bass and it sounds like I have mini subs next to my ears haha.

    • Those gaming companies have a nice racket selling cheap garbage as 'gaming gear' (not all brands are crap). My favourite was 'Razer 7.1 surround sound headphones' that had 7 little drivers inside.

  • How do these compare to the HD650?

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      Much brighter, I prefer the HD650

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      A bit of unfair comparison considering the HD650's sell for just under $600, but yeah these are brighter. The 650s have a warmer sound signature but poorer soundstage.

      • +1

        HD650 was $288 @ addictedtoaudio. DT770 is a bit harsh and punchy

        • +2

          Jesus, when were they that cheap? I wish I had known about it.

          I wouldn't call the DT770s harsh in my opinion. I have heard quite a few people call them fatiguing but I don't find them overly so myself. I guess it's probably because I never minded headphones with some treble emphasis.

          • +2

            @Brofung: well you might like to know that $600 is too much for hd650… It's not surprising and I can show you the receipt so that you would believe me. Personally I don't consider "harsh" to be something negative, I am having a DT 1770 with me right now. The sound is just kind of 'smothering' and close for general music listening as it's fully closeback but it's good for professional use which i would prefer somehow. I mean Focal Elear and Elegia was $499 @ addictedtoaudio and they are way more better than HD6XX series

  • What would the warranty be on these?

  • Really nice headphones. Only regret is i got coiled ones. I had originally didn't give it much thought but would prefer just a normal straight cable now. Not sure what these ones are (or if you can choose)

    • I believe Beyer do an "edition" version of most headphones which have straight cable, less clamping force etc

  • Grabbed the 80 ohms gray, good find OP thank you very much !

    Also, it took about 5 - 7 days from dispatch to my house thru DHL the last time I order something from Amazon UK if anyone wonder how long it takes to arrive.

  • +1

    Still using my pair from 2008!

  • +1

    Just need a good deal on an amp

  • So what does something like this give me over Logitech G933s.

    I've been toying with the idea to just get a non gaming headset and pair it with a mic mod but it's a decent chunk of money to invest blind. I don't use the inbuilt Dolby surround or DTS on my 933s, I was in fact quite disappointed in it when I made the switch but once I turned it off and just used stereo I've been perfectly happy. I most play FPS games so positional audio is important to me.

    Would buying these be a holy shit why didn't I do this sooner or a more….. yeah it sounds alright sort of an upgrade.

    Bearing in mind purely for PC use. I don't sit on my pc listening to music. Netflix and gaming are the only uses they'd see.

    • Probably not a revolutionary upgrade, but an upgrade nonetheless.

      • Yeah, I would figure an upgrade but does the cost justify the result is the question. Might just stay with what I have until they break.

        • I can't really answer on whether or not the expense justifies the upgrade. That's a question you ultimately have to decide for yourself.

  • Would anyone headphones mentioned work with an LG V50? Or can anyone recommend a few to investigate?

    • +1

      I would opt for the 80 Ohm Dt770s for the LG V50. It shouldn't have any issue running those cans as the V50 has an impressive Dac/amp setup.

  • I'm getting a:

    Sorry, this item can't be delivered to your selected address. Learn more. You may either change the delivery address or delete the item from your order. You can also see if this item is available to be delivered to your address from another seller.


    • ah, turns out they cannot ship to an aus post parcel locker.

      been waiting for a deal on this for so long. thanks OP.

  • Are the 32 ohm limited edition a good pick for $14 more or is it a significantly better experience to invest in the 80 ohm version and buy a DAC/AMP to go along with it?

    • If they're good, the DAC and Amp will make a big difference with the 80ohm, but more so with the 250 ohm. Whether or not it's worth it really comes down to your personal view point on value, and what it'll be used for.

  • looks like these are $173.44 at the moment

  • Anyone ordered these and had theirs shipped yet? I ordered one on August 23 and to date it hasn't shipped. Contacted support last week and this, and both times got told that it "would ship within 24-48 hours". Still not happening.

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