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AKG K240 MK II Studio Headphones $89.18 + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Good monitoring headphones for a really good price. They sell anywhere from ~$230 to ~$280 elsewhere from what I've seen.

Closed back K271's also on sale for $139.35 + delivery.

Seems to be a lot of good deals for AKG and Beyerdynamic headphones on Amazon UK at the moment.

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  • Had these for years, really good

  • K271 need shipping fee (even with prime)

  • At this price it may be better to go a local pair of Samson's or Superlux.

    • I don't even think those examples are in the same league as the K240's sonically. The AKGs are just higher-end cans.

      • Most likely they are. Simply intimating that if you were looking for a decent set of headphones, at this price, available locally, not posted from the UK, that the Samson's or Superlux may suit just fine. They are, after all, an imitation of these AKG's.

  • This or TaoTronics BH090?

  • Ignoring the bluetooth functionality, I'm looking for sound quality as good or better than the Edifier W830BT - something crisp and clear and truly worth the money.
    Is anyone able to offer a comparison?

    • These will be much better in terms of objective performance, but in terms of tonality (what ranges of frequency are pronounced or less pronounced i.e. bass, mids, treble) these will sound quite a lot different to most consumer headphones because they have a more 'reference' sound which tries to be more accurate without boosting bass or other frequencies. Not that I'm saying you won't like these, just be prepared for something that sounds quite a lot different. If you want something with a more relaxed sound signature you could go for the Sennheiser HD58X, I have a pair myself and love them.

  • If its semi open then will other people hear my music when I play it?

  • These or the 92's? https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01AIO8XVA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i...
    I like a lot of types of music but would be using these around the home, maybe at the office, without wanting noise cancelling.

    • In my view, definitely these. They have better objective performance (detail retrieval, soundstage, imaging etc.), but they most likely have the more "challenging" tonality of the two, being more analytical than musical. In terms of value the K240's win.

  • I've got a set of the K240 from the 80's. Always wanted to get a modern set to compare with. Cant really say no at that price.

  • Guess i'll be comparing them for monitoring to the (more expensive?????) Superlux HD668b. Cheers OP

  • Check local pricing. Every shop selling this for 200ish.

  • If I’m just getting one to plug into the digital piano, will these do? Anyone doing the same thing?

    • They are studio monitoring cans, acoustically they should be great, but the 240 are open back so will leak quite a bit of noise. If you are trying to keep the noise in a set of closed back like the k271 are probably better

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