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[QLD] New Seraphim 370W*18 Panels (6.6kw) with New Model Huawei Hybrid Inverter Fully Installed for $4499 @ Reliance Solar


Deal Inclusions:

Supply and install 18 Panels * 370W (6.6KW) Seraphim Blade ( Half cut cells MONO PERC technology, Tier 1) and 5KW Huawei Hybrid (Battery Ready) inverter.

Finance option available.Zero upfront cost or deposit required.To learn more about this offer please give a call to Sud on 0466099337 or email [email protected] or leave a private message here.

Designed with style and functionality in mind, the Huawei FusionHome Smart Energy Solution offers the latest technology in residential solar. Best part of Huawei hybrid inverter is it's battery-ready, meaning your can Plug & Play without an additional device. What's more, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a quality inverter backed by a future-proof 10-year replacement warranty.

Other Benefits of Choosing the Huawei 5kW Hybrid Inverter:
-DC-coupled battery compatibility, meaning the Huawei inverter can be paired with a LG Chem battery.
-Significantly higher ambient temperature operation with no de-rating.
-Optional panel optimisation and panel-level reporting.
-No fans, vents or openings (and no risk of salt-mist/dust/fauna ingress).
-10-year warranty - parts and labour.

About Reliance Solar

RELIANCE SOLAR is an Australian-owned and operated company that specialises in the design, supply and installation of custom-designed residential, commercial and industrial solar photo voltaic systems since 2013. At RELIANCE SOLAR we use experienced solar photo-voltaic system designers and installers for all our residential & commercial projects. Till date, RELIANCE SOLAR has served many residential & commercial customers.**

MOST IMPORTANTLY-All our Installers and Electricians are CECA (Clean Energy Council Accredited). We always ensure that every individual gets an exceptional professional service.


• Installation of system by CEC accredited electrician
• Solar system will be connected to the Grid
• Workmanship warranty
• Government rebates
• Testing and Commissioning
• Warranties as mentioned below
• Meter application will be done by us to allow energy provider to change your meter

Racking system :

Panels output warranty: 25 years.
Panels product warranty: 15 years.
Inverter Warranty: 10 years- Parts and Labour.
Workmanship/Installation Warranty: 10 years


All of the above rates are subject to government rebate. Any changes in government rebate will affect the price. Price will be only locked once you have signed the contract or until the promised period

*Offer ONLY for suburbs which are "100KM radius of Brisbane CBD"

*Offer valid ONLY for single/double storey house (tin/tile) with single phase meter and standard pitch.
*Offer does not include for properties needing switchboard upgrade.

*Offer not valid for Terracotta roof profile. ( Cost will be discussed after site inspection)

*Offer Valid whilst stocks lasts

Our Office Address : level-1/16 McDougall St, Milton QLD 4064

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    What kind of maintenance do these require and what is the cost?

  • What voltage range of battery will the inverter handle?

    • They take the LG Chem high voltage batteries (400V i believe)

      • But not the majority of the current market LV batteries?

        • Sadly not. They'll soon have support for a new Huawei branded battery which will be much cheaper than the LG. Think they are expected at the end of the year.

  • -1

    Hi OP
    Are they commercial panels?

    • No, it's for residential purpose. Unlike seraphim 400w+ modules, these are 1996 by 992 by 40mm

      • -1

        But they are larger panels than the standard residential panel??

        • Well, Serpahim 320-335w modules are 1690 by 1002mm

          • -1

            @sid7827: so the panels being offered are larger commercial panels?

            • +1

              @Numpty21: Well, you can't tag this as commercial! These days 370w are popular choice as compared to 300-330w modules as it takes less number of panels to achieve same output.

              • @sid7827: incorrect
                the newer 370W panels you are referring to are 1.7m x 1.0m (approx)
                the panels offered here are 2.0m x 1.0m i.e. commercial panels
                Your trying to offer older commercial panels and make people believe they are the same as the new 370w panels on the market.

                • +1

                  @Numpty21: Just wondering what your motive is here for the Neg??? Doing some research, I note that you have gone from asking advice on Solar Panels less than 12 months ago, to being an 'expert' on what qualifies as a 'commercial' solar panel. Along the way you have made the same comment about 'commercial' on other OzBargain Solar deals and bagged most of the installers or the deals. Just wondering if you have some incentive to do this??? If you read my post below, you will note the insignificant difference between your belief of what is 'residential' and 'commercial'.

                  Disclaimer: Whilst I have used the OP to install my system, I am receiving NO benefit for making this statement but just can't stand people negging deals when they obviously have some alterior motive…

                  My system was only installed in late June so I can't comment on the long term viability of Reliance Solar or the system itself, but I can advise that it is currently outperforming my expectations - I would have earnt $7.13(if I had changed to Origin immedtialy rather than wait - but that's another story) in the first 4 weeks rather than paying approx $333 in electricity. Mine is a 3 phase system of 18.48 kw so not really apples to apples but 1/3 of my sysem is also on the southern roof so is only working @ 50% until summer gets closer and then it should be earning even more $.

                  • @petebern: Also, I'm not sure how @Numpty can say incorrectly to the OP on what the panels are and tell him he is incorrect. My first little Google showed him to be incorrect and the dimensions are in fact 1996x992 ( I had those types of panels on various quotes I was quoted (think Jinko 390w). I'm no expert but my question earlier was genuine "is there a standard residential". The more I see, panels are getting bigger and bigger and are indeed being installed and quoted on residentially.

                  • @petebern: No motive
                    Neg because OP is selling commercial sized panels and not disclosing that fact.

                    Have a read if you want to know about commercial panels….

                    • @Numpty21: Did you even see the date on that report??? 12 months is a loooonnngg time in the solar industry. Try reading my below post comparing apples with apples and not just spouting 12 month old terms from a website just because it has the word solar in it. Just because a Commodore wagon has the same power as a 16 wheel truck doesn't make it 'commercial'.

                      Take anything you read on solarquotes with a grain of salt and ALWAYS check the date. I looked at their stuff and found some of it to be unreliable so I did my own research.

                      Let us know how you went with your install, what research you did in your final decision, and how the system is currently performing. This may give us an idea on your qualifications for your Neg and subsequent comments.

                      My system has produced 74.9kwh so far today and earnt me $2.73 - I know this because I am doing my research to make sure I'm getting what I paid for.

                    • @Numpty21: your challenge for the day, find me a panel that is 370-385w that is a 60 cell and is standard residential size which seems to be 1000x1700. Then I'll apologize to you and admit you are correct.

                      • @jaymzrsa:

                        Most major player have 370w panels around this size (Jinko, Longi etc)

                        The panel OP is selling is 370w but older technology and a commercial panel.

                        • -1

                          @Numpty21: Ok, I take it back and I apologise. I'm not sure how I could have questioned what you said.

                          18 x LG Neon R panels @ $650ea = $11700.

                          OP, clearly deserved that NEG for pricing an entire system at $4500 because his panels were slightly large.

                          "Commercial panel" You keep using this word, I don't think it means what you think it means. Even on Seraphim site, those panels are listed as great for residential

                          I apologise Numpty, you really showed us

                  • @petebern:

                    the one posted here is indeed brand new model of Seraphim - 166 half cell series ( residential ones) which is 1.7m in length. Not 1.9m. Did a mistake while uploading product datasheet image - apologies.

        • Is there a standard residential size?

        • +2

          I have the 330w version and 6.6kw would take up 33.87m2 and weigh 380kg. These would produce 6.66kw taking up 35.64m2 and weigh 405kg. I have 40 of the 330w on one side of a 80 year old commercial qlder building so I don't think the difference is enough to class them as 'Commercial'. By the way, the 330W panels are performing excellently even though they had to be put on the building in Landscape mode which sort of makes the 1/2 cut a moot point. Mine were installed by the OP and, despite some issues (that had a lot to do with the age of the building), the system is outperforming my expectations.

        • +1

          I'm with Numpty on this one. You can get smaller panels with the same output (leaving more space for more panels in the future).

          If I went with these panels, I wouldn't be able to fit the full 6.6kw on my roof.

          This should be disclosed.

          Not sure why people are negging you Numpty when you are actually helping out, but have a positive vote to offset it.

          • @tunzafun001: I'm not questioning that, I agree with you. What I disagree with is the neg and assuming the OP was dishonest and trying to be deceitful. When first asked, he gave the dimensions of the panels and wasn't hiding it at all. I feel the price is definitely not pricing itself as supposedly using new super-efficient panels. Just felt the neg was uncalled for.

          • @tunzafun001: Thanks mate

            I'm guessing the negs are because there are a lot on Numpties on this site :)

          • +2

            @tunzafun001: But that wasn't numpty's point - he was suggesing the panels were 'commercial' when they are NOT.

            Whether they fit on your roof is not a reason to Neg a deal - just ask for a deal on a different panel that does fit your needs. That's what seems to happen on other deals - ask and you may receive… People in the past have had to put smaller unviable systems on their roof because they didn't have space - they'd be killing for the current 330-380 watt panels - times change.

            By the way, I did not Neg anyone in this deal.

            I see i've been negged now - negging is for losers who can't prove their points with facts…

            • +1

              @petebern: Fair alround here. I'm Switzerland on this one as all points are valid. Seems a bit pricey to me for older panels/ Huawei inverter, but I don't know the QLD market.

              As for the neg police, I dont really understand why this site even has such a thing anyway. So meh…


              Op - please edit the title to disclose the size of the panels in this deal (to be fair they aren't the Industry norm) and ideally the battery voltage range of the inverter, at least LV/ HV, both?), and we might all be happy.

    • Whats the neg for?

      • +1

        i believe for offering an old commercial panel as new residential panel as per comment history above

  • What's the Sale?
    Or are you just advertising?

    • +1

      Hybrid System with good panels (6.6kw) usually retails betwen $5400-$6000 or sometimes more!!

  • +1

    I think there is lot of confusion here - let me clear out - the one posted here is indeed brand new model of Seraphim - 166 half cell series ( residential ones) which is 1.7m in length. Not 1.9m. Did a mistake while uploading product datasheet image - apologies.

    About this Product :166 half cell series -SRP-370-BMB-HV

    The older commercial panels is 144 cells. Which is around 2m in length.

    • +1

      Thanks for clarifying OP