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Koss KSC75 On-Ear Clip-on Headphones $22.82 + Delivery (Free with Prime for Orders over $49) @ Amazon US via Amazon Australia


One of the classics. Tastefully bright signature with a roll off at either end of the spectrum, best used with a compatible headband (google 'Parts Express headband', or get them for a slightly expensive $13 on Amazon).

Open back design, but sound leakage is fairly minimal, so they're great for anywhere but buses or planes, I guess.

There's a few famous mods, but this honestly sounds decent out of the box. Still excellent value for money at this price if you're not willing to get cheap (yet nice) earbuds (note: not IEMs) from China via AliE, if IEM fitment is a regular issue for you, or if you struggle with jaw pain from headphones on the regular.

Minimum of $49 for free Prime delivery.


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  • These are the only style my adult son can use. He hates earbuds and headset on top. These are perfect and this Koss set sounds very good. I bought him three pairs for last Xmas because they're hard to locate at times.

  • This is the legendary koss. Style not for everyone tho.

    • Yup, that's where the headband comes in, as it optimises fitment and removes the strain these can place on the ear.

      Unfortunately it also costs about $13 to get it here, if anyone knows of more affordable local options please post them!

  • Is it noise cancellation ?

    • These earphones, whilst fantastic, have pretty much the opposite of noise cancellation.

      • … which is not a bad thing. There is a time and place for 'open' headphones and these are my preference for the office as I can still hear people talk to me when needed, as well as when walking through the city as you can hear traffic etc, from a safety point of view.

        I have had a set of these (and a set of Porta Pros) for going on 15 years and they are hands down the best bang for your buck out-of-the-box sounding headphone going around.

        A set of Yaxi Pads transforms them even more, but reduces the ROI (and doubles the cost).

      • i think i'm familiar wit that experience!

  • *bomfunk mc freestyler plays in the distance *

  • The Koss KPH30 is also an amazing headphone.

    • Ships monthly from Drop for $20 USD plus shipping, so cheaper still than the price you've linked.

      It's more mid-centric for sure, but can still be a tad boomy in the mid-bass. I like it for older recordings, or to put a slant on modern recordings that aren't overly focused on EDM beats.

      It's also the most comfortable out of the box compared to the Porta Pros and the KSC75.

      • Yep I got mine from Drop. Definitely the most comfortable especially with the yaxi earpads.

  • These are the gateway drug into the world of audiophiles. My first pair of headphones nearly 20 years ago that blew my mind. Beware that you may end up spending thousands on amps, DACs and cans.

    • Hahaha too true. Bought one of these years ago after starting my first real job out of uni. Killer value and great sound. It gave me the bug and I’m still searching for my grail cans 10+ years later!!!

  • These are amazing.

  • I wish for these but in wireless/ bluetooth. Sony used to make something similar about 5+ years ago

  • missed the last drop deal at 2 for $28


    • Yes, but the shipping is very expensive from Drop Deal.

      • It was $5-$7 USD at the time, which when split across two pairs alongside the $20 Drop coupon worked out as $13.50 AUD a pair.

        I don't think shipping has increased for them, so you're just waiting for another sale if you want to maximise value.

        It's very easy to make a new account for the $20 voucher each time too.

    • Oh no, I caught that deal, and two pairs of Porta Pros for about $55 delivered when they dropped in price later that month. ;)

      This is the best deal you'll probably see for a couple of months.

  • Nice deal. Note that this won't be comfortable if you wear glasses, look at the PortaPro series or the Drop version if you want the inline mic

    • As mentioned, the Parts Express headband is an easy option to change the fitment.

      $13 on Amazon via the US. I'll link in the deal post. Sadly the same headband is available for $2.50 AUD Inc GST if you live in the US. O_O

  • 1996 is calling & they want their headphones back

    • They still stand as a unique use case and do sound good. IEMs can sound better if you know where to buy (read: not locally), and earbuds can be good out of China, but these are still hard to beat at the price point.

      They scale pretty well with equipment too, but that only matters if you already have said gear.

      '95 was the KSC35 by the way, the first appeared in 2005, I think? The titanium coating makes a difference, though you can get alacantra pads to open up the treble on the Porta Pro driver.

  • Bought a pair, have friends that have raved about this for years. Was never in a position to need headphones but this one was timed perfectly. Def keen to try out all the hype.

  • They're like a Chifi before Chifis was a thing lol. I wonder how well they hold up today?

    • Tone and timbre? Great, certainly better than cheap BA and BA-featuring hybrids in this end of the market. Graphene/Diamond/CNT-coated and also Beryllium DD would be superior, but you're only getting them in IEMs with a proper execution, particularly at this price point.

      Soundstage and imaging? Great, especially against IEMs and some earbuds because they're open back on-ears with a slightly bright signature.

      Technicalities? This is where it falls behind, but part of this is that it's a 60 Ohm driver, and another part is how fitment impacts driver resonance. If you're not getting sufficient pressure against the ear, these things will rattle themselves gently at decent volumes. Overall though, it is a step back in this respect against the quality IEM offerings in the $30-$100 range, but most of those tend to be single DD arrangements, or maybe 2DD ala the Tin T2.

      These are just a great set to throw on your ears while lounging around and you can't handle the other modern options, but old-school earbuds with modern earphone drivers are making a comeback.

      Head-fi has a huge thread devoted to Chi-Fi earbuds, and there's some great options starting at $8-$15 before coupons, sales and cashbacks.

      • Thanks so much for your help.

        Whoa, the Kcs is rated 60ohm? It seemed to have ran fine on my moto OG. Maybe that's why it didn't wow me when I first got it.

        Can I get other suggestions for old school form factor ear phones? My bro hates iems, he doesn't like strapping cans onto him either, he likes simple on ears. I never know what to get him, and I feel remember the ear piece on this was filmsy as heck, broke in a few weeks.

  • Great pair of headphones, they were my gateway into the audiophile rabbit hole!

  • +1 vote

    I left my pair in a taxi sometime around 2005. I hope whoever picked them up is enjoying them and is a tragic audiophile by now.

  • Thought about picking this up for my snows trip this weekend, instead decided to go with an in-ear version as I'm sceptical these will fit nicely under the helmet/goggles: https://www.amazon.com.au/Koss-KSC32i-Sport-Headphones-Coral...

    Incidentally they were on sale from $18.49 to $9.71. Only 3 left in stock so little point making a post.