Anyone Who Purchased The Xiaomi Ultrawide Recently

Im curious if you guys have experienced what seems to be some backlight bleed ?

At first it was only noticable to my eye when I turned the PC off and the monitor is still on - I see four very prominent white lights shining through the black in four distinct corners. I thought this was normal and just the backlights showing through on a power down. However, as I started using more programs and various screen colours I started to feel like I could see the white shining through (especially towards the top of the screen). Someone mentioned in another thread their blacks were really nice, but mine seem washed out and almost bright sometimes.

If i load a fully black screen i'm seeing patchy whiteness shine through. It seems to increase/decrease on different viewing angles - perhaps this is just a limitation of the monitor?

Anyone facing something similar?

Other than this the monitor is amazing.


  • Backlight bleed is a pretty common occurrence on monitors. Its more of a quality control thing to do with the panel variance. If it bothers you a lot, get it replaced by the seller, else I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • Yeah when i first saw a full black screen as I walked away from my PC with it switched off I was amazed at the bleed, definitely not unifrom..
    But in day to day use I find the blacks really good- I dont often have a completely black screen so haven't specifically looked for it..

    My LG 34" screen didn't have backlight bleed as bad - but the blacks in day to day use were almost gray in comparison, so this is a big upgrade.

    I dont actually care that much, especially for the price. If I started using a mostly black screen then i'd worry but no issues in real world useage yet

  • Can you upload a picture?

    You can upload to your ozb account. View > files > upload file

    • Put some below

    • Couldn't see that in mobile version, but uploaded here..
      When the screen is switched on mine actually looks really good, great blacks that look really black. Had to turn off lights, adjusted phone settings to show what it actually looks like in person.

      I think it only has bad bleed if im standing way off to the bside like when I'm leaving the room

      • Thanks for posting this man. I think i've definitely got issues with mine. I just took some dark room pics to see the difference and the LED light shine through is HUGE compared to yours. I'll add some pics and a vid to imgur

        • Wow yeah that's insane compared to mine. Are you gonna try get something under warranty? I could handle some bleed but that's completely different to mine

  • If its IPS then its common i reckon

  • Can you share a pic?

    I got my Xiaomi monitor yesterda and I have a different issue. I feel that the monitor brightness reduces for the split second when I scroll up/down in Chrome. Anyone else with this issue?

    Also, the black does not really feel like black, it looks like gray instead. (I am using a Dell U2718Q 4k 27" IPS monitor for comparison.)

    I am not sure if the above issues are deal breakers for me as I just got it yesterday. I need to test for a few days and see if I get eye strain.

  • Yes, I've noticed it too on my week old unit. Only noticed it on a screen where after I'd died the image was nearly all black (Doom 2016). In general usage haven't noticed it at all. Still a very happy with the monitor though.

    • ips glow

      common for low end ips panel

    • I bought this monitor and my blacklight bleed looks almost identical to yours in both severity and positioning so it must be a problem with the way it's put together. I have returned mine to the seller and was planning to get a replacement sent out but after seeing how similar ours are I don't have high hopes that I will get one with a more acceptable amount of bleed.

      • Twinnies hehe. Yeah man it sucks. My replacement is coming this week, i'll keep you updated. I've heard some people mention having it, but not so severe - so I'm happy even if its reduced.

        Worst comes to worse I just learn to live with it. It really only shows bad when watching dark movies and in dark rooms. Everything else makes up for it IMO, good monitor.

        • Lol. Yeah definitely a great looking image otherwise. I also notice that when you are sitting close to it in normal typing position, it's harder to notice the bleed which might be something to do with the curve. But for me it becomes very noticeable when I'm sitting further back watching a movie or a show.

          Yeah cool, I'll let you know how my replacement goes too. Fingers crossed..

        • How did you go with your replacement? I just got mine and it's maybe very slightly less pronounced but practically the same and in all the same spots.

    • hey what monitor arm is that?

  • I bought a Xiaomi laptop a couple of years ago after watching some great YouTube reviews. The laptop had multiple issues, the display being one of them. The brightness flickered up and down randomly. After 5 months the fan started making a ticking sound and the screen had warped slightly and never closed flush to the base. Oh and since day one, one of the keyboard keys was stiff and hard to fully press. Serious quality control issues. I'll never buy from them again.

  • I bought the screen a few weeks ago and I find that my blacks are pretty good, def a bit grey and the backlight is quite uniform too. The only issue that I have been having since yesterday is that the screen goes black for a second every now and then, happened about 7 or 8 times so far. Anyone else has this?

    I can put up some pics of my screen with black but my phone camera is crap tbh.

    • I've heard a few people talk about this flickering screen issue.

      • So have I but can't find a reference to it again in the comments.

        • @RossRoss Sorry this is off topic but since you had your PM off, i had not way to communicate to you.
          Just wanting your feedback on the SecretLabs titan PU & Softweave. Which one did you like better?

          • @Koipanda: Sorry about that. Didn't realise I had to opt to accept, done now. I prefer the Softweave. I find it softer, feels lighter and more comfortableto sit in and doesn't reflect as much heat or cold as the PU does. I prefer fabrics over leather in general tbh. Where did you see I had this chair?

  • Looking at those pictures, are the monitor brightness cranked all the way to 100%?

  • Nah. Monitor was down to 60 brightness.

    • Strange, I thought those light leakages are only on IPS as VA shouldn't exhibit these characteristics.