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1MORE True Wireless Earbuds (Bluetooth 5.0 Hi-Fi) $66 Delivered (50% off) + Free Case @ 1MORE Amazon AU


Save 50% each on 50% off on sale offered by 1MORE AU Inc when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code SN8RIMUB at checkout.

Receive 1 Do not forget to bring the free Case free when you purchase 1 or more Do not forget to bring the free Case offered by 1MORE AU Inc

Premium Sound: Dynamic driver with a titanium composite diaphragm balances powerful bass and exquisite details for a natural and authentic sound.
24-Hour Playtime & Fast Charge: Enjoy an uninterrupted playtime of 6.5 hours on a single charge and extend it to 24 hours with the charging case. Quick Charge feature enables 15-minute charging time to fuel up an additional 3 hours of enjoyment.
Fast and Stable Connection: An optimized Qualcomm chip with aptX and AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) compatibility achieves a rock-solid connection delivering music without dropouts as you unwind and relax.
Snug and Secure Fit: Ergonomically designed earbuds with 45°oblique-angled nozzles lay in your ear canals comfortably and safely even during strenuous workout. 3 additional pairs of ear tips with different sizes are included so you can get the right fit.
Groovy Colorways: 4 colors options available to match your personal style thanks to the NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization) color process which provides both long-lasting colors and sleek metallic finish.

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  • And the award for most incomprehensible post goes to…

  • Price in title please

  • Post could be described more clearly but I worked out what it was meant to say after playing around with the options on Amazon.
    You can add on a free silicone case when purchased together with the earphones. Make sure you select the case colour you want.
    I do rate 1more as a mid tier brand so i consider it good value at this price.

  • Best Price ever!

  • Very good wireless bluetooth earbuds for the price, I'm using it for a while now and the sound is fantastic, battery life last a long time. Now $99 so 50% off will give $49.50, bargain!

  • Thanks OP, ended up even cheaper for me for some reason ($49.99). Definitely worth a punt!

    • Yeah, price dropped while I was trying to check out, glad I didn't buy it earlier, save a bit more.

  • 1MORE set of headphones

  • Thank you! Grabbed a gold pair 👍🏻

  • So worth $50 at most (?) what's the sound signature closest to?
    May be a cheap portable compared to jaybird vista etc/airpods?

    • I owe these, and they sound amazing. Heavy bass and lows and a bit muddy in the highs. IMO sound better than regular airpods.

      • Probably alright for $50 then, cheers
        You wouldn't expect even cheap IEM quality sound but then again most of those are wired and audio brands.

        I'm usually a fan of clear balanced sound, on the energetic and musical side, not fully sick bass :P

        Guess they'd be similar to soundpeats or something.

      • MIC any good ?

  • Do these need to be a tight in-ear fit to sound good? Hate in ears, prefer the old airpod style but they just doesn't play nice with my Android phone and no volume control (I do also have to use cheep ear-hoox to get the airpods to stay in)

    • Same, the ones with rubber tips that need to make a seal don't really work for me (ear canals different shape), although with those loop things it helps hold in place)

      The airpod shaped ones are more comfortable although probably don't isolate much sound. I was given a generic pair, crappy sound and can't connect both at once.

      • If you find anything that suits, please let me know,
        I am on the hunt for small true wireless, Syncs with android, has volume control, NOT In-ear and has soft hooks or over ear to stay in place.
        Plantronic back beats are probably the closest I have found but they are a little uncomfortable to my ears, https://au.pcmag.com/headphones/63936/plantronics-backbeat-f.... The old airpods would be perfect if they could sync to android properly and have volume control.

        • Hm may cancel then, fit is too hit and miss, my ears bit small, but also want it to work with a pixel 3xl.

          Hard to find the ideal thing right

  • This or 👉https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/reviews/B07RGZ5NKS/ref=cm_cr_getr_mb_paging_btm_2?ie=UTF8&sortBy=recent&pageNumber=2
    Any comparison with performance, as both come to a similar price.

  • Can anybody comment on mic quality when used for calls?

    My concern with these earphones is the mic is simply too far from the mouth and not picking up your voice too well.

  • Thanks op. Just bought one.

  • Assume it comes with the case, what's the free case caper about don't think there's a black one?

  • na get a taotronics sound liberty 79 with ipx8 waterproof, wireless earbuds for $49 with discounts can go below that, available at the official website and amazon au.

    i can now listen to music in shower. sound quality is great. not crap, not something that would take u to heaven. just great, and the super convenience! add a little excitement to your showers or rainy days ;)

    • Can you control volume with taotronics sound liberty 79?
      That's the deal breaker for me.

      • yeah u can. sounds quality wise and operation wise they operate almost identically to galaxy buds

  • Review is OK: OzBargain's favourite reviewer

    But price now should be less than $35 to be a bargain. It competes hard with cheaper models like Haylou T19 or QCY T5 (or Haylou GT1 Plus for non-sticks)

    • Hmm…not sure about the Haylou. Had them for few weeks, was ok and that was it. Biggest trouble was buds not syncing with each other plus the hyper sensitive touch.

  • Hey guys just found out that this is a clearance sale. The new model ESS6001T is smaller with USB C. This model is E1026BT-I.

    • I managed to cancel but Amazon still shipped the 'free' case for $6.99 so not sure wtf going on. Probably should have tried them at least but ask these seen for and miss for me particularly with fit. They look nice and flush compared to some others. Don't really need portables anyway only good walking.

  • The promotion doesn't work anymore :(

  • Is it working for anyone else?

  • Just received mine today purchased on the 20th. Weird that the case is arriving separately from Dandenong.
    Initial impression vs few of the Bluetooth ear/headphones which I own
    Panasonic RP-NJ300BE,SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds using a Treblab Rf100 buds, Marshall Major 2, Px550

    Out of the box it's got good bass, the passive noise cancelling is quite good.
    The general white noise like air purifiers and wind noise is almost non existent.
    My intended purpose was to use it while doing some workout, which unfortunately is not good.
    It drops out of the ear when working out and the loop does not serve any purpose with any of the sizes in the boxes.
    I have not tested the mic, but will do later. Giving it a few hours burn in, lets see if that changes anything
    For under $50, it's quite good, not sure if it fits the purpose I bought it for but the sound, it's pretty good.
    Using a Note 10 Plus, might be better on SD 855 phone based on the firmware update