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Free Olight I1r 2 EOS Keychain Torch + $7.95 Delivery (Share via Email or Facebook Required) @ Olight


When you share successfully during 18th - 28th Aug(AEST), a free i1R 2 EOS will be added to your cart automatically if you log in during the sale time. (8 pm 24th - midnight 28th Aug (AEST)).

Max output 150 lumens
Max runtime 6 hours
Max throw 40 meters
Battery 70mAh 3.7v (Li-ion Battery)
Drop Test 1.5 meters
Waterproof IPX8

Only one entry will be accepted per person (Limit 1 free product per person).
The free product color may vary and cannot be chosen. You will receive one of these 3 colors (mint green/ red/ gunmetal grey).
This campaign takes place between 18 & 28th August (AEST).
The shipping fee for this free product is not covered.
Log in/register to claim your free i1R 2 EOS.
Entrants are required to take full responsibility for the content of their entry and for ensuring that their entry complies with these Terms and Conditions.
The free product from this campaign includes 1-year warranty, but cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Olight reserves the right to cancel a reward by acts that violate these terms and conditions.
Olight reserves the right to cancel or amend the campaign and these terms and conditions without notice in the event that something happens which requires it.

This free i1R 2 EOS also enjoys a 1-year warranty, but cannot be refunded or exchanged.
This offer limits 1 unit per customer, and is available between 8pm 24th-midnight 28th Aug(AEST) while stock lasts.
Color will be randomly selected.
Free shipping over $75

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  • +17 votes

    So basically shipping will be inflated to cover the cost.

    • So true, nothing is for free .

    • Olight Australia has flat rate shipping. If shipping costs more than $7.95 they will pay the difference. Maybe look into it before making unfounded claims

  • Currently $7.95 postage if checking out with the I1r 2 EOS.

  • https://rethinksurvival.com/a-better-keychain-flashlight-the...

    In summary, it has a micro USB port for recharging it (cable not included).

    It is a twist style light with two modes… Low and High

    Run time is about 15-20 mins on High with bout 4-6 hours on low.

    Probably worth the $8 postage for a decent pocket torch that is rechargeable and doesn't require constant battery replacement :)

    • I have a very similar looking device from Aliexpress that cost less than half that and has its own USB plug to charge. I've had it for about 2 years now and it still works fine.
      So inside australia it is ok, but you can for sure get pretty much the same thing for cheaper if you're willing to wait

      for what I'm talking about, please note that I am not recommending that specific store and I recommend as always anyone purchasing from anywhere do their own research before committing.

      • +7 votes

        I doubt the quality and brightness of that will be the same as Olight.
        I usually get this for free with order over a certain amount when they have sale and could say it’s worth the postage price.

        • I mean like I said the one I have I've had for about 2 years, maybe longer and it's still working so quality isnt a real issue.
          But I can see how a premium device would be better overall than a cheap chinese one.
          If you're getting them for free then there is no need to even worry about buying some chinese version but if someone just wanted a tiny USB rechargable torch that works the one I posted might be better value for that individual since its cheaper and will work as a light source anyway.
          There is just a plain LED in it too, not a specific emittor, which probably takes away from its output greatly, but probably saves battery.

      • I bought one from olight and a cable was included. Trust me, the Ali ones do not throw as much light or last as long as the quality products.

      • The i1R2 is made of aluminium, is genuinely waterproof IPX8 rated, comes with a 12 month warranty, almost half the weight at 13g, slimmer and shorter. If the USB on yours breaks you can't just grab a new cable, that's a new torch entirely.

        Cheap AliExpress torches typically don't perform to their stated specs, so I doubt it's as bright as it claims, especially "800 Lumens," plus it would get very hot, very quick and run-flat faster than it will charge. If it's just a handy torch for minimal use, I'm sure it's fine, but if you ever needed to rely on it by something decent. I've run the original i1R since 2018 with no issues and have just replaced it with the i1R2 that I got for free with a recent order.

      • Got the Aliexpress one with a $1.40 voucher brought the price down to $1.xx

      • I bought a generic one online, it didn't last long - the board popped out and it wouldn't recharge. I like the original i1r, but the head would sometimes fall off and get lost. The new i1r 2 solved that by integrating the head. I love mine.

  • I got one of these last promotion, there was some postage cost involved but it is worth it.
    I have had this on my keychain at work every day since and use it most mornings while checking the exterior of vehicles.
    I have another larger rechargeable one I bought off them a while back that puts out a lot more light, however since I got one of these, I have not used it (i dont even know where the charging base is anymore haha) so yeah that's my 2 cents regarding these.

    • -4 votes

      and use it most mornings while checking the exterior of vehicles.

      why not just use the light on your phone?

  • I'm the same as the other guy - I got one for free during the last promo. If postage is 8 bucks, id still say this is a good deal.

    It's probably one of the nicest reliable bright torches that you'll get for the size that won't bulk up your keyring too much.

    • Check out the 360lm Nitecore Tip.

      • Nice one. Have you seen the Tip 2?

        • Yes i've seen it in the shop but never used one. Looks like a great light, i have 4 of the regular Nitecore Tips and they have all been faultless, even after a few years im impressed by the light output for the size.

    • How do you charge this? Did you have to buy a separate charging cable for it? And if you did, could you please link it?

  • How would you charge this? I’m assuming it doesn’t include a charging cable. Would a usb-c cable be able to charge this or would I need to buy an additional charging cable for it?

    • nmachine in this thread said his one came with a cable (from olight though).
      I would assume that it would come with a cable and if it doesnt it's a pretty safe bet it uses microUSB like 99% of things coming out at the moment.

  • Does anyone know how this compares to the Nitecore Tube?

    • I had a Tube a long time ago. The ramping feature was cool, but you'd never know how you were going for use vs battery life, so you couldn't gauge it. The light output was also mediocre and went in too many directions, plus the USB port cover was crappy. The i1R2 is a different type of light altogether, and since you have 2 modes you know what kind of run time you're nudging towards. It's also way smaller and all metal.

  • Site is getting hammered

    There has been an error processing your request
    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Update 1

    Can't checkout

    Sorry, no quotes are available for this order at this time

    Update 2 (9:30pm)

    Issues has appear to be fixed. Postage is $7.95.

  • No, it says spend $159 to get Olight torch for free, what scumbags

    EDIT: Actually worked and I paid the $7.95 shipping, must have been a mistake at first

    • Agreed, its a way to get you to their website. Its NOT free, not even if you offer to pay postage for this. Only free when you spend more on their products.

      • My partner got the i1R 2 for free plus $7.95 shipping. The $159 spent gets you a free i3T in addition to the i1R 2 you get for sharing.

  • Scumbags….

  • Bummer, Just found out you have to spend $159 to be eligible…

    They should have stated this condition from the start.

    This is scum-like baiting, olight..

    No offence op, but this deserves a neg from me.

  • Damn, would have been happy to pay shipping for it. Also got disappointed seeing the min $150 spend tonight. Nothing more than mailing list bait.

  • Working as expected. Just ordered. Earlier problem with postage calculator I guess.
    No minimum spend, just need to email or Facebook the recommendation.
    Need to retract negs!

    • Yep, ordered mine at 21:23.
      The negs mentioning $159 aren’t even valid as the banner clearly said spend $159 for a free i3T, and the cart would move to payment options when adding any item with the i1R.

  • I don’t understand how to get this. I’ve shared with a friend who has created an account but the torch hasn’t shown up in my cart. Is there some way to add it in?

  • "This offer limits 1 unit per customer and yours have been claimed already."

    Definitely didn't get one!

  • Got one, hoping for mint green or gunmetal.

  • If you want a good, reliable torch that will ALWAYS work.. Stick with Surefire. I have the e2d defender and P3X Fury, I've used them for years and never had any issues. Pricey but you know what your buying and your buying for life.

  • Struggled for a good 5 mins as I couldn't figure out how to share the page, then realised Ublock was blocking the share buttons.
    Ordered one. Thanks.

  • Just ordered mine! Not that I really NEEDED another torch, but who am I to pass up a bargain I've posted? $7.95.. not bad for a rechargeable torch.

  • The SKU in my order is "i1r-2-mg-red-gr-gift" so it's probably going to be red.

  • Do these ship at the end of the week (tomorrow)?

  • Has anyone got it yet? Still waiting on shipping information here.

    • I received a “Your Olight order is being packed!” email yesterday.

    • No, was wondering the same thing

    • I got the "Your Olight order is being packed!" email too. If you are using gmail, check the promotions folder, that's where mine was or if not check spam

    • Just received mine. Got a Green (was hoping for Red or Grey)

    • Have you got it yet (either torch or shipping info)?

      • I got shipping details, tracking from post says it was processed in the Sydney NSW facility. my shipping email was in my promotions folder, maybe check spam or promotions folder

        • I’ve checked my email a few times, including spam, but nothing’s there. Logged into the site and it still says it’s "processing". It’s been like a week, that’s a long time to be still processing

  • Mine arrived this morning, Got the green coloured one.

    Thanks so much, OP & Olight!

  • Got mine, also green (love it), I'm curious if anyone got a grey or red.

    • Mine is currently onboard for delivery and is arriving today so I will update on what colour I receive when I get it

    • Just received mine and they sent me a mint green one! Was hoping for grey but didn’t want red. Packaging and presentation is really good too. Thanks OP and olight!
      Maybe they only had green ones they wanted to get rid of.

  • I received a black one :) Great packaging/presentation as described by others

  • Got mine today and very surprised about the build quality. Pretty impressed.

  • Just curious, is anyone else waiting on delivery besides me? Today’s the last delivery date for me and now I think Aus post may have lost my order

  • Received a black one and green for my partner.
    It's worth more than the delivery fee

  • both mine and my mum's were green. amazed the usb cable has caps on both ends :D

  • Aus post confirmed today gto me that they indeed lost my parcel. Did anyone else not get their torch? Disappointing

    • What did auspost do about it? Did they reimburse you? That must suck, tell olight you send you a new one