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Kenwood CCL450SI Multi Smart Thermo Cooker $399 (Free Pick up in Store) @ The Good Guys / The Good Guys eBay


Same price on Good guys ebay as well.
Ebay Kenwood CCL450SI

On Good guys it says DeLonghi but in pics and description its Kenwood. I think Kenwood is part of DeLonghi group.

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The Good Guys

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    How much is it normally?

  • This looks really interesting. Anyone have one and have their experience to share?

    • Had mine for over 3 months and love it. This price is amazing, they would be running out the old model to make way for the new one with touchscreen, as below. I looked into that about a month ago and it’s looking like a $1600 price point. Absolutely rate this vs the more expensive TM etc, it also chops, slices and grates off the side attachment while your cooking something else in the bowl. Included phone app has a lot of recipes otherwise you can try your own thing or adapt other processor recipes into this. Some highlights so far are lasagna, pastas, pancakes, curries, puddings and apple crumble! Well worth it at this price, you would pay close to that for a quality slow cooker and this does a lot more.

  • $343 on commercial. PM if you need help ordering

  • I have had one of these for a few months now. Upgraded from a thermochef to this. This machine is so good. Connecting it to your phone when cooking a recipe you simply tap the screen and it sets speed, temp and time for you. Temperature range is better than most other thermo machines. Can slow cook too. These were $1600 when first released. Now discounted due to a new model with a big fancy screen coming shortly apparently. Definitely a bargain

    • How many people can it feed?

      • Depends what your making. Some recipes off the app feed 12 or more people, some 4. I have had mine for 3 months now and am pleased with it. Makes a bloody amazing lasagne that feeds my family of 4 with leftover lunches for me for 2 days.

  • You might be able to use the code AUGUST10 to purchase https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/559599, I haven't tried, might be worth a try. The code is listed on Shopback now as well to get the extra discount.

  • Listed under DeLonghi on their main site also

  • Both ebay and TGG sites are showing as Delonghi, even the warehouse staff got confused and because of my order, the queue became very long. But I can confirm i've picked up Kenwood CCL450SI.

  • back again at this price.