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30% off Gaming Chairs @ Ewin Racing


Ewin Racing AU are celebrating Afterpay Day with 30% off all remaining stock!

Use code AFTERPAYDAY30 at checkout!

Most of our range has already sold, grab the Knight for only $227.50, this weekend only.

Shoot the team any questions you have, we'll answer them! :)

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  • I can't find the 30% off, seems like everything's only 13% or 8% off?

  • Anyone used this chair?

    I'm looking for a long-term review considering this chair had been posted here few times already…


      seems 30% off is a pretty common thing for ewin. All their sponsored reviews include 30% off codes that I assume dont run out

      • 30% off is definitely not a common thing the Australian distribution! All reviews you see on YouTube are for the American site :)

        • +1 vote

          So we are getting ripped off for being australian even though they're made in china? Crazy

  • RIP, Only stock available is for people under 175cm

    • The Knight is a suitable seat for much taller individuals too! :)

      One staff member is 196CM and he uses the Knight daily.

  • Gaming chairs are comfy but horrendously bad for your back, you will absolutely feel it as you get older. Make sure any chair you get for long sit down sessions has some kind adjustable back support at the very least.

    • You see I always hear people say this and then not suggest an alternative thats priced the same or lower. They usually say this and then suggest something that cost about $800-$1000.

      • yeah true…

        i was thinking of getting Secretlabs but at that price might as well go for Herman Miller or Ergohuman…

      • Haven't tried every chair, I can say that the ergohuman V2 is ok but is around the $450 price point. I would like mine to be a little more firm but it does have a good amount of support overall. $200 really isn't worth your back, there are some bargains that just aren't.

  • Like to buy Desk & Chair together, but the 25% off has auto applied, I couldn't use the code… is there a way to use the code?

  • I bought these chairs and I'm honestly not a fan…. working all day then gaming all night, my back kills.

    Might be more of a critique on gaming chairs in general though. My BF loves this but he's easily pleased so

    • Definitely remember our communication during the purchase process! Shame you didn't enjoy the chair, but happy to hear your boyfriend does :)

  • I was thinking about purchasing a chair and replacing my current one, but it was either free pickup from Sydney or $100 shipping to Victoria, jesus I'll have to pass.

    • +1 vote

      Shouldn't be that expensive to Victoria unless it's a regional part of the state! Unfortunately COVID-19 has reduced capacity across all of our couriers as well… :/

  • OP

    In your comparison page it says that the Knight and Calling have nylon base however the individual product page of Knight and Calling shows that it has aluminium base.

    Which one is correct?