expired Clearance Clothes at Target 40 - 80%off - Jeans, Tony Hawk (Gold Coast but Probably Nationwide)


There are always Clearance items at Target but have picked up quite a few cheap but good quality clothes for my husband and father over the past couple of weeks (including today)in the yellow clearance sections at various Target stores on the Gold Coast, but would probably include other stores nationwide. Still plenty of Clearance stock at GC stores.

*Bluegrass (blasted finish) mens jeans were $49, down to $11.86 and $7.86
*Mens Cargo shorts (Bungoree) with small Aus flag on pocket in blue or khaki were $39, down to $11.86 and $12.86
*Shane Warne (Spinners) clothes also really cheap but seem good quality (although I only bought ones without the words "shane Warne" on them..e.g. Red Hoodie 'spinners' jacket was $49, now $10.06, Black jeans down to $11.86
*Tony Hawk clothing is already reduced either on the shelf or in mens clearance section, but this week there's an extra 30% off Tony Hawk clothes so picked up a couple of Tshirts for $11.86 were $25, and hoodies scanning at $25.70 down from $59

*Also some good deals on baby clothes too…like 3 pack "bambi" onesies I picked up today for $7.86 (were $24), and heaps of baby/kids trackpants down to $4.86 etc

***All of these items were already marked at reduced prices, but scanning up even cheaper than marked reduced price, just do a price check to see what the real price will be.

My pick though is the Bluegrass jeans, these are really good quality and some I've found scan at $7.86!

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