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[Switch] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - $69 Delivered from Amazon AU


Currently the cheapest at the moment, just dropped from the RRP of $89.95.

Enjoy, and have a smashing good time.

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  • Wish the digital version get discount anytime soon.

    • You're arguably better off with the physical considering it has a size of around 16-17GB

      • I had the physical copy from day one. Recently find myself sick of changing card. I think this game worth stay in my switch forever. That's why I am looking for the good time transfer to digital.

    • You can get the digital version using the two games for $135 voucher. Which makes it $67.5 per game, less if you use discounted Nintendo gift cards.
      But you need to have another game you want (you don't have to get the two games at once).

  • Also in Jb Hi-fi in-store and have others Inc Mario Kart, Luigi's mansion and Mario Odyssey

  • What a great game. Had my bucks over a month ago and my mates rented a small cinema and we played smash ultimate on it.

    All characters are back from melee and brawl. My only gripe is the trophies being replaced with stickers and all stars mode is now endless mode.

    Definitely a must have party game

    • Is it the same game as the Wii U version or have they made some changes for the Switch?

      • They have made changes. It's not a wii U remaster. There is story mode which was amazing for me.

        Got a meeting to rush to, but happy to tell you more about it later

      • urrgh, ppl these days @SpeedRunnerLink xD

        Disclaimer, this is an opinion from someone that doesn't play competitive smash but have over 1500 hours collectively across the smash series (over 18 years) playing singleplayer mode and couch coop.

        From online multiplayer POV, get Super Smash Ultimate (SSU) as Wii U is no longer getting updates and no more character balance. Does Wii U still still have online for smash?!

        Single player and couch co-op - SSU is definitely the better version and felt almost a full generation upgrade from Wii U. Graphically better and I really enjoyed the story mode (World of light). Trailer/first scene here. That level is a series of a lot of event modes which I enjoyed playing and unlocking characters there. 3 Difficulty levels which can be changed at any time. There aren't many cut scenes though unlike Brawl.

        Roster wise, largest in SSU with 74 characters with some of the old characters coming back (Mewtwo, Young Link, Snake, Pokemon Trainer, Ice climbers) and 5 or 6 DLC character released out of 10. DLC wise, its not important to get it if you don't play online.

        This could be a plus or a minus, but SSU requires you to unlock character either by playing World of Light or certain number of smash matches. I love it because I like progression and took my time unlocking all the characters, but I can see people hating it because they just want to play their favourite character.

        Wii U Smash tour was terrible.

        -Get SSU if you enjoy a simple story mode (story isn't going to wow you) and like unlocking characters and having fun with different characters
        -Get SSU if you have friends to play couch co-op with
        -Get SSU if you love competitive smash
        -Get SSU if you think you'll enjoy the graphical upgrade
        -Don't get SSU if playing unfamiliar characters to unlock the characters you want is not your idea of fun
        -DLC is optional for non-competitive
        -Wii U smash tour stinks

  • Gah I bought this on Amazon last week for $77. Had been waiting months for a deal but had to buy as sons birthday was tomorrow.

    Have emailed them so hopefully I get creditied.

    • Just go on the live chat and they can help you on the spot and refund the difference back to your credit card