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2000 AD Comics Bundle - $1.40 Minimum @ Humble Bundle


Legendary comic 2000 AD has started a comics bundle on Humble Bundle and Tharg has also thrown in a few Judge Dredd Case Files too. Zarjaz!

Your judgment awaits with more awesome comics for you. We've teamed up with 2000AD for our newest bundle! Get comics like Zombo Book 1, Counterfeit Girl, Best of Tharg's Future Shock, Judge Anderson: Psi Files 2, Zenith Book 1, Brink Book 1, 2000 AD's Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years, and Halo Jones Book 1. Plus, your purchase will support War Child and Special Effect!

The comics can be downloaded in CBZ & PDF formats.

Pay $1.40 or more to unlock:

Scarlet Traces Book 1
Defoe 1666
Kingdom Book 1
Absalom Book 1
Halo Jones Book 1
Zenith Book 1
Slaine: Warrior's Dawn
Bec & Kawl
Brink Book 1
Judge Dredd Case Files 01

Pay $11.25 or more to also unlock:

Age of the Wolf
Brink Book 2
Brass Sun
Kingdom Book 2
Zombo Book 1
Halo Jones Book 2
Zenith Book 2
Absalom Book 2
Slaine: Book of Invasions 1
Judge Dredd Case Files 02
Judge Dredd Case Files 03

Pay $21.05 or more to also unlock:

Shakara Book 1
Best of Tharg's Future Shock
Hope Book 1
Brink Book 3
Halo Jones Book 3
Zenith Book 3
Zenith Book 4
Kingdom Book 3
Kingdom Book 4
2000 AD's Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years
Zombo Book 2
Counterfeit Girl
Absalom Book 3
Judge Anderson: Psi-Files 02
Judge Dredd: Case Files 04
Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol. 5

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