This was posted 1 year 5 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Cancelling Headphones $329.97 Delivered @ SONY Australia (BT Super for Life Special Partner Deal)


I had missed out on TGG Commercial deal but realised I was able to get it for even cheaper because I was had BT Super For Life, Hopefully it comes in handy for someone on here.

Screenshot for proof,

Price reverted back to RRP and “Special Partner Price” tag removed

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  • Geez, I miss out again. Basically, need to glue myself to OzBargain.

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    I've managed to get a quote for the XM4s through JB solutions at $350 (plus shipping). Is this useful for anyone?

    • That's actually a great deal!

    • How? I tried but got rejected !! What did you say?

    • Mr please! (double checking, that's a new 4, not the old 3 right?)

    • Oh yes please!

    • What did you said to them? it was straight rejection for me

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      Just to clarify - JB solutions is the commercial part of JB hifi. We recently signed up an account so I just asked them to flat out match the GG commercial rate. He emailed me back a quote for $350 per headphone plus $10 shipping. And yep it's the XM4.

      I'm not really sure what we're going to do with this yet, but I'm based in Sydney so happy to help out anyone local if that's of help.

      If you need a copy of the quote send me a PM.

      • Thank you very much
        Just PMed you

      • PM'd as well cheers

        • Unfortunately was turned away by both TGG commercial and JB solutions. Thanks anyway!

      • Would you please pm me the quote?

      • thats lucky, I sent a message through my work's JB Solutions account and they said no and to get the GG commercial one instead.

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        Sorry all I got a call from JB hifi to say I shouldn't be sending the quote around, which is fair enough. I don't want to get the rep in trouble or myself! Good luck tho!

    • So follow up to this one. After the sales agent called me and I clarified that we would like to increase the amount of headphones on our order, I emailed him the exact number less than 1 business day after the original quote.

      I then got an email back saying that the "sale had ended" and we had been quoted the wrong price due to a "communication error".

      The cheeky thing is he sent through another quote with the exact same quote number, now with each set of headphones at $420, instead of $350. I understand they can mess around with quotes as they please, but they are now refusing to honour the original quote, even though it hadn't even expired yet.

      Still in the process of complaining, and this is our first order with JB Solutions - but doesn't bode well for any relationship they want to have with our company!

  • why doesn't Sony just drop the price already, for say 3 days to sub ~$400 price. Imagine the sales they make. Surely these headphones have a 50% markup on it. Unless they don't have enough to meet demand.

  • Damn.. this expired sooo fast.. I'm devo that I keep missing out on these deals

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    The reason they aren't giving anymore discounts because that website is partnered website. They aren't meant to be post to public. The price there is basically what JB HiFi, AddictedtoAudio, and other commercial company usually pay for. You won't get lower because that means Sony would need to lose some operating costs and some small profits. I asked AddictedtoAudio few years ago about Sony Partnered Pricing and they said that's about the same price they pay for.

    I think because of this post, Sony decided to temporarily shut down its partnered pricing. It was getting too much order and it is screwing its own logistic/sale tactic and skewing the price of other retailers. That means other retailer won't be making much sales due to the price they bought for. They won't buy anymore from Sony if stocks aren't moving.

    I just checked Sony partnered website again. They removed completely all partnered pricing. I guess that'll be gone either permanently or maybe temporarily. Let's hope it will come back in few months since…I usually go there to buy my Sony camera lenses….

    • We’ve outdone ourselves - OzBargained the whole program!

  • Picked some up yesterday. Disappointed with the call quality. Can hardly hear people and have to speak quite loudly when on the phone

  • Anybody receive confirmation? I've only got a order placed email.. anyone have experience with Sony direct?

    • Same here.. not confirmed yet. I hope they'll honor the order

      • Even they don't, nothing to loss.

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    Order update.. Unable to process order.. Spewing

  • Also unable to process. Darn deal was to good to be true.

  • Hey OP did your order get processed?

    • same question as op should be the first to order among all of us here

    • No not yet!

  • I'm here just to see if anyone else has a shipped notification. Last communication I received was the following. Fingers crossed.
    6.27AM Information about your Sony Online Order
    7.25AM Your Sony Online Confirmation: Order #

    • Yes! Order on the way. Received confirmation 10.15am

  • Ordered this morning at 7am, item in stock. Got the unable to process email too.

    • Still no update for me got the order confirmation email at 7:40AM. To those who received the unable process email did you order 1 or more?

      • Call Sony and ask them to honor the deal!

        • I've received confirmation and Star track tracking says ETA tomorrow yass! :)
          Perhaps those cancelled tried to order more than 1.

  • Order placed: 21/08/2020

    Unfortunately we're unable to process your order at this time. 💣💣💣


    Your Sony Online Team

  • With my recent Sony store purchase I made on a Saturday, I received an invoice and shipping info 3 days later on the Tuesday.

  • WTF! I just paid $351 for my XM4 and now I felt ripped off 😉

    • Mind if I ask how you paid for yours for this price since its been for almost a week?

      • I know a sale guy at The Good Guys and he gave me the deal even though the deal was already expired!
        With so many deals on the XM4, I wouldn't be surprised if there's another deal next week. Keep an eye on your OZBargain app.

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    My order was approved and about to be shipped out.

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      Same here, invoice received. Ordered 1 by the way.

      • +1

        Thanks for posting! Just got my confirmation X 1 order.

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      Likewise. Great deal OP. Thanks for posting

    • Same, cheers OP

    • Ordered 2, one black one white,
      Order status still showing "Not Shipped"

      How do you know it was approved?

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        if you recieved invoice and tracking number, i guess nothing to worry

        • Only got order confirmation email.

          Haven't got invoice nor tracking.
          Haven't got any email about cancelling order either. So still have some hope I guess.

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    Just received my headphones : ) Thanks again OP!

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    Well lucky me, i just called Sony up and they did honor the deal which they unable to process before. They asked me to create a sony account then they added the item to my cart for $329.97 then i just pay. ✊

    • Hope other unable to process could try.

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