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Reolink RLK8-520D4 8CH 5MP Security Camera System, 4x Outdoor PoE IP Cameras US$326.99 (Was US$419.99) ~A$454.09 @ Reolink

  • Shipped from local warehouse in 2-5 Business Days.
  • Pre-installed 2TB HDD for 24/7 recording and monitoring. You can install an external hard disk drive up to 8TB.
  • The kit can be expanded up to 8-camera kit with Reolink IP cameras - bullet, dome or PTZ; 4K, 5MP or 4MP – to cover every corner in your home, store or factory.
  • With 18pcs infrared LEDs in each cam, this system captures videos clearly in the dark within the range of up to 100ft, protecting your home and business with 24-hour vigilance.
  • The AUD price is merely exchanged from the USD(at the moment we only support USD, EUR and GBP), you may need to pay a little extra exchange fee.

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    Any chance of matching the last price?
    $390 delivered. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/548275

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      Count me in if that bargain comes back again.

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        In for this.

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          • @teacherer: Guys, $390 was an accident. Price can't be such low.

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              @dealbest: I'm fine with another accident :)

            • @dealbest: Hey mate

              Any deal for the 4k version or even the 522 version?

              • @hotchoc: Hope to have it in 2 months :)

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                  @dealbest: Will the 4k version be the bullet or the dome versions?

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                    @hotchoc: Bullet

                  • @hotchoc: Do you have a preference?

                    • @teacherer: Kinda need 4 dome (2x 4k) and 2 bullets (4k) cos of the setup of the unit.

                      • @hotchoc: Dome just being wider field of view?

                        • @teacherer: Nah i think bullet has wider FoV. Happy to be corrected though

                          • @hotchoc: I looked on the reolink site and both 410 and 520 models have a purported 80 degree viewing angle

                          • @hotchoc: How come you need both to satisfy the setup of your unit?I'm just trying to understand which I should get

                            • @teacherer: Need 2 domes at the back and because it's a small area hence the 2x 520 dome will do, or it will be overkill.

                              I have a long side path and hence will require a 4k bullet for clarity. At this stage unsure should i go dome or bullet at here.

                              The front is facing a road where i will need 3 domes, preferably a 522 with optical zoom or a 4k for all 3.

                              Long story short kinda deciding on these options

                              Option 1
                              - RLK8-520D4 8CH 5MP (this deal) which comes with 4x 520 dome + buy separately a 1x 4k bullet (either a B800 or 511)

                              Option 2
                              - RLK8-520D4 8CH 5MP (this deal) which comes with 4x 520 dome + buy separately a 1x D800 dome

                              Option 3
                              - RLK8-800D4 which comes with 4x D800 dome + buy separately a 1x 4k bullet (either a B800 or 511)

                              Option 4
                              - RLK8-800D4 which comes with 4x D800 dome + buy separately a 1x D800 dome

                              Decisions decisions…..

                              • @hotchoc: You should know that the non 4K kits come with a NVR that isn't 4K compatible so you won't be able to add a B/D800 onto this system

                                • @Dezeption: Ah really? Didn't know that. The NVR for the 4k and 5MP looks the same specs wise though.

                                  Rep can you please confirm ?

                                  • @hotchoc: Looks like they moved across to the new version as standard so you should be okay to mix match

                                    • @Dezeption: Do you happen to have the link / document to refer to ?

                                      • @hotchoc: The disclaimer was on the website its been romoved now saying its compatible to 4k

                              • @hotchoc: Thanks for the breakdown

                          • @hotchoc: Correct, if your okay with the FOV on the dome, I assume you want a bullet due to mounting, the dome can be mounted on a wall as well or you can have a dome off wall mount

    • They were cleaning out the 420s probably back then

  • If I had existing dahua cameras. Would I be able to use any of those with this?

    • Possibly depending on protocols, since dahua have both ONVIF and RTSP protocols. I say it should be okay.

    • If your cameras support ONVIF 2.1, yes. But we highly recommend that Reolink NVR works with Reolink Cams.

      • When will you have the Reolink 4K camera kits available in Australia?
        need to upgrade soon

        also any update on why the Vandle proof camera was taken off the market? is there a newer version coming?

  • Waiting for Battery powered with Solar panel cameras

    • AUD$127.49 delivered deal on August 29, DOTD on Amazon.

  • Hey rep, any additional discounts for the RLK8-420D4 kit?

    • Nvm, found this code for an extra 5% off;


  • @dealbest Would it be possible to swap the 2 TB in the NVR to an off market one down the road? How would i go about installing the OS, or will reolink provide? Dont think a 2TB can last more than a week with continuous recording.

    • +1

      Can swap out to a 4TB max for internal on a 8ch nvr, the 16ch nvr can support 2x 4TB max internally and both can add a extra 4TB via eSata. You should also known that the 4K system use H265 codec so it has better compression for storage. Plus as I mentioned above the NVR for 4K is diff due to codec use so you can add a 4K later to this kit it will be incompatible unless they issue the 4K NVR which is the one that ends in E.. They might of moved across the full range by now as standard tho, but something you should confirm

      • How would I go about in reinstalling the OS if i swap from a 2TB to a 4TB though

        • It's in the chipset, just format the drive and it's installed

          • @Dezeption: Ah thanks for the clarification Dez. You have been really helpful

      • @Dezeption Is that limitation on # of internal drives based on the motherboards being different for the 8ch & 16ch or just lack of supplied power/sata cables or insufficient enclosure space?

        • +1

          Mobo can only support 1 internal drive and there is also no room to add a second. In the 16ch there a extra sata, power and a spot to mount the 2nd

  • I was interested until I watched this review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2bH9uIjmAg . The camera enclosure is all plastic, fast forward to 11min35sec and you will see how cheap and nasty the wall mount is. Its so crap that it makes it easy for someone to to steal it. Its simply not as temper proof as the Dahua and Hikvision cameras.

  • +1

    Guys i have a 800B, 4K version,… self Installed
    very happy with the product and image quality.
    Also Reolink Support is quiet good, they also have a 30 day money back guarantee.
    Message me if you want to know or need any help with the install. , can recommend the product

  • +2

    Few things I've observed.

    There's a disclaimer that only Reolink cameras will work with the NVR, which is a bit unusual. Typically with a bit of fenangling you can get any IP camera to speak to any NVR as long as they share the same protocol.

    Camera body doesn't appear to be made of particularly strong material, so could be easy to break or steal. I'd probably only use these in areas where I was confident nobody could reach them.

    Doesn't seem to be any information on the maximum incoming bandwidth for the NVR. So depending on the selection of cameras that you end up with, you may find that the NVR is not capable of accepting the incoming data at full rate, meaning a potential drop of frames. The more high resolution cameras you attach to this, the greater the likelihood of encountering this issue.

    NVR doesn't appear to support H.265, so the compression is not quite as good as it could be, which can mean higher bandwidth output, leading you towards the situation in my previous point.

    I have heard good things about Reolink CCTV overall, but usually in comparison to the cheaper, lower resolution offerings from Swann etc. When you're talking 8CH and 4K cameras, and this kind of price point, I'm not sure how well they compare to that teir of CCTV system. Perhaps at this price point, the leap from this to a Dahua system is not as substantial as it should be, considering the difference in camera build quality, compatibility, upgradeability etc.

    Just my 2c.

    • Agreed. $390 is all I'm willing to pay. For more I'd jump up in quality to Dahua (or Hik).
      The fact that they don't sell in AUD currency is pushing the price up further
      https://fx-rate.net/currency-transfer/?c_input=USD&cp_input=... (i.e. around 10% more - USD$327 to AUD in the link)
      PayPal with fees and rates works out to them receiving around AUD$413 anyway

    • +1

      NVR supports both ONVIF and RTSP so that's no issue, I run 8x4k at 8192kbps at 20fs without issue. The 4k cams are H265 only, cameras quality as been good for me, its metal housing, in thr sun and still no discolouration like I've had with others in the past in the same time period. Mounting brackets is pretty weak but who steals cameras to worry about that, when all these new wireless cams are magnetic.

      Dahua and Hiks have got a few better software features and starlight sensors. But reolink is soon tk release their version with human and car detection so for the price you get a pretty good system and imo the most refined and polished app which is my big plus to why I use these over my dahua and hiks now

      Side note, it's been found that Hikvision have been selling H265 for 4yrs now without actually paying the licence

      • What's the software for reviewing footage a capturing screenshots like? Not much point having cameras if you can't get footage off them and search for events easily and quickly. I'm using the Synology Surveillance Station software at the moment.

        • +1

          It's pretty good. Able to do it via app, windiws and mac clients, Web broweser. Have all the features you'd expect. Upto x4 ff tho, have to hit capture buttons and start capture moments. On the clients can bring up multiple cameras all playing at the same time stamp and capture moment tk view the other angles. Can break up recording seqments into blocks and have a separate bar for motion events to review just them, able to jump to next motion event or play through the full recording. I find it's app really good. Small bug in it currently for Samsungs on android 10 with 4k playback, screen blacks out

    • +2

      And my 1.5c worth.

      The 4K will often produce lower quality night-time vision than lower-res cameras, without special hardware. There are tests around showing a 2MP camera producing better night-time results than 5MP and above cameras. Daytime is of course a different matter. Depends what is important to you.

      The other thing is I notice people go for higher res and lower frame-rates - such as 20FPS. My experience is that I am better off going with a lower res and higher frame rates if I want to capture detail in something or someone moving at faster than walking pace. Roughly speaking 20fps equates with shutter speeds of 1/3 of a second and a car moving at 50kph moves fair distance in that time so you will struggle to get a number plate.

      On my cameras (4MP) at 25fps we could only just make out a kid's face when he & his mates ran up to bang on our door as a prank. Try it with your phone if it gives you the option - do a video pan at hi-res @ 25fps and try again at lower res @ 50fps.

  • @dealbeast so sad. I bought these last week and with 1 extra camera paid $590 :( No bargain for me….

    • +1

      Update, asked for a $51USD refund or I'd return the goods. I got it :) Delayed Bargain!

  • Price is way cheaper from AliExpress in 3 days time.

    USD $287.27 with free shipping via Aus Post

    Plus there's an additional 5% cashback through ShopBack on AliExpress at the moment (capped at $50)

    • +2

      +GST makes it $520 and cashrewards has 12% cashback

      • Good pickup. Thought shipping from the Aus Warehouse meant that GST was already included. It's not … just tried adding at current price.
        Still not willing to go over $400 for it. The jump up to the 4K range (which isn't available in Aus) is a little out of my price range for my intro setup (~$500 USD).
        Was chatting with the rep via PM earlier this week who mentioned the deal would make a comeback this week. Wasn't expecting it to be $80 more expensive than the last deal (when you factor in fees/conversion rates and our dollar has strengthened). Looks like Dahua is the best buy metal housed camera in Aus at the moment.

        • AE always add gst no matter where it's shipped from. I got my 4k intro system for under $600aud and I'd say it was worth it for what you get and my housing is metal BTW the bracket is plastic tho but very sturdy, I think the B800 was all metal

      • Cashrewards is capped at $15 cash back though. Probably talking about $420ish delivered after shopback? seems pretty good to me.

        • I ordered long ago. Was sale for 24hrs at $606 then got cashrewards back. Ended up costing just under $580 for 4k D800x4 kit. Normal sale price was around $800 to $1000

          • +1

            @Dezeption: Just picked it up for AUD $413.55 delivered inc GST.
            With 5% back through ShopBack it will end up costing AUD $392.87

            Managed to use Select Coupons plus a USD $15 off a USD $150 spend from the ShopBack discount codes.

            Thanks for the feedback and help Dezeption

  • how comes these cameras don't come in a kit with the 16channel nvr?

    • Because they give you the option to build your own kit and it would seem pretty illogical to sell a 4 kit on a 16ch nvr, your purchase a 8 kit for 16vh. Just makes more sense

  • with 8ch nvr and i have 8 wired cameras, can i add 2 more wifi cameras recording to the same nvr?

    • No, I don't believe so. Theres no more available channel streams

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