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[VIC] Chicken Schnitzel + Six Pack of Beers $20 @ Bar Stock Shuffle (Fitzroy)



We understand the Curfew restrictions from 8 pm but do not want to spoil Saturday fun.

Delivery available on this great deal for Tonight.

Minimum 2 deals for free delivery within 5 kms of the venue.

Extra for far distance suburbs. Please talk to us on 0450647587 or instagram @barstockshufflefitzroy


Bar Stock Shuffle in Fitzroy is doing a take away deal for today.

For $20 you can get a bargain with Food and Drink to set up the weekend.

Chicken Schnitzel and Choose one six pack of beer from the list below:

Tooheys extra dry
James Boag Premium
Red Bitter
James Squire 150 lashes
xxxx gold
Hahn ultra crisp
Furphy crisp lager
Iron Jack
5 seeds
Plus more…Do check out at the Store.
Pick up Only.
For more details: [email protected]
or connect on instagram @barstockshufflefitzroy
Also contact us on 0450647587 to place the order

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  • Schnitty and a 6 pack for 20 bucks? Shut up and take my money!

  • Love Schnitzel, Schnitzel, Sch-nitzel. s c h n i t z e l.

    Like it with my cAEsar salad… ;)

  • Some half decent beers too, was expecting only VB or Carlton draft on there. Unfortunately I'm not in the 5km radius to go there lol

    • +7 votes

      Please connect us on Instagram or DM on the phone number mentioned, we can try and work out delivery for you. Cheers!!!

    • How would anyone know if you're outside of your 5km radius though? I feel like it's one of those rules that's very hard to enforce.

      • License address or Rego plate, registered address of vehicle.

      • If in car, they can work out from rego plate easy enough. Some units have sophisticated gear that will flag your car without them even looking at you. On foot or bicycle, if you have one I could look at your licence? If you say thats an old address I can request you give me your current address, fine you for the licence slip up, and then physically check on that address you just gave me. If you dont have a licence, they would do it the same way they would get your details under any other stop or infringement. Its the job, to assume they have no means because you couldnt think of one, is…

        Would a copper do that? Depends how much he doesnt believe you.

        That and the state seems to be headed in the right direction now, seems dumb to mess with the rules so close to the finish line. Soon youll be like us up here in Qld, I can go anywhere in the state and until recently in NSW too. We might even kick your footy back.

        • I'm aware of that, but there are other options such as public transport, taxi or ride share, which are less obvious and very low risk of getting caught.

          • +2 votes

            @AussieZed: Taxi and ride share will blow your cover and a computer could audit those records as theres an electronic trail… public transport is same as anything else where police talk to a person in the street.

            Low risk maybe, not sure how hard they are enforcing it. If many people around, then chances get slimmer. If you stand out as theres bugger all around, your odds increase.

            • @Tuba: Pay taxi with cash and there's no record. Taxis don't take your details.

              • +3 votes

                @AussieZed: Youd need a rank close by as you cant call with your plan. And then LOL. So youre thinking that the taxi driver is willing to risk his licence or fines, or whatever so you can get a schnitty and beer?

                And I would think as a matter of safety, the car is tracked anyway, and the driver would let the radio room know where hes headed.

                • @Tuba: Taxi drivers aren't responsible for where passengers are going. They don't ask (nor are they required to) and they don't care. As long as they get paid. For all the driver knows, you're going to a partner's place, or to work, or anywhere that you're allowed to travel more than 5km to.

      • In my area police have been pulling people over to check their licensed address. I'm sure they won't care if you're maybe 6-7km away with a good reason, but if you're clearly 15km away it's pretty hard to prove you have a good reason.

        And my schnitzel and beer has now gone up 100 times lol

      • We get it, you're a super edgelord rule-breaker. We all thank you for your bravery.

  • Is the address meant to be a secret?

  • Do you take Amex to double dip with Shop Small?

  • I guess delivery to Adelaide is out the question.

    Good deal non the less

  • Is a shnitzel a secret form of schnitzel?

    PS would be down if I lived in Melbourne! The rest of Australia is once again jealous of you Melbourne!

  • Will you have dine in after Sep 13?


    ship to NSW


    Heineken, finally some decent beer in Aussie

  • any vegies or salad?

    • Just picked up my order, no sides

      • Thanks JeeTee,

        Really appreciate mate!!

        • Was initially going to have leftover Pizza as my birthday dinner, but decided to have this instead when i saw this deal. Like other have said, it is good value itself without sides. I went home and added some fries and salad and it was a nice meal coupled with the icy cold 150 lashes :)

    • +4 votes

      Can add Chips to the order..Already a bargain at this price I guess!!!

      Thanks OZB community.

  • Tempting! Thanks

  • Great deal! I’d be all over it but I just had the wife’s home-made schnitty, chips & veg. I’m also a little too far out.

    For those expecting sides, c’mon, you know it’s a sweet deal, I’d be chucking in some extra for the sides regardless Show some support to your local restaurants.

  • Excellent work
    Will pop by tmr for the james squire, happy to pay for the sides as a support

    • +1 vote

      Thanks diazepam,

      Will see you at the venue tomorrow. Will get Jmes Squire 150 lashes nice and cold for you!!!

      Will try and work out some sides for tomorrow, looking at the support from OZB community.

  • OP maybe list some classic sides next time for reasonable prices. Parma upgrade, mushroom gravy, wedges, chips, mac&cheese, greek salad etc… The punters will get more choice and you'll make more money.

    Again, great deal, keep it up!

  • +1 vote

    Thanks Dontreadthis,

    Taken onboard…In coming days, will get to see more deals like that. Cheers!!!

    Hope to spread more love in these days!!

  • Please come back with more deals , I would have gotten this if I had known before dinner.
    please post earlier in the day if you can.

  • Any photos of the food? I live on the other side of town but photos of the food bring me happiness during this time.

  • Dunno why OP was banned but a recent post earlier (which was removed for some reason?):
    Chicken Schnitzel + Gravy + Chips + Six Pack of Beers $25 @ Bar Stock Shuffle (Fitzroy)

    (I think it was initially mistyped at $20, but corrected to $25 I think?)
    Will definitely be heading there in a bit, sounds like an epic deal.

    FYI for everyone - just called the number, they said deal still on for $20 without chip+gravy and $25 with chips+gravy.